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Lord Pixel

Lord Pixel

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Badges (90)

Lord Pixel
Online time XIV
Room Filter
Theory test
Habbo Car Navigator
Car Receipt
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Come Fly with Me
Phew! Time to fly.
Oh won't it be fun!
Fin/No Fin
Looks that Kill I
Fast Food Regular I
Fast Food Rocketeer III
Fast Food Winner I
Habbo Club veteran III
Battle Ball Player VII
Battle Banzai Adept
Lord of the tiles VIII
Battle Banzai Star VIII
Habbo citizen
True You I
Firestarter VII
Freeze Beginner III
Socializer IV
Player VI
Greet me I
Gran Turismo
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Resident III - Returner
Habbo-lympix V
Master of Words I
They're eating all my credits! V
My pets know some tricks V
I'll soon have a kennel III
Pet lover VII
My pets get all the love VI
Piñata whacker I
100 % True Habbo XX
30% Respected Habbo III
Nice as pie! V
Builders' Club Designer VI
Room Builder IX
Furni Collector VII
Room Host VII
Room raider VIII
Level I Safety tips
Door mode
Disable Room Blocking
Shell Collector II
Ice Ice Baby V
Tetrablok Master III
Tetrablok Strategist II
Tetrablok Veteran III
Trading pass I
HC Member I
Snowflake collector I
Android Room
Sunscreen Level 2
Sunscreen Level 3
Manic Pixie Bunny
Chef Boyardee
Habbo Tardis
Special H Forces Team
Earth Hour Candle
Emerald Jewel
Sapphire Jewel
Habbo Club membership III
Kappa Habbo Gamma
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo Canada
Habbo House Party 2016 Bundle
HiPad One Month-iversary
Xmas Mr. Sinister Badge
Habboween 2006
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!
Xmas 2006
Burning Earth

Friends (60)

Hammerd88 Hammerd88
18 October 2021
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Phantompyro Phantompyro
9 September 2021
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ThePope! ThePope!
7 August 2021
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Zotty& Zotty&
23 May 2021
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abrooke abrooke
21 January 2021
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xo.Julie.ox xo.Julie.ox
19 December 2020
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tanzer tanzer
12 December 2020
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Vancouver Vancouver
10 June 2020
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KlipArt KlipArt
7 June 2020
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grimguy grimguy
11 May 2020
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MelonShave MelonShave
28 April 2020
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qoq qoq
15 April 2020
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Blazon Blazon
30 November 2019
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Kamikaze Kamikaze
18 November 2019
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uberkada uberkada
21 June 2019
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Himalayas, Himalayas,
20 June 2019
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Yubda Yubda
17 June 2019
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BadGirlwiwi BadGirlwiwi
5 June 2019
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Dave& Dave&
4 April 2019
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tomas999 tomas999
11 March 2019
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Specification. Specification.
14 February 2019
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Twining Twining
25 January 2019
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sweetums-xx sweetums-xx
15 January 2019
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!x!Gurk!x! !x!Gurk!x!
6 January 2019
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Jamoula Jamoula
6 January 2019
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knigh22 knigh22
11 December 2018
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!nfo !nfo
4 December 2018
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Slash86 Slash86
10 November 2018
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rambamsam rambamsam
31 October 2018
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MoonBlood MoonBlood
21 October 2018
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ronmelito ronmelito
20 October 2018
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Bubsie Bubsie
3 October 2018
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Vixen18 Vixen18
24 September 2018
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urbanlegend urbanlegend
22 September 2018
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tembach tembach
11 September 2018
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Flattery Flattery
26 August 2018
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Cookie-Monster1436 Cookie-Monster…
13 August 2018
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eds.90 eds.90
11 August 2018
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Tamsyn Tamsyn
15 July 2018
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Konvictt Konvictt
30 June 2018
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WWETakerGirl WWETakerGirl
25 June 2018
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Chris.B. Chris.B.
1 June 2018
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GoldEyez GoldEyez
27 May 2018
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Timo Timo
21 May 2018
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Homeric Homeric
17 May 2018
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tahshawn tahshawn
15 May 2018
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hairsy hairsy
7 May 2018
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Corey Corey
23 April 2018
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ammardin ammardin
15 April 2018
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FriskyHippo FriskyHippo
5 April 2018
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Young-Jizzle Young-Jizzle
3 April 2018
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OzNova OzNova
21 March 2018
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Googlemere Googlemere
14 March 2018
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Angusyoungg Angusyoungg
2 March 2018
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aaronaaron aaronaaron
27 February 2018
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leya leya
20 February 2018
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Gohon Gohon
19 February 2018
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Emeraldpanther Emeraldpanther
18 February 2018
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