Habbowidgets.com 2018 Survey results

We held a small user survey at the end of the 2017 for the future of Habbowidgets.

written by Gerben in News

In November of 2017 we held a small survey on the site, asking you what you think of Habbowidgets, what you miss, what you'd like to see and more.

We had an average of 315 respondents, which is really nice. Thank you!
You can find some of the results below..

Moving the site
We are moving the site (new hosting and DNS) before April, 2018. This means we will have a bit of downtime.
We don't have a specific date yet, but we will send updates on our Twitter account.


How often do you use Habbowidgets.com?

  • 55% - Regularly
  • 21% - All the time
  • 19% - Occasionally
  • 5% - Just now..

Do you make use of the history?
(I.e. Previous mottos, Show old badges, Show old friends)

  • 61% - Yes
  • 31% - Some of them
  • 8% - No

Would you mind if there was no history?

  • 51% - Yes
  • 30% - Maybe
  • 19% - No

How would you rate the translations?
On a rate from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best

  • 47.6% - 5
  • 32.7% - 4
  • 14.9% - 3
  • 3.2% - 2
  • 1.6% - 1

How would you rate the type of widgets?
(I.e. Birthdays, Badge Owner, Top 250 widgets)

  • 58.5% - 5
  • 27.2% - 4
  • 10.8% - 3
  • 2.5% - 2
  • 0.9% - 1
If you stack modules, you get interesting stuff..

We also added two open ended questions and here are some of the most common remarks and questions.

Why can't I see closed or banned profiles?

This is a limitation of Habbo itself. They just don't allow it.
In fact, we use the same data as visible on your Profile, with the exception of historical data.

When a Habbo profile is closed all we can see is the their look, motto and currently selected badges. The same as on their profile.

Habbo also doesn't differentiate between "Not found" and "Banned". The only reason we can say for certain Habbos that they are banned is because we used to have them in the system (historical data).

See all Habbowidgets' limitations here.

Can we have a Top list for Rare badges (owners)?

Yes, I think this will be possible. It will be based on the amount of Badge Owners, we can't say much about the actual rareness of a badge, this is dependent per hotel.

Can we see relationship status? (Smiley, heart, skull)
Unfortunately this data is not available
Add a list of group members for groups
No promises, but this is something we can have a look at!
What happened with/Can you add "last login"?
Unfortunately no. This used to rely on the old Habbo Web, which is not available anymore.
Can we have achievement score/top lists?
Since the creation of Habbowidgets, Habbo has released some new functionality for achievements. We will have a look what we can do with it!
Can we have a guide/tutorial on the widgets?
I had never thought of that. But I noticed that a lot of fansites and Habbos make guides or video tutorials. I think I'll link to those. So if you have any in your language, contact us!
Show me all the Habbos who have a badge!
Personally I won't recommend it, but I guess separated by 1000s this would be ok.
Remove/don't count unreachable/old Achievements in the score
Aside from the question if that's fair or not, this is functionally impossible as we don't have the data whether something is or is not reachable.
Pick other days than 'today' in the Habbo Birthdays
Yes, good idea.
Show more looks and mottos
Yes, we'll get to that.
Allow more background images/change site template
I have been thinking about this.
Love letters from the commmunity! Lovely community! 😍

In the open field you showered me with love, which is really gratifying.
So here are some words!

Amazing work, keep it up

The website is great, I like to check how many users own a certain type of badge. Thats what I use the website the most for.

Pour les nouveaux badges et espionner mes amis lol

You're site is awesome and i always visit it to update my badges and check the tops 250. Continue your good work!

Me encanta la web

que c est super! continuer!

Um ótimo site que ajudar jogadores de habbo, continuem assim

Hi, I'm from Argentina, I love your page, it's useful for me

İyi, Hoş Ve Kullanılabilir Bir Site

Eu gosto muito , pois eu fico vendo o perfil do meu namorado hahahahha beijos <3

Amazing site!!! :)

Felicidades son unos crack, me gusta mucho esta pagina aquí entro diario a mirar las placa y a investigar :P

What's next

Operating Habbowidgets Numbers, data and volume..

As you could read in the original survey, we have to move servers before April 2018.
Moving a site is relatively easy, Habbowidgets doesn't have many pages either.
However we do have roughly 30GB of data in our database, which doesn't sound like a lot if you compare it the memory cards or USB sticks, but for a database consisting of 1s and 0s it's quite a few.

At the moment we have 800.000 Habbos, that have a combined total of 40.8 million badges, 6.7 million achievements, 8.6 million groups, 4 million rooms, 1.7 million mottos and 3.5 million looks.

The fact that Habbowidgets saves this data is the reason why it works though. Because we store everything, we can have totals, we can see when you have new badges, new friends or when a badge turns out to be pretty rare if you look at ownership.

The most problematic data is "friends". Technically the solution we have is not efficient and the table that holds that data is also 12GB. We are planning on purging this data during the move and start fresh.

New me! New year, new me!

The survey questions about history, or more so the answers, indicate that y'all generally like and use the history. But to keep the costs lower, I'm thinking of removing data that has been 'old' for 3 months.

Another trend is that you want 'more'. Show more badge owners, show more looks and mottos etc. With the changes to the historical data (only show last 3 months), it becomes feasible to start showing more things.

Initially I wanted to rewrite Habbowidgets and make use of new systems, but if I'm realistic, this isn't that easy.
So that means we will move the current site over (minus the old friends) and then add some of the easier suggestions from above.

Hopefully I can then start working on a new version. I'm thinking of allowing user accounts, where you can link to your own Habbo, keep settings and perhaps set up a bit of a community.
I will also open source this new version, which means that anyone can help with developing, translating or other tasks.

While this is a really long news article, I must say I enjoyed writing it, doing the survey and sharing the numbers.
I guess this means 2018 will be a more active year for Habbowidgets! 😊