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Badges (23)

Online time VIII - Meso Cyclone
Looks that Kill I
Fast Food Rocketeer I
Habbo Club member I
Habbo Citizen
Freeze Player  III
Freeze Winner  V
Socializer III
Player  IV
Gran Turismo
Level I Habbo Way
Monster Plant Tender II
Habbo Name
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours II
Roller Derby Raider  IV
20 % True Habbo IV
10% Respected Habbo I
Nice as pie! III
Room competition voter I
Room Host III
Day tripper IV
Level I Safety tips
HC member I

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zorop zorop
22 August 2020
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Megan-B13 Megan-B13
1 April 2020
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-Dolohov- -Dolohov-
23 August 2019
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Imperfection,x Imperfection,x
30 March 2019
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Snapax Snapax
13 December 2018
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irach1000 irach1000
1 November 2018
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Aussie-Pwned Aussie-Pwned
28 October 2018
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Italo! Italo!
8 August 2018
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sky-Psp sky-Psp
24 June 2018
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AngelBabeAmy AngelBabeAmy
3 May 2018
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Xiam Xiam
19 April 2018
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chatterbox.xx chatterbox.xx
2 March 2018
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Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

We loved the books, we loved the movies. Some of us even roleplay as wizards. Join if you're a fan of Harry Potter! 

Group created: 1 November 2015 at 19:47:24
Group joined: 27 September 2017 at 19:49:58

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lMornDarkBann's  room

lMornDarkBann's room

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Room created: 16 September 2012 at 08:30:52

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