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Achievements top 250: # 177 (1080)
Badge top 250: # 214 (1098)
Unique badge top 50: # 676 (11)
Amb Infobus Pin - March 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - March 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - April 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - April 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - May 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - May 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - June 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - June 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - July 2019

Amb Infobus Pin - July 2019


Badges (1098)

Rainy Day Bundle
Discovered even stranger things with HFFM!
Scoops Troop assemble!
Habbox Gone Wild
I participated in the Habboshire Festival!
Xavier Institute for Gifted Habbos
Time flies with Habbox
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HabboQuests!
Make sure you don’t drink too much!
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HFFM!
Sunlight City Game 2
Sunlight City Game 3
HabboBites, you’re my sunflower.
I searched for jobs with HabboCreate!
Happy 13th Birthday from HFFM!
Party like it’s your 13th Birthday, with HFFM!
True Helper XVI
Crafted 20 Sun City Items
Sunlight City Game 1
85 % True Habbo XVII
Swan Lake
Hatched 4 Fairytale Creatures
Floor Designer XI
Wall Designer XI
Hiss hiss baby, snake me out.
Habbo Club member  IV
HC Member IV
Amb Infobus Pin - July 2019
Happy Independence Day 2019, USA!
Summertime in Habbo!
Summer Camp with HabboQuests!
Celestial Bundle
Habbo Pride Trivia
Makes you think
Friend of the monster plants
Monster plant destroyer
Grr, eh?
Canada Day 2019
Habbo Festival Battle Winner!
Summer Song Fever
Master of mazes!
Amb Infobus Pin - June 2019
Left no stone unturned!
Dude! Where's my tent?
Summer with Habbox!
Nice as pie XX
Habboroo Festival Entrance
Got No Time to Wait
Crafted 20 Bohemian Festival Items
A sword fit for a God
I found the helmet with HFFM!
Brace yourself for impact with Habbox
Break a leg for supper with HabboBites
You are worthy of the cloak of RPG!
Shield yourself with HabboQuests!
Drinks on the Ambs 2019
Pastel Bundle
Pet Lover XIII
Eurovision 2019 Community Challenge
Amb Infobus Pin - May 2019
Mental Health Awareness Week
Cast a spell with HabboQuests!
Went on a chilling adventure with HabboQuests!
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for voting!
Landscape Designer XIX
I did my waiting… 12 years of it
I'm-a Luigi, number one!
In Azkabobba!
I leveled up with HFFM!
RARE Minotaur Horns
RARE Medusa Hair
Battle Ball Player XIX
Wildflower Throne LTD
They're eating all my credits! VII
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! IX
A watermelon. Thanks HabboBites...
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 3
Habbelina - Chapter 3
Wonderland - Chapter 4
Snow White - Chapter 3
Lounging with the Ambassadors in 2019
I discovered kelpies with HabboQuests!
I helped the ents stop any intruding orcs with HabboCreate!
The enemy is real.
I earned the respect of a Hippogriff with HabboRPG!
This Easter GFE is a hoot!
I discovered Fairies with HFFM!
Habbelina - Chapter 2
Wonderland - Chapter 3
Snow White - Chapter 2
2019 Easter Egg (1/10)
2019 Easter Egg (2/10)
2019 Easter Egg (3/10)
2019 Easter Egg (4/10)
2019 Easter Egg (5/10)
2019 Easter Egg (6/10)
2019 Easter Egg (7/10)
2019 Easter Egg (8/10)
2019 Easter Egg (9/10)
2019 Easter Egg (10/10)
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 2
Dragon Master!
Happy Easter from HFFM!
Generous one VIII
Beautiful horned horses with highly magical properties
Wonderland - Chapter 2
Snow White - Chapter 1
Zoo Keeper X
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 1
I caught them all with Habbox!
Teatime in Wonderland Bundle
Habbelina - Chapter 1
Wonderland - Chapter 1
Amb Infobus Pin - April 2019
Habbox... I Choose You!
Grandma's House Bundle
Satu's April Fools Day
April Fools Day with Satu
Starry eyed for a sticker well done
Instrument Trend Spotter
Bite me a story tonight.
Amb Infobus Pin - March 2019
May this clover bring you good luck!
Master of Magic
St Patrick's Day 2019 with Keegs:
If you can dream it, you can become it.
When in doubt, wear red!
Coffee and Pancakes? My favourite!
Celebrated World Compliment Day with HabboQuests!
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
Builder's Club Member VI
For completing a successful date
For dissing your date
Wedding Ceremony Bundle
Looking for Mr. or Mrs. right
SID 2019 Safety Quiz
Feeling the love with HFFM!
You made internet a better place
ª Bobba ª With Habbox
ƒ Love ƒ From Habbox
Value me VII
Piñata Whacker IV
Level IX Stable Owner
Chef Achievement Level 4
Restored 6 Santorini Artefacts
Chocolate Cupcake Baker
Chocolate Tart Baker
I'm a Noobie girl, in a Habbox woooorld! ——
Freeze Player  XX
Happy 2019!
I was there! New Year 2019
Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!
Sleighing with Rudolph and HabboRPG!
Season for gifting with HFFM!
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
Secret Badge 10/10 - Swan Lake
Christmas Deers 05/05
Christmas Theatre 05/05
Christmas Socks 05/05
Christmas Socks Golden badge
2018 Christmas Outfit Giveaway
Don't have a meltdown, chill out
You Starred in The Reindeer Games!
The Magic of Christmas with Habbox
Christmas feasting with HabboBites!
Walking in the air with HabboQuests!
Have a nut-cracking Christmas!
Secret Badge 09/10 - Romeo and Juliet
Christmas Socks 04/05
Matryoshka´s 05/05
Winter Festival 05/05
Outdoor winter festival Golden badge
Christmas Deers 04/05
Winter Festival 04/05
Christmas Theatre 04/05
Christmas deers Golden badge
Secret Badge 08/10 - The Nutcracker
Matryoshka´s 04/05
Christmas Safety Event
Secret Badge 07/10 - Giselle
Christmas Deers 03/05
I've made it through the Haunted House!
Happy Halloween!
I saved Santa with HFFM!
You helped Pine and Santa during Christmas 2018!
ihoggy Champion
Go Spain!
Come back, Rudolph!
Secret Badge 05/10 - The Rite of Spring
Secret Badge 06/10 - La Bayadère
Christmas Socks 02/05
Christmas Theatre 02/05
Matryoshka´s 03/05
Winter Festival 03/05
Christmas Theatre 03/05
Christmas Socks 03/05
Winter City Playground Bundle
Matryoshka´s Golden badge
Secret Badge 03/10 - The Sleeping Beauty
Secret Badge 04/10 - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Christmas Socks 01/05
Matryoshka´s 02/05
Christmas Deers 02/05
I like your Obbah Wobbah VI
Crafted 20 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
Advanced Crafting
Safe and sound with HabboQuests!
Christmas Theatre 01/05
Theatre Golden badge
Visited Santa's Grotto 2018
Christmas on .com with kalesalad!
Winter Festival 01/05
Secret Badge 02/10 - Don Quixote
Christmas Deers 01/05
Matryoshka´s 01/05
Habboween Quiz 2018
Secret Badge 01/10 - Cinderella
Black Friday MEGA Deal
Adopted a habbo with HabboQuests!
I travelled through time with HFFM!
Buenos nachos with HabboBites!
Bear Breeder V
My gnome knows a trick! X
They're eating all my credits! IX
Pet Whisperer X
Ghost Escape - Habboween 2018
Horticulturist Level 10
Cleaned 2 Infected Laboratory items
Salem LTD
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XX
HabboQuests 5th Birthday!
Builders Club Designer XIV
Ace'd Renty's & Bailed Maze
Renty's Awarded Trophy
e searched th' caves 'n found HabboCreate's booty!
I'm a HabboBites survivor!
...& Always!
I found the treasure with HFFM!
Zen Garden Bundle
Robbed a bank with HabboQuests!
I'd stack that ;)
I entered the Pyramid of Doom with HabboCreate!
Happy Malaysia Day 2018
Malaysia's National Flower
The Iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia!
Happy 2nd Birthday, HabboCreate!
Crafted 2 items of Tokyo clothing
Sushi date with HabboQuests!
HabboBites de oishi ryoko!
I visited Japan with HFFM!
Reach the mountains with Habbox!
I discovered my zen with HabboCreate!
Tokyo Arcade- 3 plushies on a row
Japanese House Bundle
Throwback to the 90’s with HabboQuests!
RARE Kitsune Mask
Tokyo Arcade - Plushy shooter
Tokyo Arcade - Ducker
HiPad Early Adopter
RARE Ancient Maple Tree
Tokyo Arcade - HBert
Tokyo Arcade - Where are the plushies?
Singapore 53rd Independence Day
Happy 12th Birthday HFFM!
Tokyo Arcade - Habbo-Man
Celebrating 12 years of HFFM!
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
RARE Kitty Backpack
Tokyo Street Market Bundle
Rare Habbo 18 Throne
I bought my first house with HabboQuests
Ink’d with Habbox
Put a ring on it with HabboBites!
I voted with HFFM!
Bobba juice: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.
WaltzMatilda thinks you're fedorable!
Happy birthday, WaltzMatilda!
Uruguayan Football shirt
Ice Cream Day with HFFM!
Happy Summer!
Spanish Football shirt
Worldcup 2018 Football shirt
Cat Breeder I
Dog Breeder I
Pig Breeder I
Terrier Breeder II
Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
Spanish Football Shorts
German Football shirt
It's a beary nice day for a picnic with HabboBites!
German Football Shorts
They're eating all my credits! V
Brazilian Football Shorts
Senegalese Football shirt
Tunesian Football shirt
I <3 Habbox!
Swamped By Stickies Level XIII
Became a pro gamer with HabboQuests!
Peacock Collector
Exotic Birds Mega Collector
RARE Wavy Locks
I aced the Ambassador telephrase
Quetzal Collector
Tunisian Football Shorts
Crane Collector
Senegalese Football Shorts
Cardinal Collector
I <3 USA! Independence Day 2018
The founding feathers
Saudi Arabian Football shirt
Peruvian Football shirt
Spoonbill Collector
Happy 15th birthday Habbox!
Stickie scribbler Level XIII
Puffin Collector
Saudi Arabian Football Shorts
Peruvian Football Shorts
Belgium Football shirt
English Football shirt
Colombian Football Shorts
English Football Shorts
Uruguayan Football Shorts
HabboQuests 2018 LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze Winner
Celebrated Pride with HabboQuests!
Belgium Football Shorts
Mexican Football Shorts
French Football Shorts
Costa Rican Football Shirt
Austrian Football shirt
Swedish Football shirt
Swedish Football Shorts
Austrian Football Shorts
Portuguese Football Shirt
Costa Rican Football Shorts
Moroccan Football Shirt
Coral Kingdom - Jellyfish Forest
Sea Treasure 9/10
Portuguese Football Shorts
Moroccan Football Shorts
Panamanian Football Shirt
Swiss Football Shirt
Coral Kingdom - Ocean Volunteer
Sea Treasure 8/10
Australian Football Shorts
Panamanian Football Shorts
Russian Football Shorts
Swiss Football Shorts
Russian Football Shirt
Board Games Club - Hungry Hungry Hippos
I like your gnome V
Sea Treasure 6/10
Coral Kingdom - Octopus Fight
Coral Kingdom - Royal Seahorse Exam
Mermaid Lagoon Bundle
Sea Treasure 5/10
RARE Seahorse Mask
Coral Kingdom - Turtle Race
Coral Kingdom -Cave Diving
Sea Treasure 4/10
Celebrating Friendship Day with HabboQuests!
Coral Kingdom - Snorkeling Trip
Sea Treasure 2/10
Sea Treasure 3/10
Sea Treasure 1/10
If you can't be the prom queen, at least be the dancing queen.
2018 Summer Deal
I like your leprechaun VII
Keep calm and blame it on the lag.
Power your heart with HabboQuests
Lightning Games with Habbox
HabboCreate beleafs in you.
Water skills that’d rival Katara with HFFM
Skull Wrecker with HabboBites
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle
Pro Gamer Bundle
I attended the royal wedding with Habbox!
I went treasure hunting with HabboQuests!
Voulez-vous jouer Habbo avec moi? (ce soir?)
RARE Catcopter
Director for a Day
Take a photo, it will last longer
80 Flower Patches grown
I hope all was well on your tour of the hotel.
HabboCreate: Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
Military Camp Bundle
RARE Film Star's Trailer
Relive your childhood with HabboQuests!
Bunny Temple 2018
Gold Egg - I rescued Easter!
Golden Easter Pass
HFFMs Spring Carnival!
Howdy Rowdy
Wild West Bar Bundle
Gold Ducky
Celebrating Easter with Habbox!
RARE Bonzai Fountain
Easter Egg Hunt 2018
Feeding the goats with HFFM!
Flew the coop with Habbobites
Going quackers with HabboQuests
Saving the egg with FlyHabbo!
Went the whole hog with HabboCreate!
They're eating all my credits! V
For saving the Easter pets in 2018
Crafted 5 Friendship Fusion items.
Easter Rescue - Obbah wobbahs
2018 Easter Egg (9/10)
2018 Easter Egg (10/10)
I reached the Easter Bunnies mountain
Silver Easter Pass
Lightning Bolt Easter Egg
My leprechaun knows a trick! III
Exploring stories with FlyHabbo!
Easter Rescue - Chicks
2018 Easter Egg (7/10)
2018 Easter Egg (8/10)
Easter Rescue - Pigeons
Pot that gold with HabboBites
2018 Easter Egg (2/10)
Leprechaun badge
Easter Rescue - Cows
2018 Easter Egg (5/10)
2018 Easter Egg (6/10)
Board Games Club - Croc Dentist Certified!
Back to the movies with Habbox!
I found the hidden bunny swamp!
Bunny Candy Land World
Crystal Easter Egg
Bronze Easter Pass
Easter Rescue - Bunnys
2018 Easter Egg (4/10)
Easter Rescue - Gnomes & Leprechauns
2018 Easter Egg (3/10)
You helped Bad Bunny learn his lesson! Chocolate for everybody!
Women's History Month 2018 with HabboQuests
Bunnies Lair - BaW Easter 2018
Magic Easter Egg
Remembering the 90's with HFFM
2018 Easter Egg (1/10)
Princess Kaguya of the legend returned to the moon.
Throwback with FlyHabbo
Love potion
Somebunny Loves You!
Love is a universe of its own
Bite me a valentine!
A Chimply Marvellous Valentine's Day with HabboCreate
Wasn’t that purr-fect?
Love knows no gender!
Different doesn’t mean wrong!
Cuddle up with HabboQuests!
Dinner for two!
Create, Connect and Share Respect - SID 2018
Celebrating Anti Valentines with Habbox!
Against Exposure - SID 2018
You are my greatest adventure
Beauty is found within
Against anonymous bullying - SID 2018
Time Travellers Book
Against Revenge porn - SID 2018
Love is in the air with HFFM!
Against Video Fighters - SID 2018
Safer Internet Day 2018
Habbo Memory Game 12
2018 Valentines Deal
I celebrated CNY with HabboQuests!
Habbo Memory Game 10
Habbo Memory Game 11
Habbo Memory Game 8
Habbo Memory Game 9
Monster Plant Healer II
Habbo Memory Game 6
Habbo Memory Game 7
A Golden Duo (HITW 20 pts)
Habbo Memory Game 5
A Shiny Blast From The Past
Blast From The Past
Stop running and give me a cuddle
Does this FSH have any eyes?
Let's stick together like an igloo
Habbo Memory Game 4
Habbo Memory Game 3
Habbo Memory Game 2
Fast Food Throwback with HabboBites!
Experiencing the great mute with Habbox!
Grabbed a cold one with HabboQuests!
Remembering Battle Ball with HabboCreate!
I made Habblicious burgers with Flyhabbo
Remembering the Habbo Cinema with HFFM!
Habbo Memory Game 1
Camera Grand Master IX
BaW really pulled this one out of their...hat.
I tart that was delicious!
I went on an adventure with FlyHabbo
I am not questioning your honour. I’m denying its existence.
Gardener of Death II
The Flash with Habbox
I visited the Zoo with HFFM!
Bitesvision: January 2018
Classic HC Club Bundle
Habbo Crossing with HabboQuests.com
Happy 2018!
Mickey Duck
Monster Plant Color Collector VIII
The Story of Rudolph with Habbox
FlyHabbo knows how Frosty came to life one day!
T’was the night before Bitesmas.
Secret Badge 11/11 - Ebenezer Scrooge
December 24th, Victorian xmas
December 25th, Victorian xmas
HFFM believe in the magic of Christmas!
December 23th, Victorian xmas
Santa's little helper
Stealing Christmas with HabboQuests!
Feel the Warm Glow of Hope and Love with HabboCreate
Celebrated HabboBites 2nd Birthday!
December 22nd, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 10/11 - Bob Cratchit
December 21st, Victorian xmas
Very smart owl you’ve got there.
December 19th, Victorian xmas
December 20th, Victorian xmas
Ice Rink Bundle
Secret Badge 9/11 - Jacob Marley
December 18th, Victorian xmas
December 17th, Victorian xmas
December 16th, Victorian xmas
HabboCreate Agency!
Secret Badge 8/11 - Ghost of Christmas Past
December 15th, Victorian xmas
Merry Christmas from HFFM!
Secret Badge 7/11 - Ghost of Christmas Present
Secret Badge 6/11 - Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
December 12th, Victorian xmas
December 13th, Victorian xmas
December 14th, Victorian xmas
Monster Plant Shape Collector VI
Have a Jolly HabboCreatemas!
December 11th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 5/11 - Fred
December 10th, Victorian xmas
Made 20 garments.
December 9th, Victorian xmas
Music Player Level XX
December 8th, Victorian xmas
Monster Plant Tender IV
Secret Badge 4/11 - Tiny Tim
December 7nd, Victorian xmas
December 5th, Victorian xmas
December 6th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 3/11 - Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
Home Alone with Habbox
December 4th, Victorian xmas
Victorian Street Bundle
December 3th, Victorian xmas
Helped Rudolph find his way home!
Visited Santa’s Grotto 2017
Secret Badge 2/11 - Belle
Secret Badge 1/11 - Peter & Martha Cratchit
December 1st, Victorian xmas
December 2nd, Victorian xmas
Game Arcade owner XX
Monster Plant Breeeder I
Black Friday MEGA Deal
You explored Myths and Legends with FlyHabbo.
I went camping with HFFM!
Chess winner - Team White
Chess winner - Team Black
Battle Banzai Star XX
Drowned Demons
I lived through the story of Bonfire Night with Habbox!
Come on baby, light my bonfire.
You are unBOOlievable!
Creepin' it real.
Demons are a ghoul's best friend!
Level 6
Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house - Trick or Treat!
Happy 3rd Birthday Ambassadors!
Argh! The Bats!
Let's get this party startled!
Tricked for a Treat
Carve out some good times!
If you've got it, haunt it.
You can't skel-run from my skele-puns.
Player  XX
Depths of Hell
Do you want to hear a joke?
Took a ride through memory lane
Level 10
Fought my way out of this hell.
I conquered the dragon’s trial!
'Member Builders at Work? I 'member!
Quit complaining. Don’t be a mona like Lisa.
HabboQuests Spooky 4th Birthday!
Level 9
Level 7
Level 8
HFFM spooked me on Habboween!
Secret Badge Sleeping Poison
Cursed Books
I escaped Cthulhu's Castle with Habbox!
RARE Cursed Dragon Statue
Level 5
Secret Badge Hammer
Level 4
Secret Badge Big Chisel
Are you ready to le with HabboBites?
Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
Secret Badge Key
Secret Badge Nails
HabboCreate wishes you a KILLER Habboween
Rediscovered cult classic horrors with FlyHabbo
As pretty as a picture!
You helped Baconella brush up for the garden party!
Have a cup of positivitea!
Pool Party Bundle
A feather duster! Hope you don’t have allergies...
Successfully cleaned Bonnie’s house with FlyHabbo!
There's always time for tea and there's always room for cake.
Turf War
This kid ain't squiddin around
Cooked the best burger in town with HabboBites
Room Host XV
HabboQuests' Mythical Creatures
Tour de France Challenge
It's-a me, Mario!
Saving Princess Peach with HFFM!
Battle Banzai Overlord
Ultimate Freeze Overlord
Elegant Bundle
For having Socks in Flip Flops in your closet
Entered the Palace with HabboBites!
Discovering the wonders of the marketplace with HabboCreate!
BaW Bazaar Bonanza
Team Flipflop
Chopping down beanstalks with HFFM!
Are you toucan to me?
Jamal & The Beanstalk
You stole the golden monkey with FlyHabbo!
Grew a beanstalk with HabboQuests!
Spirit of the Forest
Haku the River Dragon
Mask of San
Happy Malaysia Day 2017
Celebrating Habbo Creates First Year
Princess Alya
Freeze Winner  XX
The Grand Bazaar of Al Habbah
Habib the Sailor
Ali Habbah and the 40, Wait... 8 Bots
The Habbox Superhero
The Habbox Summer Spectacular
Sultan Arif, the Duck and the Magic Carpet
Habbaddin and the Wonderlamp
HabboQuests Sultan's Palace
Wise Sultan, how may I serve you?
Pretty Polly want a cracker?!
The iconic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!
Singapore's Merlion
Singapores National Flower
Beaches be crazy.
I picked a Lignum Vitae on Jamaica Day 2017!
Jamaican me crazy!
The Infobus Sessions August 2017
Dyed 20 Summer Bazaar Furni.
BaW Summer Seaside Event 2017
Quackin' catch!
I scream for Ice Cream
Habbo Bites with Shark Week!
Don't underestimate the importance of body language!
I like you begging. Do it again.
Janear, Jafar, Ja wherever you are...
You have our seal of approval.
You're otter this world!
You took a quack at the duck games! (And won!)
Rare Boxer Braids
Star Gazer's Bundle
I'm not shore what to put for the tidal
Stop Bullying I
Rare Cute Sea Lion Pup
Room Raider XX
The floor is lava!
Uncle Sam wants YOU!
Taste the freedom
Happy USA Independence Day 2017!
Un-beaver-ably canadian!
Canada Day 2017 with ,Informal
Living Legend XX
: I took a trip to Santorini with HabboCreate!
I found the secret stash of treasure with Habbox!
Found a strange treasure map with FlyHabbo!
I followed the light with HFFM!
I discovered the hotel with HabboQuests!
Dionysus Follower
Battle of Gods Champion
Rare Gilded Hydra Statue
Bonus Badge - Gilded Statues
Secret Badge 12/12 - Hestia
Santorini Game 6
Soar with FlyHabbo!
Starred in a musical with FlyHabbo
Secret Badge 11/12 - Hephaestus
Santorini Game 5
Forum moderation setting
Forum post setting
Forum post thread setting
Forum read setting
Bunny Run field builder X
Keep it 100% Habbo
Hades Fanatic
Secret Badge 10/12 - Hermes
Santorini Game 4
Rare Gilded Minotaur Statue
Secret Badge 7/12 - Artemis
Secret Badge 8/12 - Ares
Secret Badge 9/12 - Aphrodite
Santorini Game 3
Hercules Acolyte
Secret Badge 5/12 - Athena
Secret Badge 6/12  - Apollo
Santorini Game 2
Secret Badge 3/12 - Poseidon
Secret Badge 4/12 - Demeter
Santorini Game 1
Online time XX
Rare Gilded Centaur Statue
Bricking it with Habbox Blox!
I found the hidden wall!
BaW 2.0 Season 2
President's Medal
Rare Gilded Chimera Statue
Secret Badge 1/12 - Zeus
Secret Badge 2/12 - Hera
HabboQuests Rainbow Rain
Kawaii Donut
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride
Rainbow Unicorn
Cryptic Cube
I trained to fight the aliens with HabboQuests!
HabboCreate delivered you the latest news!
Rare Sentinel Helmet
Aliens defeated with HFFM.
Fought the aliens with FlyHabbo!
I geared up for battle with Habbox!
Rainbow Hedgehog
Poseidon's Pearl
I fought crime in Zootopia with HFFM!
Ditch the Label Anti Bullying Poll 2017
Habbo White House
Golden Glasses
Tomb Raider
Zoological Eden
Rare Interstellar Cruiser
Magic Lamp
This duckie loves fasionable rooms
Tea Time in the Japanese Temple
Eurovision 2017
Beauty & the Beast Waltz
Heavy Rain
Shed The Light
Ancient Relic
Guess the Furni Line Champion
Rare Star Explorer Helmet
Egg Hunt Champion
They're bacccck! Ditch the Label  and Habbo
Rare Cryo-Bed
Creature Rearer Level 10
[HBC] / Crash Landing in Hablatania
Modern Studio Bundle
Narrowing down the field in Habbo Funlections 2017
I voted in 2017 Habbo Elections
Rare Crazy Mare Face
Golden Cow Pet Owner
Saved Te Fiti with FlyHabbo
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Rooms liked by staff I
Rare Cow Beanie
Frank´s Ranch Employee
The Icing on the Cake
Berry Nice!
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake...
Chick Magnet
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Rare Hen Hat
Routined Mazer
Novice Mazer
Cow Pet Owner
Pastry Baker
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Rare Farmer Photo Stand
Frank´s Ranch
Farmer Achievement Level 3
Great Farm Bake Bundle
Strawberry Cake Baker
Carrot Cake Baker
Blackberry Tart Baker
Raspberry Cupcake Baker
Music Collector Level X
Tree Frog Collector
Chipmunk Collector
Exotic Pets Mega Collector
Having a Quacking Time with MOD-Cle0!
You joined MOD-Cle0's crew!
MOD-Cle0's Paradise Palace
Hairaru's glasses
MOD-Cle0 is the only true Unicorn
Habflix and Chill
Chinchilla Collector
Sloth Collector
Chameleon Collector
Python Collector
Fruit Bat Collector
Step right up! You played MOD-Cle0's Hook-a-Duck!
Exotic Birds Collector
You won the top prize in MOD-Cle0's carnival game!
Top pet seller
HabboQuest's Sherlock Holmes Weekend
Rare Quick Coffee Stop
Furni Collector XVII
HFFMs Marvel-ous Weekend
Agnes' Speed Bingo
Celebrate books with HabboCreate!
Lucky Loo
Carnivale Costume Shop Bundle
Jogger Level X
Classic Star Lounge Bundle
The Key To My Heart
The Key To My Heart
Fansite Valentine's 2017 Event II
Room Architect X
Fansite Valentine's 2017 Event III
Fansite Valentine's 2017 Event IV
Win a date with MOD-Cle0!
Zootastic date with MOD-Cle0!
Fansite Valentine's 2017 Event II
Fansite Valentine's 2017 Event
Date magnet
Status: Dating
Status: Dating
The newly weds
Rare Wedding Outfit
Password Champion
People adore my pets! X
Group Hug
Be the change!
Wedding Ceremony Bundle
Valentines MEGA Deal
100 % Respected Habbo X
Pixel-Habbo gone viral!
Checkpoint... Saved!
True Gamer
Official Fansite Chinese New Year Event 2017
HFFM Pixar Journey
Hand of Justice VIII
Rink Builder X
Get your skates on my Ice Rink! X
Snowboarding Builder V
Habbo's Hottest Ten 2016
Socializer XIII
Helping Hand X
Coming out of the blue
Coco Kart Champion
Goodbye 2016
I <3 the 90s!
Cross trainer Level X
Guide Kudos VII
Magical Advisor
Wings of Death
Password Security
Crazy Fairy Survivor
Expert Guitarist
Happy 2017!
Friend of the Kraken
Missing 2016
MOD-Cle0's Spooky Christmas
MOD-Cle0's Scary Surprise
MOD-Cle0's X-mas with a twist
Christmas, 2016
December 24, 2016
December 23, 2016
Have a Merry Frissmas!
The gift that keeps on giving!
December 22, 2016
December 21, 2016
Rare Citadel Throne
December 20, 2016
Football Goal Host V
December 19, 2016
December 18, 2016
December 17, 2016
Equestrian track host level V
Christmas Cooking with HabbCrazy
Puhekupla's Fansite Weekend Event
Rare Cat Hat
December 16, 2016
I know an Elf that collects Candy Canes...
December 15, 2016
Vicious Viking X
December 14, 2016
The Mannequin Challenge
December 13, 2016
December 7, 2016
December 12, 2016
December 11, 2016
HabboHoliday's 2016 Xmas Weekend Event
December 10, 2016
December 9, 2016
December 8, 2016
December 6, 2016
December 5, 2016
Santa and Rudolph are ready for Christmas!
HabboQuests Time Traveller
Rare Crystal Tiara
December 2, 2016
December 3, 2016
December 4, 2016
Black Friday MEGA Deal
It's a FlyHabbo Christmas!
Enjoy your freedom!
Electric Eel Collector
Piranha Collector
Pufferfish Collector
The MOD-Cle0 Project
December 1, 2016
Turtle Collector
Crab Collector
Ice Ice Baby XX
On Duty IX
HabboTiles Immemorial
Habbox's day in the life of a dog
Mammoth's Little Helper
Placeholder Badge
[TH] Hablantis
Hospital Diner Dash
Kind Heart
Thank you for being a friend!
Fireworks Night 2016
Habboween Fansite Poll 2016
Habboween Surprise I!
Habboween Surprise II!
MOD-Cle0's New Hope
Habboween Horror Story with  ThisHabbo
You managed to defeat Evil Frank's minions!
Spirit Day 2016
Habboween ZombieRun with HabbCrazy
You survived thanks to your Halloween Knowlegde!
Reversing the Evil Ritual
10k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
Habboween Horror Story with HFFM
Escape from the Burning Man!
Habboween Zombierun with Habbox
Habboween Secret 4/5
If you go into the spooky forest...
Escape from Wolfguy!
Habboween Secret 3/5
You hit the nail on the head
Habboween Horror Story with HabboQuests
Escape from the Hungry Spirits!
Old School Gamer
Habbo History
Habboween ZombieRun with HabboTiles
The Culprit is Confirmed
Be your authentic self
Escape from the Dollie Spirit!
Escape from the zombies!
Habboween Secret 1/5
Habboween Secret 2/5
Habboween Secret 5/5
Trampolinist Level X
Breast Cancer Awareness month
Room Builder XX
Alien Abduction
Puhekupla's Scary Weekend Event
What do you call an aligator in a vest?
Lord of the tiles XX
HabboTile's Spring & Autumn Watch
LovelsLove with HabboHoliday.net
Habbo History Month- Fast Food
Habbo History Month- Safety Events
You're in great danger!
BaW Season 13 Poll
Habbo History Month- Snowstorm
HFFM Game of Habbos
Our Hero Aukiro
Habbo History Buff
The Lido
Habbo History Month- Melting Carpets
Habbo History Game
Level XX equestrian
Horse jumping level V
Roller Derby Raider  XX
Skateboard Jumper XX
Skateboard Slider XX
ThisHabbo's Mobile App Mayhem
Pirate Day with HabboHoliday
HabboTiles Pocahontas
The Kingdom Is Saved Thanks to You!
Dream away with HabbCrazy
Thar she blows!
Shiver me timbers!
Ahoy! Me Hearties!
Collect gemstones with FlyHabbo!
Looks that Kill I
Habbo Citizen
True You I
Football Goal Scorer V
Give Feedback II
Get Help II
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Habbo Name
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door Mode
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Blades of Glory XX
Habbo for Android
1 Million downloads
ThisHabbo's Quiz Show Bonzana
Habbolympix with HabboHoliday!
Habbolympix with HabboQuests!
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Habbolympix with Habbo-Happy!
Habbolympix with Habbox!
Habbo's Super Sweet 16!
Nice skin
Clearasil Ultra 2
World Kindness Day 2013
You've Found the Enchanted Castle!
What should I do if...
Helping a Habbo out
Habbolympix with ThisHabbo!
Habbolympix with HFFM!
Habbolympix with HabboBites!
Habbolympix with MadHabbo!
The Magical Adventure is Beginning.
Ditch the Label
Orange Is The New Black
HFFM's Magical Weekend
Eurocup 2016 Quarter Finals
Teddy says...
Teddy Bear of Tolerance
Lord Pixel
Habbolympix 2016
Habbolympix 2016
Habbolympix 2016
Habbolympix 2016
Habbolympix 2016
Healthy Smoothie Shaker
Fashionspotter 2
Barca - Real Madrid Community Challenge
HabboTreasure Community Challenge
I have been powertoo...
Event Promoter
Curious Creatures
Car Receipt
Community Service Beach Clean Up
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
DTL Mental Health Quest badge
You vanquished Knarf!
Pokebites Adventure
Jamaica Day 2016
Puhekupla's Fansite Summer Event
What an Enchanting Ball!
VIP at the VMAs
Landscape Designer XVIII
True Helper XV
80 % True Habbo XVI
Nice as pie XIX
They're eating all my credits! VI
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! VIII
Floor Designer X
Wall Designer X
Piñata Whacker III
Landscape Designer XVII
Crafted 14 items of Winter City Christmas clothing
Loaded VII
Floor Designer IX
Wall Designer IX
They're eating all my credits! V
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! VII
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! VI
My herd is bigger than yours IX
Pet shop keeper VIII
They're eating all my credits! VIII
Nice as pie XVIII
Builder's Club Member V
Landscape Designer XVI
True Helper XIV
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XIX
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XVIII
75 % True Habbo XV
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XVII
They're eating all my credits! IV
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! V
I like your Obbah Wobbah V
Landscape Designer XV
Wall Designer VIII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XVI
Bear Breeder I
Pet shop keeper VII
My gnome knows a trick! VII
Floor Designer VIII
Wall Designer VI
Habbo Club member  III
HC Member III
They're eating all my credits! II
My gnome knows a trick! III
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! III
Piñata Whacker II
My gnome knows a trick! I
Nice as pie XVII
Donate me VI
Pet shop keeper VI
Landscape Designer XIV
Stinking rich VI
They're eating all my credits! I
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! II
They're eating all my credits! IV
They're eating all my credits! III
My leprechaun knows a trick! II
Swamped By Stickies Level XII
My leprechaun knows a trick! I
Nice as pie XVI
True Helper XIII
Floor Designer VII
70 % True Habbo XIV
Landscape Designer XIII
Animal trainer VIII
Monster Plant Color Collector VI
Made 16 garments.
Made 6 garments.
Monster Plant Color Collector V
Monster Plant Color Collector IV
True Artist VIII
Freeze Player  XIX
Artist VII
Level VIII Stable Owner
Monster Plant Shape Collector V
Monster Plant Healer I
Piñata Whacker I
Respect me V
Landscape Designer XII
I like your gnome IV
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XV
Nice as pie XV
Music Player Level XIX
I like your gnome III
Game Arcade owner XIX
I like your Obbah Wobbah IV
Battle Ball Player XVIII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XIV
I like your leprechaun VI
Wall Designer V
Landscape Designer XI
Pet Lover XII
Nice as pie XIV
Freeze Player  XVIII
True Helper XII
65 % True Habbo XIII
Floor Designer VI
Habbo Club member  II
HC Member II
Builder's Club Member IV
Restored 4 Santorini Artefacts
Made of money V
Stickie scribbler Level XII
Advanced Crafting
Gardener of Death I
They're eating all my credits! VII
Pet shop keeper V
Adore me IV
Animal trainer VII
Monster Plant Tender III
Monster Plant Color Collector III
Monster Plant Shape Collector IV
Chef Achievement Level 2
Builders Club Designer XIII
Camera Master VI
Swamped By Stickies Level XI
Level VII Stable Owner

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