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Achievements top 250: # N/A (158)
Badge top 250: # N/A (101)
Unique badge top 50: # N/A (0)
Star Gems top 250: # N/A (0)

Badges (101)

1Goal Badge
70's Badge
Online time VII -  Cyclone
Looks that kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Battle Ball player III
Battle Banzai quest II - Guest
Lord of the tiles V
True you
Ice kicking I
Firestarter V
Freeze player  I
Freeze quest III - Beginner
Battle Royal V
Winning team V
Nice one IV
Greet me II
Happy hour
Resident V - Dedication
Master of Words I
They're eating all my credits! III
Pet lover X
40 % True Habbo VIII
Respected Habbo X
Nice as pie! I
Room builder XV
Furni collector X
Room host III
Room raider VI
Skateboard jumper X
Skateboard slider VII
Shell Collector II
Blades of glory V
Ice ice baby IV
Trading pass I
Snowflake collector X
5th Birthday Badge
Christmas '09
OZ Artist 2010
Boost Mobile Surf Sho
Birthday Badge
AU Group Member
The Big Ola '09
Sunscreen Level 1
Sunscreen Level 2
Sunscreen Level 3
Jaws Badge
Maguro Gang Member
Battle Banzai Champion!
Rock Out Badge
Taylor Swift Fan
The Sims 3 - Good Karma badge
It Gets Better
Earth Hour
Jocks Team Winner
Staring Bush Badge
Nature Quest 2
Nature Quest 3
Tree Planter
Earth Hour 2009
Habbofest '09
Crime Fighter Badge
Habboween 09 Detective Badge
Green Voodoo Doll - Curse
Red Voodoo Doll - Love
Blue Voodoo Doll - Luck
The Moon Quest
Death Quest
The Lovers Quest
Luck Quiz Badge
Star Tarot Badge
Crab Badge
I <3 MOM
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo Australia
MTV Badge
NCD Badge
The Nudge
Brain Explosion
NZ Group Member
Boar of Baskerville
Habbo Prison Badge
Voodoo Badge
Rare Crystal Patch
Captain Badge
Level 1 Cullens Badge
Level 1 Quileute Badge
Level 1 Volturi Badge
Capri-Sun Hook Badge
Capri-Sun Key Badge
Capri-Sun Net Badge
Capri-Sun Padlock Badge
Capri-Sun Sheriff Badge
Habbo.com Relaunch Badge
Morp FTW
Think Fraud Badge
Peace Badge
Cure Badge
Hotel For Dogs Maze
Hotel For Dogs Quest

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Liana18 Liana18
21 April 2022
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8 August 2021
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26 April 2021
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11 April 2021
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27 April 2020
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9 August 2019
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19 April 2019
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24 January 2019
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20 October 2018
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Nortrox Nortrox
14 October 2018
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9 August 2018
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2 June 2018
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Samples Samples
1 April 2018
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21 February 2018
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20 February 2018
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20 February 2018
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