About Habbowidgets.com

Habbowidgets is a Habbo fansite that lets you easily look through all your Habbo information and those of your friends.

Through the use of our Habinfo system we are able to store data from your Habbo Profile, for this we are using the public Habbo API, the same one that Habbo uses for their profiles.


A widget is what we like to call a page of information or a page with a small little tool, that can give you extra information.

For example our Birthday page. This will list all the Habbos who are celebrating their Habbo birthday on this day.

So while the Habinfo system gathers the raw data needed, the widgets will show you amazing things and can become rather creative.
What about a "Show me all Habbos with baconhair" widget or a "Who send the most presents?" widget.


At the moment you can contact us through our Twitter channel: @habbowidgets.


The translations on Habbowidgets are done by the community. If you want to help out you can check out the habbowidgets-translation project.

We'd like to thank the following Habbos:


Because there is no way to query Habbo search results directly we have to rely on our Habinfo system to gather data.
The system works well, but has to be filled by Habbos like you. Searching for Habbos will help the site a lot.

If we don't have a Habbo in our system, we won't know if they're supposed to show up in widgets. So if you know of someone who deserves to be in the Badge Top 250 or who has a unique badge for example, try adding them!

These are some of the limitations:

Frequently asked questions

How does Habbowidgets.com get all their data?
We use the public (but undocumented) Habbo API that Habbo uses for their /profile pages and the open source HabboAPI PHP wrapper.
When will my profile update?
We allow you to update your profile every 10 minutes, this will happen automatically if you visit it. Habbo will update their profile data in some unknown interval as well.
This means if your profile on Habbo is not yet updated, neither can ours.
Accuracy of dates
When we find a new Habbo through the Habinfo system we will store their data. We know their Habbo birthday, but we can't exactly know when they added friends or received badges. This means that the day they're discovered is what we at Habbowidgets consider the creation date. Once they're in the system and they get updated often, the accuracy will improve.
Is there a faster way to find a Habbo?
Yes, there's a little trick you can do. If you go to https://www.habbowidgets.com/habinfo/{hotel}/{habboname} you will be redirected to the Habbo and hotel you requested.
There is a tiny footnote and that is that Habbos who's name starts with a dot (.) or those that have a question mark (?) in their name won't work because that would become an invalid URL. For those you can just use the Habinfo form.
Examples: https://www.habbowidgets.com/habinfo/fi/Macklebee and https://www.habbowidgets.com/habinfo/com.tr/istanbul
How can I get an About Me section on my profile like Gerben has?
Wait what? You're not supposed to read about easter eggs in a FAQ! Anyway, the trick is to create a room in Habbo with the following name: habbowidgets_about
You can then use all 255 characters in the description to write your about me section! ;)
How is the Achievement top 250 calculated?
We go through all achievements a Habbo has and literally count the levels they have for that achievement. In the end you'll end up with a total number.
While it might not be hard to get ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2 compared to ACH_MonsterPlantBreeder1 (and as such get more points for the first one); we count like this for every Habbo, nulling the fact that some achievements are more difficult.
What are unique badges?
Within Habbowidgets a unique badge is a badge which is owned by 50 (100 in .com, .com.br and .es) or less people. It is our way of saying that a badge is rare without actually knowing if this was supposed to be a rare badge within the hotel.
How does Habbo closet work? Clothing
We look inside the Habbo files for clothing items that are furni, this way we can extract the name and/or description.
On the Habbo Closet page we can then list all items, sorted by clothing category and ordered by highest number first (this often means the newest clothing items, but it's not guaranteed. We only show 80 items, but if you know the clothing code you can change the URL. For items without names, we just show their clothing code.

To match clothing with Habbos we use their last known look, it's important to note that their look might be weeks old, as it depends on whenever their Habinfo was updated. The page is sorted by last updated Habbos with a limit of 500. This page will be refreshed every 1 hour. If you see a Habbo not wearing the clothing item you're viewing, it means they have updated their look since the last time we searched them. Open their Profile to see changes ;)