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Achievements top 250: # N/A (784)
Badge top 250: # 144 (1435)
Unique badge top 50: # 26 (87)
Star Gems top 250: # 424 (7502)
Spring Festivals with HabboQuests!

Spring Festivals with HabboQuests!

Demons are a ghoul's best friend!

Demons are a ghoul's best friend!


Badges (1435)

Rare Atmospheric Fireplace
Black Friday Offer
Psychedelic Restaurant
Rare Harvesting Braid
Ice Cream Parlour Bundle
Gothic Dessert Cafe
Rare Bubblejuice Floor
Rare Cordoroy Dungarees
Bubblejuice Brewery Bundle
The spookiest of birthday parties with HabboQuests!
Attended HabboQuests' 8th Birthday Party!
Clowning Around
Bat Cave Bundle
Rare Golden Flower Screen
Testing Facility Bundle
Haunted Hotel Room Bundle
Escaping out of the angry Oni's cave
Rare Cursed Mirror
Apocalypse Bundle
Japanese Horror Film Set Bundle
Yōtō blade
Kappa No Kawa Nagare
Found the secret key to the old monk's cabin
Rare Hime Cut
Freaky Fairground Bundle
Misty Mountains Refuge Bundle
There's no hiding from Yokais!
[BaW] Lalalalala Sing a Shrumfy Song
[BaW] Welcome to Shrumf Village
The new age of Kumandra with HabboQuests & USDF!
Gimme gimme XIV
Rare Shinobi Outfit
Discovered the last dragon with HabboQuests & USDF!
Creepy Living Room Bundle
Rare Black Elephant Statue
Order of the Phoenix
Death eater
Rare Black Parasol
Messy Room Bundle
Rare Lovely Little Teapot
Teatime in Wonderland Bundle
I'll cover you!
This looks like acorny badge!
Cozy Garden Bundle
Star and away
Back to School 2021
Nailed the test!
HabboX Space Launch
I helped rescue the fairy forest!
Twisted Castle Bundle
Classic Library Bundle
Rare Fairy Locks
Poppin' with Ligep!
Star Gazer Bundle
Back to School Bundle Part One
[BaW] SteamLand Revolt
[BaW] SteamLand Rebellion
Rare Free Crown
Rare Glittering Fairy Wings
Hotel Museum Bundle Part Two
Hotel Museum Bundle Part Three
Hotel Museum Bundle Part Four
Japanese Love Garden Bundle
Hotel Museum Bundle Part One
Malaysia's Orchid Flower
Time is like gold, so use it wisely
Crafting Items Mega Collector
Rare Miami Motorbike
Habbo Mall Bundle
How to NOT get away with murder with HabboQuests!
Modern Studio Bundle
Send noodles
[BaW] I got digitized
[BaW] Into a digital world
Time's Up!
Rare Retro Jukebox
Bank Bundle
Caught on Camera
Classic Lounge Bundle
Underground Casino
Habbo PD
Where's Mike?
¥ The HxSS Castle ¥
ª Ťħē ĦxŞŠ Çåśŧlė ª
Rare Retro Rollerskates
Karaoke Bar Bundle
Jamaica Day 2021
Welcome to Miami!
Miami Nightclub Bundle
Rare Vintage Polaroid Camera
Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
HabboLympix Gym Bundle
Vaporwave Street Bundle
[BaW] Barrels of fun!
[BaW] Master of the rings!
[BaW] Flying without wings!
Habbo Hotel Gallery X
Habbo Club member II
Won the gold medal with HabboQuests & USDF!
Rare Classy Rose Bench
Held the Olympic Torch with HabboQuests & USDF!
Mermaid Lagoon Bundle
Red Beach Bundle
It's always tea time
Adventure is out there
Rare Waterfall Wall
RARE Kimono by -Push,
Habbo Island Resort Bundle
Summer Festival Bundle
[BaW] Explorer
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 Final
Rare Holographic Suit Jacket
Love Stronger - Happy Pride Festival!
Eurocup 2020
Natural Swimming Pools Bundle
Eurocup 2020 - Match 07-07
Exposed's Stunt Show 2021!
Sweet Home Bundle Part 1
Sweet Home Bundle Part 2
Sweet Home Bundle Part 3
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
Empire State Of Mind
Happy 4th of July!
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 - Match 06-07
Happy Canada Day 2021!
Eurocup 2020 - Match 03-07
Rare Teased Hair
Habbox World Tour
[BaW] I completed the Galaxy Police event!
[BaW] I stopped the Stonehenge Invaders!
[BaW] Galaxy Police ID
[BaW] I helped stop an Alien Invasion!
Water Park Bundle
Habbo Hotel Gallery IX
This is how it works
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Rainbow Maze Bonus Badge
Rare Sacred Lagoon Tree
Serenity Health Spa Bundle
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Rainbow Maze 2021
Rode the rainbow Pride wave with HabboQuests!
Waved your pride flag with HabboQuests!
Room Host XVI
Tropical Lagoon Bundle
Full Moon Party!
Fishing Day Bundle
Don’t have a meltdown!
Oh buoy!
Habbo Hotel Gallery VIII
Rare Aranya the Elephant
There’s No Place Like Home
Friend of Dorothy
Canoe Ride to Phuket Island
Underwater House Bundle
Philippine Independence Day 2021
Sea you soon at the beach!
Volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park!
Rare Endangered Pangolin
Jurassic Jungle Bundle
Discovering Thailand's Wildlife!
Habbo Holidays 2021!
Floating Market Bundle
Wat Traimit Temple's Golden Buddha
Looking for offerings for the Golden Buuddha
Happy Pride Month! |
RARE Muay Thai Outfit
Summer 2021 Offer
Thai Temple Bundle
Celebrating Asian Heritage Month with HabboQuests!
Rare Cabinet of Curiosities
Asian Heritage Month
Go Germany!
Go Spain!
Go Italy!
Busted Ghosts with Hx.Ben
Escape the Jungle with Deactivate!
Step Back in Time with JamieChurchley
[BaW] I've Got The Key, I've Got the Secret!
Star gem provider II
Frontier Train Bundle
Rare Silverback Gorilla
Creepy Dressing Room Bundle
Knife to meet you.
There isn't Mushroom left in the basket!
You're Bee-autiful!
Forgotten Attic Bundle
Habbo's True Detective
Eid-un Sa'Eid
Sighting of the Crescent Moon
Rare Spidery Waves
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
Puppy's Habitat Bundle
Piglet's Habitat Bundle
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
Cosy Living Room Bundle
Zen Garden Bundle
I celebrated Mother's Day with twinnie and Air!
With love from twinnie and Air
Rare Consulting Detective Outfit
Victorian Street Bundle
Victorian Crime Scene Bundle
My outfit wowed the Fansites!
The Habbo Wears Nada
Chicken Coop Bundle
Walked the runway with HabboRPG!
Phew! HabboQuests avoided a fashion mishap!
Exploring RPG history
Duck Fashion... It's a thing!
HabboQuests & USDF Easter Event!
SnowStorm relaunch 2021
Hoppy Easter from HabboQuests & USDF!
Art Deco Bundle
Snow fight and the seen targets I
Hardly the target I
Winter warrior I
Rare Gigantic Egg Basket
Easter Garden Bundle
Broken pencils are pointless
I graduated from Bonnie's Fashion School!
Photographer's Studio Bundle
Happy Easter to Ewe!
I'm egg-streamely ready for this egg hunt!
Strike a Pose!
Stop the paparazzis!
Rare Frog Hat
Passion for fashion!
Found the missing dress!
Log Cabin Bundle
Colorful Shoe
Sweetest Rainbow
Blue Hat
Bag of Carrots
Egg Cart
Classic HC Club Bundle
Cute bunny!
Wooow, eggs!
I aced Bonnie's test!
Rare Cosmic Dress
Camping Trip Bundle
VIP Secret Catwalk Bundle
Runway Photocall Bundle
Runway Catwalk Bundle
Runway Backstage Bundle
Runway VIP Party Bundle
Rare Pastel Dragon
Parkland Food Market Bundle
Boing boing VII
You win or you die
Fire and Blood
RARE Spring Blossom Tree
Collectible Organic Strawberry Mat
Organic Fruit Mega Collector
Farmer's Kitchen Bundle
Spring Festivals with HabboQuests!
Blossoming with HabboQuests
Collectible Organic Watermelon Table
Boho Street Market
It's not over until it's clover
RARE Aussie Shepherd
Collectible Organic Kiwi Clock
You’re my pot of gold
Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Travelling salesman V
Santini BonBon Bundle
Endless road VII
Collectible Organic Pea Pod Bed
RARE Brown Dragon gift badge
Posh Restaurant Bundle
Going somewhere? V
I bloom just for you.
RARE Face Framing Hair
Collectible Organic Cherry Lamp
Healthy Canteen Bundle
Builders' Club Designer XIII
Collectible Organic Avacado Wardrobe
Star gem collector X
Dessert Cafe Bundle
RARE Meow Backpack
Habbo's European Tour - Visited London's Big Ben
Habbo's European Tour - Won a gold medal in Berlin!
Supermarket Bundle
Breakfast of Champions Bundle
Collectible Organic Citrus Sofa
Habbo's European Tour - First stop, Holland!
Collectible Organic Banana Chair
The Islander
Mice on board!
RARE Chilly Bunny
Nice one VI
Celestial Bundle
Room raider junior
Black History Month
Together for a better internet - SID 2021
Noob curiosity
Friendly one
I'm walking here!
Hello room
Home sweet home
Move that furni
RARE Ornate Wire Grandfather Clock
Builders' Club Member VIII
Enchanted Forest Bundle
Perilous Jungle Bundle
Rare Elven Ice Fountain
Nice to meet
Me, myself and I
Level jumping
Christmas Carolling with HabboQuests!
Merry Christmas from HabboQuests!
Rare Enchanted Sword
Witches' Sabbath Bundle
Dark Forest Bundle
Green Rune Rock
The Last True Explorer
Make a wish!
I <3 HabboxWiki!
Rare Inuit Outfit
Earth Viking
Icy Pony
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Jellybean Jungle Bundle
Winter in Habbo Stonehenge Bundle
Last of the Wilds
Enchanted Moon
Purple Rune Rock
Let it snow!
Rare Dragonfly Wings
Blue Rune Rock
Mountain Dragon
Sue's Drag Competition 2020
Winter Castle Bundle
Rotund Yeti
Garden of Serenity
Magic Forest Bundle
Audemars bewitches you farewell!
HabboBites bids you a tasty goodbye!
Black Friday Offer
Rare White Parasol
BaW Food Fight! Happy Thanksgiving!
Police Force Bundle
Rare Ancient Oak Table
Sew much to do, sew little time.
You're the beary best!
Rare Cosy Hammock
HabboQuests was the imposter!
Feeling sus with HabboQuests
Sinister Shinobi
The Eight Trigrams
Avalanche of hugs!
Rare Bear Backpack
Santa’s come early...
Sleigh Bells
Plushies Everywhere!
Rare Winter Bear Accessories
Bonfire Night 2020!
BaW Asylum
BaW Asylum
I discovered spooky monsters with Fuusio!
Habbox Grand Designs
I entered The Twilight Dimension with HabboRPG!
I escaped the endless hallway with HabboBites!
I survived HabboQuests’ haunted shop!
Purranormal Activity
Happy Meowloween
Fuusio witch you a Fa-boo-lous Halloween!
Happy 7th Birthday HabboQuests!
I completed HabboQuests’ Birthday run!
Mystery Inc. with HabboQuests!
Hidden Treasure Bundle
Rare Housekeeper's Hourglass
I opened Pandora'x box!
Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle
Terror from the deepest seas
Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!
Played the name game with HabboBites!
Hellish Scarecrow
Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats
Infected Laboratory Bundle
Rare Melting Work of Art
Haunted Library Bundle
Witch, please...
Hell's Bells
All eyes on you!
Witch Academy Bundle
A divine mess-maker!
Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin
Rare Living Hair
Something lurks in the dark..
Creepy Living Room Bundle
Welcome to the Impossible House!
You defeated eHabbo!
Haunted Lobby Bundle
Rare Pumpkin Costume
Eerie Porch Bundle
Habbo Club veteran V
Thank GOURD you made it!
I be-leaf in you.
HC Member IV
For more floor score
Rare Vintage Armchair
Nice as pie XV
You are the light.
Defeated the Scourge of Habrule Castle!
Toured the HabboBites Campus!
Rare Autumnal Wishing Pond!
Collectible Cyberpunk Fins
Neo-Habbo Mega Collector
Amb rabbit tail - Sept 2020
HabboQuests Jurassic Habbo!
Collectible Cyberpunk Holo Lens
Autumn Days Bundle
Monster Plant Breeeder I
Monster Plant Shape Collector III
Rare VR Machine
Collectible Cyberpunk Gas Mask
Neo-lympics: Galaxy Gladiators Champion
Collectible Cyberpunk Sneakers
Undiscovered Planet Bundle
Alien Metropolis Bundle
Rare Cybernetic Faceplate
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle
Collectible Cyberpunk Striders
Thanks for masking
Neo-lympics: Space Soldiers Champion
Collectible Loc Buns
Command Centre
Engine Room
Space Laboratory
Sleeping Quarters
Rare Cyberpunk Robo-Wings
Neo-lympics: Rockin Robos Champion
Collectible Cyberpunk Battle Armour
Not in Kansas anymore
Wall me
Collectible Cyberpunk Visor
I am Malaysian
Malaysia's Ketupat Dishes
Back to School Bundle Part One
Back to School Bundle Part Two
Back to School Bundle Part Three
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
Amb Watermelon Juice - August 2020
The future of fansites starts with Fuusio.net
Happy birthday, HabboCreate!
Rare Vintage Sofa
National Dog Day with Satu and Cocoppa
Adopted a dog with Satu and Cocoppa
Warming the cockles of our hearts!
Sweet Home Bundle 1
Sweet Home Bundle 2
Sweet Home Bundle 3
Back to School with HabboQuests!
Relic Hunter V - Master Monument
Relic Hunter IV - Royal Protector
Came to dance!
Sunset Cafe Bundle
Rare Ballroom Candles
Rainy Day Bundle 2.0
I partied all night long!
The best gift is you!
Happy 14th Birthday HFFM!
Rare 20th Birthday Throne
Tick-Tock. Can you hear it?
One for the books
HxSS Team Hubs
Jamaica Day with kalesalad!
20th Birthday Bundle
Rare Solar Utopia Outfit
Harmony Garden Bundle
Heal the Planet
You are one in a chameleon.
As proud as a peacock.
Kawaii Punk Bundle
Gothic Dessert Cafe
Rare Gothic Fancy Dress
Rare Sleep Time
Chill Modern Bundle
Rare Street Royalty
Dark Elegant Bundle
King Shah Habbal's Palace
Looking for Princess Prisha
HabboBites.. You're one in a melon!
Rare Exotic Pillow Den
Relic Hunter I - Earth Pony
Relic Hunter II - Easter Goose
Relic Hunter III - Jade Guardian
Stay Home, Stay Safe!
A tail of two BRODENTS.
Into the sunset with HabboBites!
It's dangerous to go alone! So don't.
I always believed.
The final battle!
Authenticating... Shabeikah Slate confirmed.
Jahmud's hidden treasure
Ruby, the Royal Elephant
Gifted the groom with HabboQuests!
Had a feast with HabboCreate!
Gifted the bride with Habbox!
Nuttin like you
Sacred Lotus
Vibrant colors of India
Sultan's Palace Banquet Bundle
Put on mehndi with HabboRPG!
Said “I do” with HFFM!
Ditch the Label 2020
President Pulx’s VIP Award Ceremony
Fira Village Bundle
President Pulx’s Citizen Award
Rare Bengal Tiger
Indian Festival Parade Bundle
Luxury Cabin Bundle
Rare Fez Monkey Hat
Rani's Bedroom Bundle
Rare Intricate Jewel Braid
Sultan Palace View Bundle
Classic Tea Room Bundle
Rare Tiny Treehouse
Relaxation Bundle
Classic Hotel View Bundle
RARE Mountain Goat
HabboQuests Candy Land!
Went through Candy Land with HabboQuests!
Easter Treehouse Bundle
RARE Mystic Tree
OGreat Farm Bake Bundle
RARE Nature Cap
Easter Sweetness
Easter Gluttony
Fishing Day Bundle
You are one with nature.
HBC's a-maze-ing masquerade.
Hiking through the Alpine Heights
As High as Honour.
Ours is the fury.
RARE Hop Costume
Everything Darling, Everything!
Strike a pose! Transgender Day of Visibility
Camping Trip Bundle
V for Vendetta, in moussy & chronoski’s DZ!
Artist Studio Bundle
Celebrating 61 years of an icon with HabboQuests!
Supermarket Bundle
Classic Habburgers Bundle
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
I am the Princess!
Battle Ball Player XX
Contemporary Art Gallery Bundle
Freeze Player  XVII
Freeze Winner  XX
Player  XX
History Happened Here!
Snowball FIGHT Champion!
Closed on Wednesdays
Skate Board Jumper XV
Battle Banzai Star XX
Art Masterclass Bundle
Rare Regal Theatre Curtains
Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable
Innocence, dreams, hope and love
Nostalgic movies with HFFM!
Can you pass the popcorn please?
Habbox Tough Love
Rare Ornate Wardrobe
Canal-side Relaxation Bundle
Spread the love with HabboQuests!
Rare Floating Chair
Rare Macho Tattoo
Rare Bicolour Pigtails
Chocolatier Shop Bundle
Bazaar Market Bundle
Wild West Bar Bundle
USDF Army - This We'll Defend
USDF Air Force - Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win
USDF Navy - Semper Fortis!
USDF Marines - Semper Fi
Habbo Laundry Bundle
Happy Chinese New Year 2020!
I'm halfway through the Year of the Rat maze!
Dessert Cafe Bundle
Habbox Classic Games Weekend
RARE Kitty Headphones
Playground Games with HabboQuests!
Pastel Bundle
Celestial Bundle
There's more to life than scaring.
RARE Starry Night Backpack
Where they are just and loyal..
If you’ve a ready mind!
Greasy goodness at HabboBites 4th Birthday!
RARE Hallowed Ice Fountain
Greet me VII
There's snow-one like you!
Happy holidays, my deer-est.
Love at frost sight!
You set my heart on fire...
Had a magical Christmas with BaW.
Have a tree-mendous Christmas!
Victorian Street Bundle
Winter Palace Game IV
Winter Palace Game V
Winter Palace Game VI
Winter Palace Game VII
Habboxmas 2019!
Winter Palace Game VIII
Winter Palace Game IX
They open a door and enter a world...
It’s all Faun and Games over here!
Prepare for Battle!
I went to tea with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver!
The Great Lion
Found the ice witch!
RARE Forward Facing Spikes
Princess Bundle
You helped Santa prepare for Habboxmas
HabboQuests Snow Globe
Giving back at Christmas with HabboQuests!
Dark Forest Bundle
RARE Iridescent Ice Harp
Crafting items Collector
Oh Deer, another HFFM Christmas!
Merry Christmas from HFFM!
RARE Polar Braid
Winter Castle Bundle
Black Friday MEGA Deal
RARE Autumnal Headpiece
Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle
Winter Fashionista
Entered the Gates of Hell
RARE Maple Bonsai Tree
Star Gazer Bundle
My pets get all the love VII
HabboQuests Weekend
Pet lover VII
RARE Puppy Ears
Cosy Living Room Bundle
RARE Autumnal Dress
Log Cabin Bundle
Winter Looks Community Challenge - Leather hoodie
Habboween Deathrun 2019
Balancing the scale of life with RPG!
I’ll take what is mine with fire and blood
Witches' Coven Twitter Badge
I'm back to brew up some trouble!
Trick or treat, smell my feet
Battle of the Witches!
Welcome the the coven!
Voodoo Bundle
RARE Witch Familiar
Projecting yourself to hell with Habbox!
Teleporting away with HabboBites!
Happy 6th Birthday HabboQuests!
Look what you made me brew!
You saw da future wid BaW!
You saved Lunar Valley with BaW!
A new era with HabboQuests.co
RARE Warlock Locks
Ancient Jail Bundle
RARE Demon Lord Wings
Every witch needs a magic broom!
Evil Frank's Office Bundle
Solving the mystery of Habbox
RARE Weeping Willow
Potions Expert
A Walk in the Woods
Witches' Sabbath Bundle
I'm FALLin' for you!
I went absolutely batty with HFFM!
RARE Witch Hair
Ice Ice Baby XX
Witch Academy Bundle
Reducing our carbon footprint with HabboQuests!
RARE Buffy
Hold my wig, I'm bout to snap!
Pro Gamer Bundle
RARE Teddy Dressing Gown
You went shopping with HabboCreate!
You became your own stylist with HabboCreate!
Roller stroller V
Supermarket Bundle
You discovered dragon eggs with HabboRPG!
RARE Little Raccoon
A Rainy Day in Habbo
Rainy Day Bundle
RARE Impermeable Raincoat
Habbox Gone Wild
Discovered even stranger things with HFFM!
Back to School Bundle
Back to School Bundle 2
Back to School Bundle 3
Scoops Troop assemble!
Sunlight City Game 6
Sunlight City Game 3
National Dog Day with HabboQuests!
Parkland Food Market
RARE Sunlight City Biosphere
Singapore's 54th Independence Day
Make sure you don’t drink too much!
I participated in the Habboshire Festival!
Time flies with Habbox
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HabboQuests!
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HFFM!
RARE Feathered Cowl
HabboBites, you’re my sunflower.
Sunlight City Game 2
Canal-side Relaxation Bundle
Happy 13th Birthday from HFFM!
Sunlight City Game 1
RARE Aqua Crystal Fountain
Sunlight City Bundle
RARE Butterfly Dress
I'm a control freak!
HxSS: Ready Player One?
Classic Zen Garden Bundle
RARE Inflatable Pineapple
Master of the Inflatables
Swan Lake
Mermaid Lagoon Bundle
RARE Inflatable Peacock
Hiss hiss baby, snake me out.
RARE Inflatable Flamingo
Summer Camp with HabboQuests!
RARE Celestial Dress
Celestial Bundle
Habbo Pride Trivia
Summertime in Habbo!
I’m team Ditch the Label
You've got a friend in HFFM!
A Disney adventure with HFFM!
RARE Inflatable Rainbow
Happy Independence Day 2019, USA!
Habbox Sweet 16th Birthday
Rainbow Room Bundle
Grr, eh?
Canada Day 2019
RARE Gem-Studded Owl
VIP PASS June Live Event 2019
Collectible Skull 6
Skulls Mega Collector
Runway Bundle 1
Runway Bundle 2
Runway Bundle 3
Runway Bundle 4
Habbo Festival Battle Winner!
Got No Time to Wait
Left no stone unturned!
RARE Rainbow Shades
Friend of the monster plants
Monster plant destroyer
You helped serve justice with HabboRPG!
Summer Song Fever
Collectible Skull 5
Healthy Canteen Bundle
Collectible Skull 4
RARE Lady Gaia
Collectible Skull 3
Collectible Skull 2
Boho Street Market Bundle
Habboroo Festival Entrance
RARE Rainbow Curls
Collectible Skull 1
2019 Summer Deal
Music Da'Beach Bundle
RARE Ancient Greek Chariot
A sword fit for a God
You are worthy of the cloak of RPG!
Shield yourself with HabboQuests!
I found the helmet with HFFM!
Brace yourself for impact with Habbox
Break a leg for supper with HabboBites
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
RARE Pastel Rainbow Jumper
Red Beach Bundle
RARE Tragedy Mask
RARE Comic Mask
Pastel Bundle
Santorini Dock Bundle
Eurovision 2019 Community Challenge
Mental Health Awareness Week
Cast a spell with HabboQuests!
Went on a chilling adventure with HabboQuests!
RARE Senator's Bed
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for voting!
The Greek Ancient Party of 2019
Colossus of Rhodes Bundle
I did my waiting… 12 years of it
In Azkabobba!
I leveled up with HFFM!
I'm-a Luigi, number one!
RARE Minotaur Horns
RARE Luxury Tiled Bath
Greek Hot Springs Bundle
Checkpoint! Woohoo!
I'm sure the princess a-peach-iates you finding her!
RARE Medusa Hair
Wildflower Throne LTD
Habbshire Cat on Twitter
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 3
Habbelina - Chapter 3
Wonderland - Chapter 4
Snow White - Chapter 3
A watermelon. Thanks HabboBites...
RARE Fairytale Forest Swing
Snow White on Twitter
Habbelina's Forest Bundle
I discovered kelpies with HabboQuests!
I earned the respect of a Hippogriff with HabboRPG!
This Easter GFE is a hoot!
I discovered Fairies with HFFM!
I uncovered dragons with Habbox!
I helped the ents stop any intruding orcs with HabboCreate!
RARE Fairytale Forest Wreath
Habbelina - Chapter 2
Wonderland - Chapter 3
2019 Easter Egg (1/10)
2019 Easter Egg (2/10)
2019 Easter Egg (3/10)
2019 Easter Egg (4/10)
2019 Easter Egg (5/10)
2019 Easter Egg (6/10)
2019 Easter Egg (7/10)
2019 Easter Egg (8/10)
2019 Easter Egg (9/10)
2019 Easter Egg (10/10)
The enemy is real.
I like your Obbah Wobbah I
Habbelina on Twitter
Seven Dwarves Bundle
Snow White - Chapter 2
Dragon Master!
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 2
Wonderland - Chapter 2
Happy Easter from HFFM!
Snow White - Chapter 1
RARE Rainbow Forest Chicken
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 1
Beautiful horned horses with highly magical properties
Bonnie Red Riding Hood on Twitter
Habbelina - Chapter 1
Teatime in Wonderland Bundle
Cow Pet Owner
Wonderland - Chapter 1
I caught them all with Habbox!
Habbox... I Choose You!
RARE Enchanted Fox Outfit
Hatched 20 Fairytale Creatures
I like your leprechaun I
Pet shop keeper V
Leprechaun badge
April Fool's Day with HabboQuests!
Grandma's House Bundle
Starry eyed for a sticker well done
Rare Messy Bangs
Pop around the clock VI
Rare Rose Pink Parasol
Rare Rose Pink Smoke Machine
Bite me a story tonight.
Rare Rocker Boots
Karaoke Bar Bundle
Master of Magic
May this clover bring you good luck!
St Patrick's Day 2019 with Keegs:
If you can dream it, you can become it.
Rare Horned Cap
When in doubt, wear red!
Festival Bundle
Celebrating International Women's Day with Habbox
Rare Bonnie Blonde Mobile
Coffee and Pancakes? My favourite!
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
Celebrated World Compliment Day with HabboQuests!
Hand of Justice II
Stop bullying
Gardener of death I
Rare Two-Tone Curls
Monster Plant Color Collector I
RARE Puppy Present
All’s fairy in love and war with HabboRPG
Wedding Banquet Bundle
RARE Frilled Skirt
Habbobites is my hooman slave
RARE Romantic Record Player
That was an eggciting date!
I appeachiate you!
I helped mend broken hearts with HBC!
Camera Pro V
Wedding Ceremony Bundle
RARE Romantic Waistcoat
Looking for Mr. or Mrs. right
For completing a successful date
For dissing your date
RARE Romantic Sofa
SID 2019 Safety Quiz
Feeling the love with HFFM!
Village Fair Bundle
RARE Romantic Curly Hair
Together for a better internet
Chinese New Year 2019 with HabboQuests!
RARE Romantic Bathtub
You made internet a better place
Romantic MEGA Deal
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
ª Bobba ª With Habbox
ƒ Love ƒ From Habbox
Romantic Restaurant Bundle
RARE Romantic Messy Bun
Superhero Smuggler's Bundle
Australia Day 2019
Rattlesnake River Town
Desert Oasis Bundle
Creepy Dressing Room Bundle
Smuggler's Hideout Bundle
That popcorn butter be crispy HabboBites!
Big Habbo General Hospital
Twisted Castle Bundle
Chaos is a ladder.
I can see you!
Too Quick!
Vikings Fleet Bundle
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
It must be written in the stars.
Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
Day of the Dead Bundle
RARE Long Wavy Locks
Elf Hangout Bundle
Happy New Year from HFFM!
Forgotten Attic Bundle
Christmas feasting with HabboBites!
Secret Badge 06/10 - La Bayadère
Winter Festival 03/05
Christmas Deers 03/05
Matryoshka´s 05/05
Matryoshka´s Golden badge
Christmas Socks Golden badge
Season for gifting with HFFM!
Common Room Bundle
Online time XX
RARE Feathered Crown
Have a nut-cracking Christmas!
Cat breeder I
Santa's Office Bundle
RARE Imperial Dancer's Dress
I saved Santa with HFFM!
I made it back in time for the Queens Speech with Habbox!
Secret Badge 03/10 - The Sleeping Beauty
Secret Badge 04/10 - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Christmas Theatre 01/05
Christmas Socks 01/05
Matryoshka´s 02/05
Christmas Deers 02/05
Christmas Socks 02/05
Winter City Playground Bundle
RARE Snowy Owl
Advanced crafting
Winter City Christmas X
Resident XIII - Sensational
Theatre Golden badge
Winter Festival 01/05
Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle
Visited Santa's Grotto 2018
Christmas on .com with kalesalad!
Secret Badge 02/10 - Don Quixote
Matryoshka´s 01/05
Christmas Deers 01/05
Secret Badge 01/10 - Cinderella
RARE Nordic Antlers
Brrrr, you helped keep the fox warm!
I kept the lights down low for the fox with Habbox
Not a single free room at HabboCreate’s hotel!
eace, love and sleep with HFFM!
Safe and sound with HabboQuests!
Sleeping with eyes open with HabboBites.
Victorian Street Bundle
Your Roleplay adventure begins!
Fireside Chalet Bundle
Adopted a habbo with HabboQuests!
RARE Logger's Dungarees
I travelled through time with HFFM!
I helped frank escape from death row (again) with Habbox!
Horse jumping level IV
Danish Forest Bundle
RARE Dozing Fox
Buenos nachos with HabboBites!
Helping hand VII
Hygge House Bundle
Where we dropping Habbos?
Tier up with Pine!
RARE Nordic Fringe Hairstyle
Ghost Escape - Habboween 2018
I conquered the Haunted House!
I got spooked by the Haunted House!
Salem LTD
Overpatch X
RARE Antique Chemistry Set
Saved Snow and Rose with HabboQuests
Helped the prince climb Rapunzel’s hair with HabboRPG!
Saved Little Red Cap with HFFM!
Turned the Evil Queen to dust HabboBites
Survived the horrors of the gingerbread house with HabboCreate!
Escaped the ugly stepsisters with Habbox
Habboween 2018 with HabboQuests!
HabboQuests 5th Birthday!
Haunted Hotel Room Bundle
Habbocalypse Bundle
RARE Vampire Grimace
Shady Government Agencies - Hween 2018
A Special Formula - Hween 2018
Cave Entrance Bundle
ere I lay cursed with HabboBites.
Lost my soul in the Cursed Lands with HabboBites.
You Oogie Boogie’d the night away with HabboCreate!
Reviving Bellarose - Hween 2018
80s Living Room Bundle
RARE Cyber the Cyborg Dog
Saved from a Certain Death - Hween 2018
I've made it through the Haunted House!
Happy Halloween!
Creepin' it real with HFFM!
I feel empty inside
Murderous Toys - Hween 2018
Aid me with a pumpkin patch
Testing Facility Bundle
Habboween Sleepover - Hween 2018
RARE Axe to the Head
100 % Respected Habbo X
Infected Laboratory Bundle
uoy dekoops xobbah
Habbox Spooked You
Classic Library Bundle
8x8 Room Competition Winner
Renty's Awarded Trophy
e searched th' caves 'n found HabboCreate's booty!
I endured kovsky.'s Autumn Run!
Ace'd Renty's & Bailed Maze
Classic HC Club Bundle
I'm a HabboBites survivor!
RARE Zen Garden Fountain
I found the treasure with HFFM!
...& Always!
Zen Garden Bundle
Robbed a bank with HabboQuests!
RARE Long Wavy Locks
Classic Hotel View Bundle
Happy Malaysia Day 2018
Malaysia's National Flower
The Iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia!
I entered the Pyramid of Doom with HabboCreate!
Happy 2nd Birthday, HabboCreate!
I'd stack that ;)
RARE Koi Carp Kites
Food Market Bundle
Sushi date with HabboQuests!
HabboBites de oishi ryoko!
I visited Japan with HFFM!
Reach the mountains with Habbox!
I discovered my zen with HabboCreate!
Tokyo Arcade- 3 plushies on a row
Ramenlicious vacation with HabboBites!
Tokyo Arcade - Ducker
Japanese House Bundle
Throwback to the 90’s with HabboQuests!
Tokyo Arcade - Plushy shooter
RARE Ancient Maple Tree
Tokyo Arcade - HBert
Tokyo Arcade - Where are the plushies?
I found the fantastic creatures with Habbox!
Singapore 53rd Independence Day
Happy 12th Birthday HFFM!
Tokyo Arcade Bundle
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Celebrating 12 years of HFFM!
Tokyo Arcade - Habbo-Man
RARE Kitty Backpack
Tokyo Street Market Bundle
I bought my first house with HabboQuests
Ink’d with Habbox
Put a ring on it with HabboBites!
I voted with HFFM!
Bobba juice: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.
WaltzMatilda thinks you're fedorable!
Happy birthday, WaltzMatilda!
Stickie Scribe Level V
Uruguayan Football shirt
Ice Cream Day with HFFM!
Happy Summer!
Spanish Football shirt
Worldcup 2018 Football shirt
You made it out alive this Friday the 13th with HBC!
You were Jason’s next victim!
Furni Collector XX
Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
Spanish Football Shorts
Brazilian Football shirt
Habbo 18 - Pixels & Duckets
Habbo 18 - Snowstorm
Habbo 18 - Habbo Camera
Habbo 18 - Great Builders
Habbo 18 - Maze in the sky
Habbo 18 - Wired Creations
Habbo 18 - Habbo App
Habbo 18 - Frank & Bonnie
It's a beary nice day for a picnic with HabboBites!
GermanFootball Shorts
Brazilian Football Shorts
Senegalese Football shirt
Tunesian Football shirt
Became a pro gamer with HabboQuests!
Peacock Collector
Exotic Birds Mega Collector
Quetzal Collector
RARE Wavy Locks
Tunisian Football Shorts
Room Filter
Crane Collector
Senegalese Football Shorts
Cardinal Collector
I <3 USA! Independence Day 2018
The founding feathers
Spoonbill Collector
Happy 15th birthday Habbox!
Saudi Arabian Football shirt
Puffin Collector
Star Gazer Bundle
Saudi Arabian Football Shorts
Peruvian Football Shorts
English Football shirt
Belgium Football shirt
Colombian Football Shorts
English Football Shorts
HabboQuests 2018 LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze Winner
Celebrated Pride with HabboQuests!
Uruguayan Football Shorts
Belgium Football Shorts
Treasure Cave Bundle
Mexican Football Shorts
French Football Shorts
Costa Rican Football Shirt
Austrian Football shirt
Swedish Football shirt
Swedish Football Shorts
RARE Diver Helmet
Fall prey to Sirens with HabboCreate!
The Conch has spoken with HFFM!
Release the Kraken!
Discovering Mermaids with HabboQuests!
Defeated the invaders with Habbox!
Austrian Football Shorts
Portuguese Football Shirt
Costa Rican Football Shorts
Moroccan Football Shirt
Portuguese Football Shorts
Darling, it's better down where it's wetter.
Moroccan Football Shorts
Sunken Ship Bundle
Donnie Santini the Explorer
Coral Kingdom - Mermaid Lagoon
Sea Treasure 10/10
South Korean Football Shorts
Swiss Football Shirt
Panamanian Football Shirt
Australian Football Shorts
RARE Rideable Sea Turtle
Coral Kingdom - Jellyfish Forest
Coral Kingdom - Ocean Volunteer
Sea Treasure 8/10
Sea Treasure 9/10
International Picnic Day with HFFM!
Panamanian Football Shorts
Oh boy HabboBites sure gamed me!
My summer is a strugglin' run with HabboBites.
Board Games Club - Hungry Hungry Hippos
Russian Football Shorts
Russian Football Shirt
Swiss Football Shorts
Coral Kingdom - Ocean Map Discovery
Coral Kingdom - Toxic Coral Garden
Sea Treasure 7/10
Sea Treasure 6/10
Coral Kingdom - Octopus Fight
Coral Kingdom - Royal Seahorse Exam
Sea Treasure 5/10
Mermaid Lagoon Bundle
Socializer XIII
Underwater House Bundle
Coral Kingdom - Snorkeling Trip
Coral Kingdom - Turtle Race
Coral Kingdom -Cave Diving
Sea Treasure 2/10
Sea Treasure 3/10
Sea Treasure 4/10
Celebrating Friendship Day with HabboQuests!
Sea Treasure 1/10
If you can't be the prom queen, at least be the dancing queen.
I cast a spell on you with Habbox!
Guide Kudos V
Modern Studio Bundle
Power your heart with HabboQuests
Lightning Games with Habbox
HabboCreate beleafs in you.
Water skills that’d rival Katara with HFFM
Keep calm and blame it on the lag.
Skull Wrecker with HabboBites
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
Took a trip on Endangered Species Day with HabboBites.
Breakfast of Champions Bundle
Blades of Glory XVIII
RARE Ball-Jointed Doll
HabboCreate opened your imagination to a world of magic!
Pro Gamer Bundle
I attended the royal wedding with Habbox!
Habbovision winner 2018
RARE Deluxe Vaccum Cleaner
I travelled around the world with HFFM!
Habbo Laundry Bundle
I went treasure hunting with HabboQuests!
Piñata whacker III
You completed the tour of Habbo Studios!
RARE Catcopter
You're right, Mary Clarence. To err is human, to forgive divine.
You helped Courage save Muriel with HabboCreate!
Fairly Odd HabboQuests
It's a jolly holiday with Mary.
I went jellyfish catching with Habbox!
Tommy took a bite out of Reptar with Habbobites?
I had a Smashing good time with HFFM!
Trade that typical for something colourful.
Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile.
Police Force Bundle
Oh land of bloom X
Lord of the tiles IX
Easter Chef VII
Football Goal Scorer V
On duty IX
Horticulturist Level 10
Monster Plant Tender III
Music collector IV
Swamped by stickies IV
They're eating all my credits! VI
My pets know some tricks V
Hi, roller X
Room Builder XX
My hole room X
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Miracle of ice X
Vicious Viking X
Fusion Fashionista V
King of the hill V
Taylor Series X
Habbaddin and the Wonderlamp
Sultan Arif, the Duck and the Magic Carpet
Ali Habbah and the 40, Wait... 8 Bots
The Grand Bazaar of Al Habbah
Habib the Sailor
World Kindness Day 2013
Step right up! You played MOD-Cle0's Hook-a-Duck!
HFFMs Spring Carnival!
Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house - Trick or Treat!
Exploring stories with FlyHabbo!
Chicken Coop Bundle
RARE Bonzai Fountain
Easter Rescue - Cows
Easter Rescue - Bunnys
Easter Rescue - Chicks
Easter Rescue - Pigeons
Easter Rescue - Obbah wobbahs
Easter Rescue - Gnomes & Leprechauns
2018 Easter Egg (2/10)
2018 Easter Egg (3/10)
2018 Easter Egg (4/10)
2018 Easter Egg (5/10)
2018 Easter Egg (6/10)
2018 Easter Egg (7/10)
2018 Easter Egg (9/10)
2018 Easter Egg (10/10)
Bunny Temple 2018
Director for a Day
Argh! The Bats!
Creepin' it real.
Honey, Honey, how he thrills me! Ah ha!
Back to the movies with Habbox!
Quackin' catch!
Voulez-vous jouer Habbo avec moi? (ce soir?)
Relive your childhood with HabboQuests!
I scream for Ice Cream
BaW Bazaar Bonanza
Pastry Baker
Chocolate Tart Baker
Feeding the goats with HFFM!
Can I tempt you? No thanks. I'm good.
I hope all was well on your tour of the hotel.
People love what other people are passionate about.
Wild West Bar Bundle
HabboCreate: Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
Flew the coop with Habbobites
Take a photo, it will last longer
Pixel-lived the story of the Baudelaires, with Habbobites.
Secret Badge 3/12 - Poseidon
Secret Badge 4/12 - Demeter
Santorini Game 1
You won the top prize in MOD-Cle0's carnival game!
Having a Quacking Time with MOD-Cle0!
You joined MOD-Cle0's crew!
MOD-Cle0's Paradise Palace
MOD-Cle0 is the only true Unicorn
Turf War
This kid ain't squiddin around
You can't skel-run from my skele-puns.
Gold Ducky
Gold Egg - I rescued Easter!
Bronze Easter Pass
Golden Easter Pass
Silver Easter Pass
Lightning Bolt Easter Egg
Board Games Club - Croc Dentist Certified!
Pot that gold with HabboBites
Going quackers with HabboQuests
Saving the egg with FlyHabbo!
Went the whole hog with HabboCreate!
I repaired the robot in time for Habbox’s Science Fair!
100 level maze
Xmas Meal - Santa Claus
Xmas Meal - Mrs. Claus
Secret Badge 1/11 - Peter & Martha Cratchit
Happy Malaysia Day 2017
Demons are a ghoul's best friend!
Howdy Rowdy
Celebrating Easter with Habbox!
For saving the Easter pets in 2018
Easter Egg Hunt 2018
BaW Summer Seaside Event 2017
The Black Hole Revisited
Princess Alya
I reached the Easter Bunnies mountain
Tricked for a Treat
2018 Easter Egg (8/10)
Let's get this party startled!
Are you toucan to me?
2018 Easter Egg (1/10)
Secret Badge 6/11 - Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Room raider XX
Hairaru's glasses
Chat Flood Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Event Promoter
Door mode
HiPad Early Adopter
True Helper XX
Password Champion
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Habbo citizen
Eggcracker II
True You I
Firestarter I
Gran Turismo
Give Feedback II
Shed the light
Get Help II
Tour Guide VI
Get a Tour III
Level I Habbo Way
In The Footsteps Of The Ancients Quester VI
Happy Hour I
Level X equestrian
100 % True Habbo XX
Level I Safety tips
Skateboard slider XVI
Shell Collector II
Trading pass I
Dragon Quester
Surprise Badge
Furni-Matic Futurist
Fansite Frenzy Event winner
Supreme Gamester
Level 1 Picnic Badge
Shark Fin Badge
Snowy Drift Badge
Kickwars Galactica!
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo UK
Patrol General
The Habbo Patrol
Merchant Certificate
Victor Vangoof
Carl Waddlesworth III
Lennard David
A.P. Plumage
Yohand Comeere
Irish Pub Race winner
Habbox Maze Winner
Habbo Patrol Maze Winner
Puhekupla Event winner
Puhekupla Fan
Habbosphere Lucky Roulette winner
Habbosphere Maze winner
HFFM Mammoth Maze
HFFM Carnival
Xmas Tree
Ancient Map Part I
Gimme gimme XIII
Gimme gimme XII
Gimme gimme XI
Gimme gimme X
Habbo Club member I
Room Host XV

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19 December 2019
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kalesalad kalesalad
15 December 2019
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Gloss Gloss
13 December 2019
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Scripted Scripted
12 December 2019
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Sparkle Sparkle
28 November 2019
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Moonwalk Moonwalk
26 November 2019
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Deport Deport
19 November 2019
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Fast Fast
13 November 2019
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Music Music
9 November 2019
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Cacio Cacio
27 October 2019
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Bjornn4 Bjornn4
29 September 2019
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.cxt .cxt
27 September 2019
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Markos Markos
5 August 2019
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sacramento, sacramento,
14 July 2019
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Loses Loses
11 July 2019
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tf tf
23 May 2019
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Respect Respect
13 May 2019
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Euro Euro
11 April 2019
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throwyou throwyou
31 March 2019
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Babycakes Babycakes
13 March 2019
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Satu Satu
13 March 2019
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Zupy Zupy
12 March 2019
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Taiwanasian Taiwanasian
12 March 2019
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Hoohaw Hoohaw
4 March 2019
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hekoff hekoff
3 March 2019
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@MoustacheBoy. @MoustacheBoy.
25 February 2019
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22 February 2019
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barnyard barnyard
22 February 2019
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Sammzi Sammzi
21 February 2019
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okdc okdc
21 February 2019
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CurrencyQueen CurrencyQueen
1 February 2019
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RinRiny RinRiny
15 January 2019
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kirryy kirryy
13 January 2019
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? pkdiz

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