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Kelitaa! Kelitaa! Kelitaa! Kelitaa!

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Looks that Kill I

Looks that Kill I

For changing your look for the first time.


Badges (1107)

Wonderland - Chapter 2
I helped mend broken hearts with HBC!
Feeling the love with HFFM!
True Helper XVIII
Christmas deers Golden badge
e searched th' caves 'n found HabboCreate's booty!
Happy Malaysia Day 2018
Malaysia's National Flower
The Iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia!
Happy 2nd Birthday, HabboCreate!
Habbo Club member V
Nice as pie XVII
HC Member V
Sushi date with HabboQuests!
Coral Kingdom - Turtle Race
Sea Treasure 1/10
Sea Treasure 2/10
Sea Treasure 3/10
Easter Rescue - Cows
Easter Rescue - Bunnys
Easter Rescue - Chicks
Easter Rescue - Pigeons
Easter Rescue - Obbah wobbahs
2018 Easter Egg (1/10)
2018 Easter Egg (2/10)
2018 Easter Egg (3/10)
2018 Easter Egg (4/10)
2018 Easter Egg (5/10)
2018 Easter Egg (6/10)
2018 Easter Egg (7/10)
2018 Easter Egg (8/10)
2018 Easter Egg (9/10)
2018 Easter Egg (10/10)
For saving the Easter pets in 2018
I reached the Easter Bunnies mountain
Director for a Day
If you can't be the prom queen, at least be the dancing queen.
HabboBites de oishi ryoko!
Wasn’t that purr-fect?
Reach the mountains with Habbox!
Love knows no gender!
Different doesn’t mean wrong!
Bunnies Lair - BaW Easter 2018
Habbo Memory Game 1
Habbo Memory Game 2
Habbo Memory Game 3
Habbo Memory Game 4
Habbo Memory Game 5
Habbo Memory Game 6
Habbo Memory Game 7
Habbo Memory Game 8
I discovered my zen with HabboCreate!
Take a photo, it will last longer
Password Champion
I found the hidden bunny swamp!
Tokyo Arcade - HBert
Tokyo Arcade - Where are the plushies?
Tokyo Arcade - Ducker
Tokyo Arcade- 3 plushies on a row
Dinner for two!
Magic Easter Egg
Bunny Candy Land World
Crystal Easter Egg
Bronze Easter Pass
Silver Easter Pass
Lightning Bolt Easter Egg
You helped Bad Bunny learn his lesson! Chocolate for everybody!
I <3 USA! Independence Day 2018
The founding feathers
It's a beary nice day for a picnic with HabboBites!
I visited Japan with HFFM!
Tokyo Arcade - Plushy shooter
Board Games Club - Croc Dentist Certified!
Bite me a valentine!
Cuddle up with HabboQuests!
Secret Badge 10/11 - Bob Cratchit
December 21st, Victorian xmas
HabboCreate Agency!
Very smart owl you’ve got there.
Secret Badge 9/11 - Jacob Marley
Secret Badge 8/11 - Ghost of Christmas Past
December 15th, Victorian xmas
December 16th, Victorian xmas
December 17th, Victorian xmas
December 18th, Victorian xmas
December 19th, Victorian xmas
December 20th, Victorian xmas
Merry Christmas from HFFM!
Secret Badge 7/11 - Ghost of Christmas Present
Secret Badge 6/11 - Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
December 11th, Victorian xmas
December 12th, Victorian xmas
December 13th, Victorian xmas
December 14th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 5/11 - Fred
December 10th, Victorian xmas
December 9th, Victorian xmas
December 8th, Victorian xmas
100 % True Habbo XX
Have a Jolly HabboCreatemas!
Secret Badge 4/11 - Tiny Tim
Secret Badge 3/11 - Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
December 5th, Victorian xmas
December 6th, Victorian xmas
December 7nd, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 2/11 - Belle
Secret Badge 1/11 - Peter & Martha Cratchit
December 3th, Victorian xmas
December 4th, Victorian xmas
Helped Rudolph find his way home!
Visited Santa’s Grotto 2017
December 1st, Victorian xmas
December 2nd, Victorian xmas
I went camping with HFFM!
Animals around the world with HabboQuests!
I lived through the story of Bonfire Night with Habbox!
Come on baby, light my bonfire.
Drowned Demons
Demons are a ghoul's best friend!
Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house - Trick or Treat!
Happy 3rd Birthday Ambassadors!
Argh! The Bats!
Creepin' it real.
Let's get this party startled!
Tricked for a Treat
Carve out some good times!
If you've got it, haunt it.
You can't skel-run from my skele-puns.
You are unBOOlievable!