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Achievements top 250: # 60 (1266)
Badge top 250: # 16 (2862)
Unique badge top 50: # 4 (158)
Star Gems top 250: # 932 (4000)

Badges (2862)

Gimme gimme XV new
Rare Lovely Little Teapot
Teatime in Wonderland Bundle
Tables Offer 2
Rare Black Powered Fan
Cozy Garden Bundle
Star and away
HabboX Space Launch
Rare Fairy Mirror!
Tables Offer 1
Classic Library Bundle
Star Gazer Bundle
[BaW] SteamLand Revolt
[BaW] SteamLand Rebellion
Rare Fairy Locks
Poppin' with Ligep!
Rare Free Crown
Rare Glittering Fairy Wings
Malaysia's Orchid Flower
Time is like gold, so use it wisely
Rare Miami Motorbike
Plants Offer 5
Fought my way out of this hell.
Rare Retro Jukebox
Time's Up!
Welcome to Miami!
Underground Casino
Where's Mike?
Habbo PD
Caught on Camera
Rare Retro Rollerskates
Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
Rare Vintage Polaroid Camera
Vaporwave Street Bundle
Rare Classy Rose Bench
Red Beach Bundle
Rare Waterfall Wall
RARE Kimono by -Push,
[BaW] Explorer
Love Stronger - Happy Pride Festival!
Eurocup 2020 Final
Rare Holographic Suit Jacket
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 - Match 07-07
Exposed's Stunt Show 2021!
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 06-07
Happy 4th of July!
The Habbox Grand Ballroom
Rare Teased Hair
This is how it works
Lucrative design I
Serenity Health Spa Bundle
Made in Habbo I
Rare Sacred Lagoon Tree
Full Moon Party!
Rare Aranya the Elephant
Fishing Day Bundle
Habbo Hotel Gallery VIII
Rare Endangered Pangolin
Happy Pride Month! |
RARE Muay Thai Outfit
Summer 2021 Offer
Star gem provider XV
Endless road VIII
Rare Cabinet of Curiosities
Creepy Dressing Room Bundle
Frontier Train Bundle
Rare Silverback Gorilla
Knife to meet you.
Forgotten Attic Bundle
You're Bee-autiful!
Habbo's True Detective
Rare Spidery Waves
Eid-un Sa'Eid
Sighting of the Crescent Moon
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
Puppy's Habitat Bundle
Piglet's Habitat Bundle
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
Zen Garden Bundle
I celebrated Mother's Day with twinnie and Air!
With love from twinnie and Air
Rare Consulting Detective Outfit
Victorian Crime Scene Bundle
Snow fight and the seen targets II
Hardly the target I
Snowhow I
SnowStorm relaunch 2021
Art Deco Bundle
Rare Gigantic Egg Basket
Rare Frog Hat
Log Cabin Bundle
Strike a Pose!
Classic HC Club Bundle
I aced Bonnie's test!
Rare Cosmic Dress
VIP Secret Catwalk Bundle
Runway Photocall Bundle
Runway Catwalk Bundle
Runway Backstage Bundle
Runway VIP Party Bundle
Rare Pastel Dragon
You win or you die
Fire and Blood
RARE Spring Blossom Tree
Collectible Organic Strawberry Mat
Organic Fruit Mega Collector
Farmer's Kitchen Bundle
Collectible Organic Watermelon Table
Blossoming with HabboQuests
RARE Aussie Shepherd
Collectible Organic Kiwi Clock
You’re my pot of gold
Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Collectible Organic Pea Pod Bed
RARE Brown Dragon gift badge
I bloom just for you.
RARE Face Framing Hair
Collectible Organic Cherry Lamp
Healthy Canteen Bundle
Collectible Organic Avacado Wardrobe
Habbo's European Tour - First stop, Holland!
Habbo's European Tour - Visited London's Big Ben
Habbo's European Tour - Won a gold medal in Berlin!
Dessert Cafe Bundle
RARE Meow Backpack
Collectible Organic Citrus Sofa
The Islander
Mice on board!
Breakfast of Champions Bundle
Collectible Organic Banana Chair
Supermarket Bundle
RARE Chilly Bunny
Sunlight City Bundle
Black History Month
RARE Ornate Wire Grandfather Clock
Celestial Bundle
Hare for You ƒ
~Floating on Love~
Classic Star Lounge Bundle
Skateboard slider XX
Furni Collector XX
You make me blossom!
You make my Daisy!
RARE Spring Fever Waves
Blue Elegant Bundle
Together for a better internet - SID 2021
Habbo's Terms and Conditions Expert! - SID 2021
Pastel Bundle
Socializer XV
Treasure map
RARE Romantic Corset
Princess Bundle
Valentines 2021 TKO
Romantic Florist Bundle
RARE Wisteria Arch
Chocolatier Shop Bundle
Unicorn Puppy LTD
Nimbus 2000
I caught the snitch!
Artist Studio Bundle
RARE Vintage Coffee Siphon
Skate Board Jumper XX
Harmony Garden Bundle
Going somewhere? VII
Sunset Cafe Bundle
Piece of peace
Who am I?
HabboQuests wishes you a (missing text)
Boing boing VI
RARE Royal Bear
I aced the Safety Quiz!
Dark Elegant Bundle
Chill Modern Bundle
Have a Flashy New Year!
Habbo Club member V
RARE Sunrise Cloud Hat
Travelling salesman V
Never too octopied for you.
We wanted a pink bow, not a pink boa!
Messy Room Bundle
Roller stroller XX
Hi, roller X
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
Puppy's Habitat Bundle
Piglet's Habitat Bundle
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
Star gem collector X
Rare Elven Ice Fountain
Friendly one
Home sweet home
Move that furni
Noob curiosity
Builders' Club Member VIII
Goes Around Comes Around II
Room raider junior
Level jumping
Nice to meet
I'm walking here!
Me, myself and I
Hello room
Rare Regal Theatre Curtains
Rare Winter Bear Accessories
Rare Bear Backpack
Black Friday Offer
Rare White Parasol
Happy Independence Day 2019, USA!
RARE Impermeable Raincoat
RARE Little Raccoon
RARE Teddy Dressing Gown
RARE Autumnal Dress
RARE Autumnal Headpiece
RARE Puppy Ears
Winter Looks Community Challenge - Leather hoodie
Winter Fashionista
Rare Cyberpunk Robo-Wings
Rare Cybernetic Faceplate
Rare VR Machine
Rare Autumnal Wishing Pond!
Collectible Cyberpunk Gas Mask
Collectible Cyberpunk Striders
Collectible Cyberpunk Fins
Collectible Cyberpunk Battle Armour
Rare Vintage Armchair
Rare Living Hair
Rare Pumpkin Costume
Rare Melting Work of Art
Rare Housekeeper's Hourglass
20th Birthday Bundle
Sunset Cafe Bundle
Rare Gothic Fancy Dress
Rare Neon Punk
Rare Sleep Time
Rare 20th Birthday Throne
Rare Ballroom Candles
Rare Solar Utopia Outfit
Rare Intricate Jewel Braid
Rare Bengal Tiger
Rare Exotic Pillow Den
RARE Gem-Studded Owl
Collectible Skull 6
RARE Inflatable Rainbow
RARE Inflatable Flamingo
RARE Inflatable Peacock
RARE Inflatable Pineapple
Celestial Bundle
RARE Celestial Dress
Habbo Pride Trivia
RARE Sunlight City Biosphere
Rare Royal Corgi
Rare Marimo Aquarium
Rare Tiny Treehouse
Grr, eh?
Ditch the Label 2020
DTL: The Golden Vault
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Rare Macho Tattoo
Rare Bicolour Pigtails
Rare Ornate Wardrobe
Witch Academy Bundle
Witches' Sabbath Bundle
RARE Weeping Willow
RARE Iridescent Ice Harp
RARE Forward Facing Spikes
RARE Hallowed Ice Fountain
Rare Dragonfly Wings
Rare Inuit Outfit
Rare Enchanted Sword
Rare Vintage Sofa
Dark Elegant Bundle
Rare Street Royalty
Rare Fez Monkey Hat
RARE Mountain Goat
RARE Nature Cap
RARE Mystic Tree
RARE Hop Costume
Art Masterclass Bundle
RARE Kitty Headphones
RARE Starry Night Backpack
Black Friday MEGA Deal
RARE Polar Braid
Star Gazer Bundle
RARE Maple Bonsai Tree
RARE Witch Hair
RARE Demon Lord Wings
RARE Warlock Locks
RARE Witch Familiar
Witches' Coven Twitter Badge
RARE Buffy
Supermarket Bundle
RARE Feathered Cowl
RARE Aqua Crystal Fountain
RARE Butterfly Dress
Master of the Inflatables
Skulls Mega Collector
VIP PASS June Live Event 2019
Runway Bundle 1
Runway Bundle 2
Runway Bundle 3
Runway Bundle 4
Rock in Habbo
RARE Rainbow Shades
Collectible Skull 5
Summer Song Fever
Collectible Skull 4
RARE Lady Gaia
Collectible Skull 3
Collectible Skull 2
RARE Rainbow Curls
Collectible Skull 1
RARE Ancient Greek Chariot
RARE Tragedy Mask
RARE Comic Mask
RARE Senator's Bed
Thanks for voting!
RARE Minotaur Horns
RARE Medusa Hair
RARE Fairytale Forest Swing
RARE Fairytale Forest Wreath
RARE Rainbow Forest Chicken
RARE Enchanted Fox Outfit
Rare Rose Pink Parasol
Rare Rose Pink Smoke Machine
Rare Bonnie Blonde Mobile
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
Rare Two-Tone Curls
RARE Frilled Skirt
RARE Romantic Waistcoat
Looking for a new friend
RARE Romantic Curly Hair
RARE Romantic Messy Bun
RARE Long Wavy Locks
Forgotten Attic Bundle
RARE Illuminated Winter Fountain
RARE Feathered Crown
RARE Imperial Dancer's Dress
RARE Snowy Owl
Winter City Christmas III
Secret Badge 02/10 - Don Quixote
Christmas Deers 01/05
Winter Festival 01/05
Theatre Golden badge
RARE Nordic Antlers
Habboween Quiz 2018
Secret Badge 01/10 - Cinderella
RARE Logger's Dungarees
RARE Dozing Fox
RARE Nordic Fringe Hairstyle
Haunted Hotel Room Bundle
RARE Antique Chemistry Set
RARE Vampire Grimace
RARE Cyber the Cyborg Dog
RARE Axe to the Head
Infected Laboratory Bundle
Biohazard Blocker II
Classic HC Club Bundle
RARE Zen Garden Fountain
Zen Garden Bundle
RARE Long Wavy Locks
Classic Hotel View Bundle
RARE Koi Carp Kites
RARE Kitsune Mask
RARE Ancient Maple Tree
RARE Kitty Backpack
Tokyo Street Market Bundle
Rare Habbo 18 Throne
WaltzMatilda thinks you're fedorable!
Happy birthday, WaltzMatilda!
RARE Frohawk
Uruguayan Football shirt
Beach Pack One
Beach Pack Two
Spanish Football shirt
Worldcup 2018 Football shirt
Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
Spanish Football Shorts
GermanFootball Shorts
Palooza Pack One
Palooza Pack Two
Brazilian Football Shorts
I <3 Habbox!
Senegalese Football shirt
Tunesian Football shirt
Peacock Collector
Exotic Birds Mega Collector
RARE Wavy Locks
Tunisian Football Shorts
Crane Collector
Quetzal Collector
Senegalese Football Shorts
Cardinal Collector
Star Gazer Bundle
Saudi Arabian Football shirt
Peruvian Football shirt
Spoonbill Collector
Puffin Collector
Peruvian Football Shorts
Saudi Arabian Football Shorts
Belgium Football shirt
English Football shirt
Colombian Football shirt
Colombian Football Shorts
RARE Vanity Mirror
English Football Shorts
Uruguayan Football Shorts
French Football shirt
Treasure Cave Bundle
Belgium Football Shorts
Mexican Football Shorts
French Football Shorts
Costa Rican Football Shirt
Austrian Football shirt
Swedish Football shirt
Swedish Football Shorts
RARE Diver Helmet
Coral Kingdom - Jellyfish Forest
Sea Treasure 7/10
Sea Treasure 8/10
Sea Treasure 9/10
Sea Treasure 10/10
Austrian Football Shorts
Portuguese Football Shirt
Costa Rican Football Shorts
Moroccan Football Shirt
Portuguese Football Shorts
Moroccan Football Shorts
Donnie Santini the Explorer
South Korean Football Shorts
Swiss Football Shirt
Panamanian Football Shirt
Australian Football Shorts
RARE Rideable Sea Turtle
Russian Football Shorts
Swiss Football Shorts
Panamanian Football Shorts
Russian Football Shirt
Sea Treasure 6/10
Sea Treasure 5/10
RARE Seahorse Mask
Coral Kingdom - Snorkeling Trip
Coral Kingdom -Cave Diving
Sea Treasure 1/10
Sea Treasure 2/10
Sea Treasure 3/10
Sea Treasure 4/10
If you can't be the prom queen, at least be the dancing queen.
RARE Ball-Jointed Doll
RARE Deluxe Vaccum Cleaner
RARE Catcopter
Police Force Bundle
RARE Director's Buggy
RARE Mobile Film Camera
I hope all was well on your tour of the hotel.
I like your gnome V
RARE Film Star's Trailer
Golden Easter Pass
Wild West Bar Bundle
I like your Obbah Wobbah III
RARE Bonzai Fountain
Easter Egg Hunt 2018
For saving the Easter pets in 2018
RARE Bunny Mask
Fusion Fashionista V
Easter Rescue - Obbah wobbahs
2018 Easter Egg (2/10)
2018 Easter Egg (5/10)
2018 Easter Egg (6/10)
2018 Easter Egg (7/10)
2018 Easter Egg (8/10)
2018 Easter Egg (9/10)
2018 Easter Egg (10/10)
Board Games Club - Croc Dentist Certified!
RARE Mammoth Bunny
Easter Rescue - Bunnys
2018 Easter Egg (3/10)
2018 Easter Egg (4/10)
RARE Bunny Hat
Oh land of bloom X
2018 Easter Egg (1/10)
Princess Bundle
RARE Dog Balloon
Bite me a valentine!
Wasn’t that purr-fect?
Love knows no gender!
Different doesn’t mean wrong!
Cuddle up with HabboQuests!
Dinner for two!
Create, Connect and Share Respect - SID 2018
You are my greatest adventure
Time Travellers Book
Beauty is found within
RARE Heart Dress
Against Revenge porn - SID 2018
Against Video Fighters - SID 2018
Habbo Memory Game 12
RARE Four Poster Bed
Habbo Memory Game 11
Habbo Memory Game 10
Habbo Memory Game 9
Habbo Memory Game 5
Habbo Memory Game 6
Habbo Memory Game 7
Habbo Memory Game 8
I quacked the Pixel Maze.
Winner of the seven kingdoms house banner competition
Habbo Memory Game 2
Habbo Memory Game 3
Habbo Memory Game 4
Habbo Memory Game 1
Classic Library Bundle
RARE Executive Ice Cream Maker
Classic HC Club Bundle
Happy 2018!
RARE Gold Feather Pin
December 25th, Victorian xmas
RARE Gold Top Hat
Secret Badge 11/11 - Ebenezer Scrooge
December 23th, Victorian xmas
December 24th, Victorian xmas
Nice one XI
Santa's little helper
Policeman Doll
Soldier Doll
Victorian Doll Collector
Secret Badge 10/11 - Bob Cratchit
December 21st, Victorian xmas
December 22nd, Victorian xmas
December 19th, Victorian xmas
December 20th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 9/11 - Jacob Marley
HabboCreate Agency!
December 16th, Victorian xmas
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  VII
RARE Victorian Lion Statue
Secret Badge 8/11 - Ghost of Christmas Past
December 15th, Victorian xmas
December 14th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 7/11 - Ghost of Christmas Present
December 6th, Victorian xmas
December 11th, Victorian xmas
December 13th, Victorian xmas
Redhead Doll
Beauty Doll
Secret Badge 6/11 - Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
December 12th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 5/11 - Fred
December 10th, Victorian xmas
December 9th, Victorian xmas
RARE Victorian Music Box
December 8th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 4/11 - Tiny Tim
December 7nd, Victorian xmas
Taylor Series I
Glamour Doll
Detective Doll
Secret Badge 3/11 - Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
December 4th, Victorian xmas
RARE Victorian Horse Carriage
December 3th, Victorian xmas
Secret Badge 2/11 - Belle
Secret Badge 1/11 - Peter & Martha Cratchit
December 1st, Victorian xmas
December 2nd, Victorian xmas
Rare Davy Crockett Cap
Rare Armadillo
American Prairie Mega Collector
Rare Opossum
Rare Beaver
RARE Frontier Braids
Rare Skunk
Rare Raccoon
Rare Eagle
Chess Set Bundle
Demons are a ghoul's best friend!
RARE Cursed Throne
Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house - Trick or Treat!
Happy 3rd Birthday Ambassadors!
Argh! The Bats!
Creepin' it real.
Let's get this party startled!
Tricked for a Treat
Carve out some good times!
If you've got it, haunt it.
You can't skel-run from my skele-puns.
You are unBOOlievable!
RARE Medieval Crown
Level 9
Level 8
Secret Badge Sleeping Poison
RARE Cursed Dragon Statue
Level 4
Level 5
Secret Badge Big Chisel
Secret Badge Hammer
Turf War
This kid ain't squiddin around
Level 2
Level 3
Secret Badge Nails
Level 1
Secret Badge Key
RARE Vampire Bat Hat
Cursed Caves Giveaway Winner
There's always time for tea and there's always room for cake.
As pretty as a picture!
You helped Baconella brush up for the garden party!
Have a cup of positivitea!
Tour de France Challenge
Artist VII
Rare Elegant Crown
For having Socks in Flip Flops in your closet
Flip Flops and Socks Look Competition
Happy Malaysia Day 2017
Haku the River Dragon
Celebrating Habbo Creates First Year
Rare Desert Kingdom Throne
Rare Courtyard Fountain
Rare Mask of the Cursed
The iconic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!
Singapore's Merlion
Singapores National Flower
Live and Let Dye I
Beaches be crazy.
I picked a Lignum Vitae on Jamaica Day 2017!
Jamaican me crazy!
Rare Solid Gold Monkey Statue
Rare Shark Head
Rare Fishing Trawler
Rare Boxer Braids
Rare Cute Sea Lion Pup
Uncle Sam wants YOU!
Taste the freedom
Happy USA Independence Day 2017!
: I took a trip to Santorini with HabboCreate!
I found the secret stash of treasure with Habbox!
Found a strange treasure map with FlyHabbo!
I followed the light with HFFM!
I discovered the hotel with HabboQuests!
Un-beaver-ably canadian!
Canada Day 2017 with ,Informal
Dionysus Follower
Santorini Game 5
Rare Gilded Hydra Statue
Bonus Badge - Gilded Statues
Secret Badge 12/12 - Hestia
Santorini Game 4
Santorini Game 6
Soar with FlyHabbo!
Secret Badge 11/12 - Hephaestus
Hades Fanatic
Secret Badge 10/12 - Hermes
Conservator V
Rare Gilded Minotaur Statue
Secret Badge 7/12 - Artemis
Secret Badge 8/12 - Ares
Secret Badge 9/12 - Aphrodite
Santorini Game 3
Hercules Acolyte
Secret Badge 5/12 - Athena
Secret Badge 6/12  - Apollo
Santorini Game 2
Secret Badge 3/12 - Poseidon
Secret Badge 4/12 - Demeter
Santorini Game 1
True Helper XX
Rare Gilded Centaur Statue
BaW 2.0 Season 2
President's Medal
Rainbow Hedgehog
Rare Gilded Chimera Statue
Secret Badge 1/12 - Zeus
Secret Badge 2/12 - Hera
Kawaii Donut
Rainbow Unicorn
Cryptic Cube
HabboCreate delivered you the latest news!
Rare Sentinel Helmet
Poseidon's Pearl
Ditch the Label Anti Bullying Poll 2017
Habbo White House
Golden Glasses
Magic Lamp
This duckie loves fasionable rooms
Rare Interstellar Cruiser
Egg Hunt Champion
Tea Time in the Japanese Temple
Eurovision 2017
Zoological Eden
Heavy Rain
Ancient Relic
Rare Star Explorer Helmet
They're bacccck! Ditch the Label  and Habbo
Move! That! Spaceship! 5x5 Comp Entrant
Rare Cryo-Bed
Narrowing down the field in Habbo Funlections 2017
I voted in 2017 Habbo Elections
Rare Crazy Mare Face
Pet Lover XV
Rare Cow Beanie
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Presidential Nominee April 2017
Frank´s Ranch Employee
The Icing on the Cake
Berry Nice!
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake...
Chick Magnet
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Rare Hen Hat
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Cow Pet Owner
Easter Chef III
Easter farmer I
Step right up! You played MOD-Cle0's Hook-a-Duck!
Rare Farmer Photo Stand
Strawberry Cake Baker
Carrot Cake Baker
Blackberry Tart Baker
Raspberry Cupcake Baker
Fruit Salad Maker
Pastry Baker
Chocolate Cupcake Baker
Chocolate Tart Baker
Cake Platter Maker
Chocolate Bunny Maker
Frank´s Ranch
Top pet seller
Be the change!
You won the top prize in MOD-Cle0's carnival game!
Hairaru's glasses
Chipmunk Collector
Exotic Pets Mega Collector
MOD-Cle0 is the only true Unicorn
Tree Frog Collector
Chinchilla Collector
Sloth Collector
Chameleon Collector
Python Collector
Fruit Bat Collector
Exotic Birds Collector
Rare Quick Coffee Stop
Classic Star Lounge Bundle
Password Champion
Rare Wedding Outfit
Group Hug
True Gamer
Classic Tea Room Bundle
Rare Rooster Balloon
Habbo's Hottest Ten 2016
Happy 2017!
Christmas, 2016
MOD-Cle0's X-mas with a twist
December 24, 2016
Xmas creature rearer X
December 23, 2016
December 21, 2016
December 22, 2016
Rare Citadel Throne
December 20, 2016
December 19, 2016
December 18, 2016
December 17, 2016
Puhekupla's Fansite Weekend Event
Rare Cat Hat
December 16, 2016
December 15, 2016
Common Room Bundle
December 14, 2016
December 13, 2016
December 7, 2016
December 12, 2016
December 11, 2016
HabboHoliday's 2016 Xmas Weekend Event
December 10, 2016
Rare Wise Owl
December 5, 2016
December 6, 2016
December 8, 2016
December 9, 2016
December 4, 2016
Santa and Rudolph are ready for Christmas!
December 3, 2016
Rare Crystal Tiara
December 2, 2016
Pufferfish Collector
Fish Tank Mega-Hoarder
Santa's Office Bundle
December 1, 2016
Tropical Fish Collector
Black Friday MEGA Deal
Thanks Giving Basket of Blessings
The Golden Cabbage
Piranha Collector
Angler Fish Collector
Electric Eel Collector
Turtle Collector
Crab Collector
Classic Ice Cafe Bundle
HabboTiles Immemorial
Kind Heart
Mammoth's Little Helper
Placeholder Badge
Instagram Community Challenge
Fireworks Night 2016
Thank you for being a friend!
Habboween Fansite Poll 2016
Habboween Surprise I!
Habboween Surprise II!
You managed to defeat Evil Frank's minions!
Spirit Day 2016
Habboween ZombieRun with HabbCrazy
You survived thanks to your Halloween Knowlegde!
Reversing the Evil Ritual
Evil Frank's Office Bundle
10k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
Habboween Zombierun with Habbox
Habboween Secret 4/5
Haunted Hotel Room Bundle
Escape from Wolfguy!
Habboween Secret 3/5
Habbo History
Ghost hunter I
The Culprit is Confirmed
Be your authentic self
Habboween ZombieRun with HabboTiles
Escape from the zombies!
Habboween Secret 1/5
Habboween Secret 2/5
Habboween Secret 5/5
Puhekupla's Scary Weekend Event
Habbo History Month- Safety Events
HabboTile's Spring & Autumn Watch
LovelsLove with HabboHoliday.net
You're in great danger!
BaW Season 13 Poll
Habbo History Month- Snowstorm
Blue Battle Ball Bundle
Habbo History Buff
The Lido
Our Hero Aukiro
Purple Battle Ball Bundle
Habbo History Game
Thar she blows!
Shiver me timbers!
Ahoy! Me Hearties!
Green Battle Ball Bundle
Orange Battle Ball Bundle
HabboTiles Pocahontas
I have been powertoo...
Teddy says...
Classic Battle Ball Bundle
Teddy Bear of Tolerance
Habbolympix with ThisHabbo!
Habbolympix with HFFM!
Habbolympix with HabboBites!
Habbolympix with MadHabbo!
Medals Ceremony Bundle
Rare Brazilian Smoothie Maker
Classic Habburgers Bundle
Habbolympix with FlyHabbo!
Habbolympix with HabbCrazy!
Habbolympix with Habbo-Happy!
Habbolympix with Habbox!
Rare Gym Maniac
Habbolympix 2016
Habbolympix with HabboHoliday!
Habbolympix with HabboQuests!
Habbolympix with Puhekupla!
Habbolympix with HabboTiles!
Habbolympix 2016
Habbolympix 2016
Jamaica Day 2016
Rare Bonnie the Cheerleader
What should I do if...
Rare Vegan Vending Machine
Habbo Party Boat Quiz Master
Summer dance moves that can´t be ignored!
For solving a love fight!
Winner of the Habbo Party Boat Finale 2016
Rare High-Powered Speedboat
Fancy a cup of tea?
Safety game June 2016
Luxury Cabin Bundle
Cozy Garden Bundle
Rare Jellyfish Lamp
Candidate of the Habbo Party Boat
Welcome on board!
Karaoke Bar Bundle
Eurocup 2016 Semi 1
Rare Great White Shark
WaterWorld with HabboTiles
Rare Grey Marquee
USA Independence Day
Little lost fish
Rare Deluxe HabboCopter
Jungle Snake
Nelly the Elephant
Canada Day 2016
Habbo Stranded Episode VII
Cruise Port Bundle
Stranded Jungle end of campaign party with Mod-Mega
The flames are hot
Everything comes to an end...
Everything comes to  an end... or does it?
Rare Log Raft
Nature life
Jungle Hotel HC Badge
HabbCrazy's Summer Weekend
The Pool
MOD-Dacom's Jungle Party
Crystal Quest Level 2
Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda!
Rare Pitcher Plant
You joined MOD-Cle0's tribe Badge
Welcome to the Jungle Hotel
Perilous Jungle Bundle
A free Holiday
HC special ticket
Rare Jungle Pulley
You're a Cheeky Monkey!
Habbo Stranded Episode II
Habbo Stranded Episode I
Tock Tick.
The Sacrifice
Rare Betty the Sloth
DTL Equality Badge
Horticulturist Level 10
Jungle Temple Bundle
Gender Equality
For Blue Lightning
For Lord Pixel
Rare Habbamantium Skeleton
Super Knowledge 2
Blue, this is what he came for
The Mad Scientist
Mustard the strength.
Good goes bad?
City of Neo-Habbo Bundle
Men = Women
Racial Prejudice?
Respect the differences!
Eurovision Community Challenge 2016
Goth Day with HabbCrazy
Villan Pixel Fight
Rare Power Imbued Protector
Super Knowledge
REDy to fight against Blue
On the side of Blue
Blue Bottled
DTL Mental Health Quest badge
The Kidnapped Journalists
Sewage Man
Silver Mustard's Sanctuary Bundle
For purchasing the Classic Lounge Bundle
Feeling Blue
Rare Heroic Helm
Happy Friday 13th with HabboTiles!
The Natural Disaster
Escape of Exposure
Lord Pixel's Lair Bundle
Lord Pixel
MODversary Knowledge
Rare Chromium Plate Armour
Superhero Smuggler's Bundle
Celebrating MayPole Dance with HabboTiles
5k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
MOD-Cle0's First Year
Online reputation
Famous Treasure Hunters Quiz
Buccaneer VI
Buccaneer V
Buccaneer IV
Battle Banzai Star XIV
Buccaneer III
The Dragon has woke
The Dragon has arrived.
Buccaneer II
Buccaneer I
HabboTiles National Pet's Day
Intrepid Pirate
HabboTreasure Community Challenge
The Golden Compass
I'll never let go...
A big, huge Kraken!
Forsaken Rare Treasure Hunter
Barca - Real Madrid Community Challenge
Fashionspotter 4
I collected 1 - 20 Easter Sloths
Autism Awareness Day 2016
April Fools 2016
Priorities’ Picks Boutique
Level 8
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Captain Bundle
Level 7
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Level 6
Hidden Easter Egg
Bunny Hug
Cheep Cheep
Easter Duck Bunny
You!, Easter Eggs!
Look behind you!
Think before you post!
Noble Crown Rare
Level 5
Hidden Easter Egg
Level 4
Hidden Easter Egg
Level 2
Level 3
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Fashionspotter 3
Level 1
Hidden Easter Egg
Proven Fashion knowledge
Fashionspotter 2
I like your leprechaun III
HabboQuests St. Patrick's Maze 2016
Habbox St. Patrick's Maze 2016
You organized the successful ¨by Alessandro¨ runway show
Rare Mermaid Hair
HFFM St. Patrick's Maze 2016
FlyHabbo St. Patrick's Maze 2016
HabbCrazy St. Patrick's Maze 2016
Alessandro Donati VS Cedric Lefévre
HabboTiles St. Patrick's Maze 2016
ThisHabbo St Patrick's Day 2016
Jellybean Jungle Bundle
1 showpiece found, 1 showpiece to go
Spaceman Helmet Rare
NO to retros!
You selected the best runway models
For fixing the cut runway cables!
Oversized Sunglasses Rare
Runway Photocall Bundle
Runway Catwalk Bundle
Runway Backstage Bundle
Runway VIP Party Bundle
HabboTiles Zero Discrimination Event 2016
Flowery Thumbs Up
Green Teddy Bear
Red Teddy Bear
Blossom Volcano Rare
Habbo Fansite Quiz 2016
Carnival Expert X
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 1
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 2
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 3
Floral Lion Rare
Carnival Expert IX
Carnival Expert VIII
Carnival Expert VII
Carnival Expert VI
You rolled up to party with MOD-Cle0!
Two hearts and a single soul
Lustrous Peacock Rare
Ambassador Lounge Grand Opening
Carnival Expert II
Monkey Balloon Rare
Luminous Love Oyster Rare
Habbo Home Poster
Monkey Altar Bundle
HabboTiles Valentine's Event 2016
BAW: Live at the Winter Olympics Awards
Ice Hockey Pro Rare
Car Receipt
Theory test
Freeze Veteran Rare
Habbo Car Navigator
Oh oohh Car Breakdown!
Traffic jams
Traffic Warden Bundle
Pro Ice Skater Rare
Snowboarding Ace Rare
Freeze Player  XII
Freeze Winner  XII
Rare Purple Spaceship Door
Rare Snazzy Star Decoration
Happy New Year 2016
Habbo House Party 2016 Bundle
HabboTiles Holiday event
Habb a Crazy Christmas!
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Ambassador Christmas
MOD-Hub Christmas Party!
Ice Queen, Ice Cold
Xmas Meal - Santa Claus
Xmas Meal - Mrs. Claus
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!
The finest merchandise in town
Alexthedoc's Christmas Roof Runner 2015
Snuggly Gnome Lounge
Cave of Wonders
FlyHabbo Grinch-mas Event
Xmas Presents preparing - Santa Claus
Xmas Presents preparing - Mrs. Claus
Bavarian Christmas Photo Stand
Xmas market - Santa Claus
Xmas market - Mrs. Claus
Habbox Christmas Elf Quest
Reindeer owner - Santa Claus
Reindeer owner - Mrs. Claus
Xmas movies - Santa Claus
Xmas movies - Mrs. Claus
Ornate Winter Sleigh
Safety Self Help badge
HFFM Xmas 2015 event
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Santa Claus
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Mrs. Claus
2k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
Bavarian Christmas Bundle
Clock Tower Rare
Xmas Carols - Santa Claus
Xmas Carols - Mrs. Claus
Once Upon a Time.
I Visited Santa
Fansite Faceoff Battle 4
Pizza Eater
Kiss Kiss Darling
HabboTiles special Hab-Wars event!
Habbotiles Hab-Wars Event part 2!
Kitten's Cosy Kitchen Habitat
Piglet Pen Habitat
Polar Bear Habitat
Puppy's Paradise Habitat
Terrier in a Tower Habitat
I’m team Ditch the Label III
Rare Deluxe Refrigerator
Player  XIV
Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle
The first recipe
Mystery guest
Secret Kitchen
World Cuisine
Tomato III
Tomato IV
I’m team Ditch the Label
I’m team Ditch the Label II
Rare Coffee Machine
Clean it up!
Secret Kitchen
Tomato II
Sign up!
Tomato I
Safety Campaign Oct 2015 - Scamming
Rare Bobba Juice Rack
Kitchen Master
The Maze Runner with HabbCrazy
Guy Fawkes Night 2015
Hit and Run!
Trick or treat, you completed the Halloween 2015 quiz!
Ambassador 1 year anniversary
Rare Antique Crockery Cupboard
Cottage Kitchen Bundle
Posh Restaurant Bundle
Mermaid Carol Singer Badge
Shark Santa Throne Badge
Xmas Kick-Offer
Dungeon Hall Bundle
Luxury Greek Garden Bundle
Steampunk Bunk Bundle
Student in Tokyo Bundle
Happy 15th Birthday, Habbo!
1Goal Badge
70's Badge
Eagle Badge
Online time XX
April fools 2012
Advanced crafting
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Monkey business X
Last Minute Life Saver III
Fast Food Regular VIII
Fast Food Rocketeer XI
Fast Food Protector I
Fast Food Winner V
Habbo Club veteran V
Battle Ball Player XV
Battle Banzai Overlord
Lord of the tiles XX
Bunny Collector
Bored Bunny Owner
A Friend To Rabbits
Evil Bunny Owner
Manic Bunny Owner
Habbo citizen
Freak out III
Crystal Cracker VIII
Eggcracker V
EggMaster I
True You I
Firestarter X
Football Goal Scorer V
Football Goal Host IV
Ultimate Freeze Overlord
Black Hole Explorer XVII
Game Arcade owner XIII
Battle Royal X
Greet me VIII
Hunger gnomes I
My gnome knows a trick! I
Gran Turismo
Stop bullying
Hand of Justice VIII
Give Feedback II
Shed the light
On duty IX
Guide Kudos VI
Helping hand X
Get Help II
Tour Guide VIII
Get a Tour III
Level I Habbo Way
In The Footsteps Of The Ancients Quester X
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Obbah Wobbah eats I
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! II
Happy Hour I
Level XX equestrian
Horse jumping level V
Horse Quester Level III
Level VI Stable Owner
Hungry hungry leprechauns I
My leprechaun knows a trick! I
Resident XX - Living legend
Habbo-lympix Secret Service XVI
Habbo-lympix XVI
Prom X
Monster Plant Breeeder I
Monster Plant Color Collector VIII
Gardener of death II
Monster Plant Healer I
Monster Plant Quester X
Monster Plant Shape Collector X
Monster Plant Tender V
Master of Words I
Music collector IV
Pop around the clock XI
Mystery Box explorer X
Friendship Bracelet I
Dragon Ninja Spotter III
Dragon Ninja Master
Stickie Scribe Level VI
Swamped by stickies I
Permia - Duels Award-winner I
Permia - Duels Drill Sergeant II
They're eating all my credits! X
Pet Whisperer X
Zoo Keeper X
People adore my pets! X
Piñata breaker I
Piñata whacker V
Overpatch X
Plasto Recycler  I
100 % True Habbo XX
100 % Respected Habbo X
Nice as pie XX
Room competition voter X
Builders' Club Designer XIV
For more floor score
Room Builder XX
My hole room X
Room Host XV
Not in Kansas anymore
Wall me
Room raider XX
Equestrian track host level II
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door mode
Forum moderation setting
Forum post setting
Forum post thread setting
Secret society
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Winter warrior III
Habbo Speedway Speedster I
Habbo Speedway Racer I
Nut Spender Level II
Rooms liked by staff II
Shell Collector XX
Miracle of ice X
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby XX
Tetrablok Master III
Tetrablok Strategist IV
Tetrablok Veteran V
Trading pass I
I know my HC!
Friendship Bracelet X
Valentine Level 10
Vicious Viking VI
Diamond VIP
HC Member III
HC Member V
Yacht party access
Movie premiere access
Vault party access
Snowflake collector X
Xmas Quester 2011 X
King of the hill V
Screen It
Habbo for Android
Android Room
1 Million downloads
Anna Badge
Haunted Manor bundle
Habbocalypse Bundle
Apocalypse Bundle
Day of the Dead bundle
Freaky Fairground Bundle
Apocalypse movie expert
You know everything you need to know to defeat the Four Horsemen
You escaped from the Four Horsemen of the Habbocalypse
For tracing the lady in purple...
The Blue Crystals kept you safe from the grave
They have been watching you... but didn´t see you!
Avoid the dread, a helmet protects your head
Honoured as hero from the Habbocalypse, you saved the hotel!
Master Crafter
Ring ring... who's there?
A good rest gives you new energy
Smelly places are the best hiding places - Habboween Secret
Aquarium 1
Aquarium 2
Aquarium 3
Aquarium 4
Jinn Genie
Sword Badge
The Alien Badge
Architect 1
Architect 2
Medic Private
Medic Sergeant
Medic Captain
Medic Major
Support Private
Support Captain
Engineer Sergeant
Engineer Captain
Engineer General
Recon Sergeant
Recon Major
Recon General
Fort Duckson Bundle
Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
Hector the German Shepherd
Global Satellite Screen
X-Ray Scanner
Military Assault Course Bundle
Military Mess Hall Bundle
Purple Oriental Screen Rare
Artisan 1
Artisan 2
Forgotten Toy Chest
Grandfather Clock Rare
Cosmos Telescope Rare
Forgotten Attic Bundle
Secrets in the stars
The location
A note from another time
The Diary
The hidden photo
The Forgotten Badge
5th Birthday Badge
5th Birthday Winner's Badge
Christmas '09
Boost Mobile Surf Sho 2010
payclick Badge
Paddle Pop Competition Winner
Paddle Pop Event Badge
Channel [V] Competition Winner
OZ Artist 2010
Generator Rex - Battle of the E.V.O.s
Generator Rex Badge
Boost Mobile Surf Sho
Girlfriend NCD Badge 2011
Girlfriend Group Member
Birthday Badge
AU Group Member
The Big Ola '09
Brotherhood of the Hand
Sunscreen Level 1
Sunscreen Level 2
Sunscreen Level 3
Jaws Badge
Bogeyman Room Bundle
Maguro Gang Member
Battle Banzai Champion!
Habbo: Furni Warfare
Boutique Stylissimo
Boutique Boulevard Runner Up
Boutique Room
Rock On
Say No To Retros!
Habbo Honor Roll badge
Summer Christmas 2013
HabboTiles Back to School
Happy International Dance Day!
Carnival Room Bundle
Carnival Mask
Talking about the Habbocalypse!
Football Diva
Self Help Champ!
Old West Selfie
BaW NYE party
#HabboPlayNice Use your words comp
#HabboPlayNice Anti-bullying badge
Mariachi el Muerto
Movie Magic Telephrase
Eurovision Quiz Master 2015
Waltzmakillda's Progeny
Safe Data badge
Superbowl 2015 - HabboShire and FlyHabbo
Happy 2nd Birthday, HabboQuests!
Spring Forward Floral badge
Mental Health Awareness 2015
Carnival Hot Air Balloon Rare
Club Carnivale Bundle
Plot Beta Tester Reward
The Future is Back Offer
Easter Bunny Bonanza 2014
Love Bunny Bonanza 2014
Brown Bunny Bonanza 2014
Evil Bunny Bonanza 2014
Yellow Alien Bunny
Blue Alien Bunny
Bad Bunny
Bored Bunny
Manic Pixie Bunny
Grey Bunny
Magical Candy Unicorn rare
Candy Throne rare
Bubblegum Fountain rare
Santini BonBon Bundle
Lollipop Tree rare
Easter Chicka chicka, yeah!
Wise Chicka chicka, yeah!
Pink Alien Chicken
Blue Alien Chicken
Dark Chicka chicka, yeah!
Green Chicken Alien
White Pigeon
Black Pigeon
Cinema Improvisation
Nice skin
Clearasil Ultra 2
Clearasil Ultra 3
Clearasil Ultra Group badge
Clearasil Ultra Quiz badge
Clearasil Summer
Legendary Badge of the Ox
Cunning Badge of the Rabbit
Fierce Badge of the Dragon
Stunning Badge of the Rooster
Sneaky Badge of the Rat
Powerful Badge of the Pig
Terrifying Badge of the Tiger
Dignified Badge of the Dog
Silly Badge of the Monkey
Honorable Badge of the Horse
Ultimate Badge of the Snake
Adorable Badge of the Sheep
Year of the Tiger
Golden Rabbit
Silver Rabbit
Chinese Goat Sanctuary
Wheat Badge
Coco Coordinator
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie 2012
Top of the Food Chain Winner
Rock Out Badge
Taylor Swift Fan
The Sims 3 - Bad Karma badge
Global Citizen
It Gets Better
The Chronicles of Narnia: Aslan Badge
The Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader Badge
Thursday Temptations Winner
100,000 Fans Badge
Bot Love Badge
Spider Hunter Badge
Furni Detective
Ultimate Pet Fight Champion
The Sims Medieval
The Sims Medieval
The Sims Medieval
Habbovision Finalist Badge
Girls' Life #1
Girls' Life #3
Girls' Life #4
How Many Habbos In The Hot Tub?
Skateboarding Quiz 2011
Skaters vs. Rollers 2011
Slow and Steady Badge
Never Ending Stairs Champ
TV Crew
The Serpents of Doom
Champions of Evil
Rare Hell Hound
Habbo Tiles Event badge
Ultimate Zombie Survival Badge
TWD Trivia Telephrase Hit Wonder
Skeleton Duck Attack badge
[FH] Pirates Ahoy Maze badge
HabbCrazy Avatar
World Kindness Day 2013
Habbo Tardis
Habbo Tardis
Habbo Tardis
Habbo Tardis
The Doctor badge
HabboKingdom's Haunted Castle badge
Happy Turkey Day badge
Black Friday 2013
Habbo Wiki Event Badge
HFFM Hunger Games Badge
CyberPixels Team
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
City of Neo-Habbo
St Patricks Day Bundle
Pink Cubie Supporter
ElectroSheep Rare
Overseer Blimp
Gun Vendor Rare
Dragon Dance 1
Dragon Dance 2
Dragon Dance 3
Dragon Dance 4
Dragon Dance 5
Nokia Maze Challenge Gold Badge
Nokia Maze Challenge Silver Badge
Burns Night Badge
HabbCrazy Valentine
GPJ Mastery Badge
Fansite Carnival Contributor Badge
I Love Anecdotes!
One Way Madness badge
Safety Certified
Builders at Work Easter Event 2014
HabboTiles Featured Fan Event 2014
#HabboPlayNice I heart U
The Diva Sessions III
Habbo Master #15
Back 2 School with HabboQuests
Ambassadors' Earth Hour 2015
Count Dracula
Safety on the Internet
Thanksgiving Dinner
Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Despicable Minion Badge
I bought a Diamond Rare
I bought a Diamond Rare
Ditch the Label Blue
Ditch the Label
Ditch the Label Equality
Ditch the Label 10k
Ditch the Label Offline
Earth Hour
Ice Skating Champion
Pub(lic) Crawl Cider
Jocks Team Winner
A Lucky Lantern
Dragon Dance Hall Winner
Name That Dragon
Police Dog in Training
Friend of the Dragon
A fond farewell to the Dragon