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Happy Chinese New Year 2024
Unique and unstoppable.
Keep It Cool During The Lunar New Year
On cloud 9
I love you berry much!
Dull's Love
Burning Love
You're my favourite fish in the sea.
You're a great catch.
Love always wins.
I moo you
Bobba's Valentines
Obbah Wobbah trainer III
SID 2024
Hugs & Kisses
Heart of Love
Just one more chapter...
Oh, bother.
Winter city Christmas II
Chess Game
The Collectors Guild
Ducket Maze Master
Soared to new heights with HabboDefense
Met a new furry friend with HabboDefense
Explored the Celestial Isles with HabboQuests!
Frozen Infobus - Amb Jan 2024
twinkle twinkle little star
Red shenanigans
Bottling blue bliss
Amethyst Plushie
Amethysts Sparkling Juice
Habbo Club member II
I like your Obbah Wobbah
Winter warrior XXVI
Happy 3rd Birthday, FUUSIO!
Happy Birthday to You!
Rubber Duck Day Quest
Happy Rubber Ducky Day
I stepped into Wishmas!
Santa for a day Quest
Merry Christmas from HabboQuests!
Christmas at the North Pole with HabboQuests!
I loved Kwlmas 2023!
Helping Frank Wobbah to cook
Saving Frank Wobbah's recipes
Gimme gimme XVII
Christmas quackers
Ginger all the way
Phew! That was easy!
Santa, is it too late to be a good doggo?
Christmas magic is in the air.
Pride Badge
Alpha 2 Badge
Premium Alpha 2 Badge
2nd Anniversary Badge
Star gem provider XI
Melted Infobus - Amb Nov 2023
Enjoying Habbo Xmas
Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt!
Always better together!
Mini Teddybear maze
Beary cute croc!
HabboQuests Teddy Bears Picnic
Fast Food Game!
Live and let dye II
A blast from the past
Where old memories come out to play.
Easter chef IV
Biohazard blocker X
Completed the Habbo's Pet Pursuit Quest!
A snowflake is winter's version of a butterfly.
Be the sunshine in someone’s life.
Ducket Duck
Golden Retro Game Card
Looking Fa-BOO-lous
Have a killer time!
You're an absolute Hallow-queen!
Witchful thinking!
Habboween Party
HabboQuests Spooky Croc
Celebrated HabboQuests 10th Birthday!
No you hang up
Are you afraid of the dark?
Too cute to spook.
Santini's Rescue Mission
Lost in Habbiza II Quest
Lost in Habbizza III Quest
Pyramid Pioneers: Rise of the Pharaoh
Darkness is my friend.
Master of Macabre Myths
How a-bat you?
Zombie Infobus - Amb Oct 2023
Banished 20 Furious Gods
Snow fight and the seen targets VII
Hardly the target IV
Lost in Habbiza I Quest
Warped Infobus - Amb Sept 2023
You are simply tre-moon-dous!
You light up my world!
Fall Fun with HTF
Dr. Squirrel’s Trading Treasure
Ray and TJ take on Area 51
TJ was an Alien?!
Pink Harbie Dreamhouse with HabboQuests!
Runnin' through red lights with HabboQuests!
You just YEE'D your last HAW partner
Wired Arcade: Flood-it
Revisiting the 90's with Mandalove & K1E
90's nostalgia with Mandalove & K1E
I like big Mutts and I cannot lie!
Love Burials to the moon and back!
Bee keeper
If honey-one can do it, it’s you.
Be scared, be very scared.
Bonnie Fashion Fun!
Always falling head over heels for fall.
You are a Star!
Gloomy Day's with Dull
On Track: Formula 1
DR Sports: Women's World Cup
Tusen Takk!
Metro Madness: Habbo NYC Edition
Fashion Maze Madness
Be a unicorn in a field of horses.
Canada Day 2023
Avocado Infobus - Amb July 2023
A friend is what the heart needs all the time.
Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh.
Summer Fun with HabboQuests!
Personally, I think I'm ear-resistible!
Can I get french flies and a Diet Croak with that?
You spin me right round, baby right round!
Celebrated WishHabbo's 3rd Birthday!
Iced Gems
In the mood for noods
Komodo Kompanion
Habbox Goes Wild!
Up to scratch for HxSS 2023!
Summer Vacations with HabboQuests!
Vacation Infobus - Amb Aug 2023
Summer Sunset
Pina Koala
Heart to Heart with Daily
Heart to Heart with Julienne
Squirrel friends make fall more fun.
Build your own kind of beautiful
I'm lost!
I participated in the Dreaming Competition
Keeping it fur-real with WishHabbo!
You set my heart on fire <3
The dragon made me do it
Snack Attack Champion!
Welcome to the Hablliard School of Music!
Habbo's Piano Prodigy - Level I
Habbo's Piano Prodigy - Level II
Habbo's Piano Prodigy - Level III
Wake up Habbo!
I went through the gates of Olympus
Not sticking around
Team Lap Cat Luna
Team Cone Cat Carter
Team Jello Cat Jinx
Team Loaf Cat Leon
Team Fashionable Sphynx Fifi
Team Bowl Cat Barry
Team Wall Cat Winnie
Sea Monster Hunter
Sea Monster Champion
Flip Flops and Socks
Habbo Wired Tutorial
Pre-match live event with Don Robbie & Daps!
UEFA Champions League Final Pre-match live event with Don Robbie!
Premier League 23 - Manchester City is through!
A little bit of ramen goes a long way.
I joined Shortbread and AuraAurora in adopting a hamster this Pet Day!
Helping the world bloom!
Always say yes to new adventures
Spring time with HabboQuests!
When life gives you Lingon, make Lingonade
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Rainbow Heart
Streets of NFT - Cops and Robbers Winner
Trippy Dragon Egg NFT
DR Sports collab
Master gamer
Up, down, left, right
One year with Hajautus
I completed the NFT shooting range with Lieutenant Frank!
I got promoted at the Ceremonial Parade with Habbo NFT
Battle Ballin' with Habbo3
Streets of NFT
Streets of NFT - Pacman Winner
Streets of NFT - Stack Attack Winner
Streets of NFT - Tag Winner
Streets of NFT - Cops and Robbers Winner
Elephant Attack Champion
Lake Clickery
Don't be blue, have a Blueberry!
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Flag
Blossomed on a journey with WishHabbo!
Fire Overlord Outfit LTD
Graduate duckling
Boxed In!
The Physics Lab
Color Mystery Solver
Victorious combination
Believe you deserve it & the universe will serve it
Had an Eggcellent time with WishHabbo!
Nobody's too hip to hop
Chillin with my peeps
Egg Hunt
I lilac an errand
Cat Infobus - Amb May 2023
You’re unbe-LEAF-able!
Plant one on me!
Pride Infobus - Amb June 2023
Watching over the sunset!
Drinking a pineapple at the beach!
Shake it like a... picture
Oh, snap!
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze 2023
Livin it up at the Habbox house!
Happy 20th Birthday Habbox!
Galactic Gliders
The Sports Society
Academic Condecoration
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze 2023 Winner
I helped rescue the lucky goldfish in Shortbreads and AuraAurora's Pet Day!
I want to spend all nine lives with you.
With a cat, anything is paw-sible.
Team Box Cat Boo
Don't worry, be hoppy!
Too cute for this planet
Eco World Gone Wrong
Robot Attack
Meet the Team
Caution - High Voltage!
Lab Attack!
Solarpunk Bunny Outfit LTD
Flying Badges - Easter Edition I
Flying Badges - Easter Edition II
Flying Badges - Easter Edition III
Flying Badges - Easter Edition IV
Flying Badges - Easter Edition V
Flying Badges - Easter Edition VI
Flying Badges - Easter Edition VII
Flying Badges - Easter Edition VIII
Flying Badges - Easter Edition IX
No Way Out
You make me so hoppy.
You're egg-stra special.
Spring has sprung, and a new life has begun.
Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.
HabboQuests Easter Countryside Village
HabboZZle Level I
HabboZZle Level II
HabboZZle Level III
HabboZZle Level IV
HabboZZle Level V
Earth Hour 2023 - Coral Nursery
Earth Hour 2023 - The Recycling Cycle
Earth Hour 2023 - The Rescue
Earth Hour 2023 - Ocean Cleanup
I survived the NFT Forge Furni
Kanels farewell fashion show
Last Coffee with Kanel
NFT Trippy Elephant Trouble
Smiley Collector
Keroppi Plushie
Gudetama Figurine
Love Letter Delivery
Waddle I do without you
I'm quackers about you
Telephone Infobus - Amb Mar 2023
Had a berry good time with WishHabbo!
Touring Japan with HabboQuests!
A trip to Japan with HabboQuests!
Sending lots of love
Totally not gold-digging at Habbox St Patrick’s Day 2023 event
Head’s in the clouds at Habbox St Patrick’s Day 2023 event
Rat Infobus - Amb Apr 2023
I had a quackin’ time with HabboQuests!
A little bit of chaos, a little bit of crazy.
The cards never lie, they joke(r).
Mini Florist Shop
Mini Florist Shop
I've got so mushroom in my heart for you!
Serena Williams' Grand Slam!
Marie Curie's lab partner
International Women's Day 2023
I'll always woof you!
Greet me IX
Bobbas On Film (now in 3D!)
Mushrooms I like to forage!
We Rave You Collector
Beary and bright
Teamwork makes the dream work
Snowy Twosome
Visited Santa's Grotto 2022!
The Love Maze by K1E and J3N |
Baked for Habboxmas
I believe we can fly
Merry Skullmas with the Ambs! Dec 2022
Community Creators Event 2
Bobbas On Film
Hunting for hunny with HabboQuests!
Swish and Flick
Happy Year of the Rabbit 2023!
I aced the Chinese New Year 2023 Quiz!
Habbo Football Legends
NFTmas - Team Elf
NFTmas - I helped Santa!
NFT Club
Friday the 13th with Habbo NFT!
Ducking <3 you - Habbo3
06.02.2023 4:17
NFT - loves me
NFT - loves me not
I can't but we can
Had so much fawn with WishHabbo!
bless the mess
Community Creators Event 1
World Cup 2022 - Match 01.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 01.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 02.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 02.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 03.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 03.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 04.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 04.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 06.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 06.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 09.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 10.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 13.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 14.12
World Cup 2022 - Match 17.12
World Cup 2022 - Final Match 18.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 29.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 30.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 01.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 02.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 03.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 04.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 06.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 09.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 13.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 14.12
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 17.12
Worl Cup 2022 - Winners: Final Match 18.12
You give me butterflies
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Summer is coming!
I got a peng-win in Kwlmas 2022 with Internic!
Community Creators Event 1
Community Creators Event 1
Christmas '22 with Cactier
A Wish come true!
Best in snow.
Ready, set, glow!
Had a magical Christmas with WishHabbo!
Explored different Christmas traditions with HabboQuests!
Swaggaliciouis & AuraAurora's Winter Village Run 2022
Swaggalicious & AuraAurora's Winter Village 2022
Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.
Hip Hip, Hooray!
Mini Teddybear maze - Easy
Mini Teddybear maze - Hard
Community Creators Event 2
Community Creators Event 2
Goblin’s Treasure
Something is Brewing
Back to the Future
The King’s Reward
Eleka Nahmen Nahmen. Ah Tum Ah Tum Eleka Nahmen
Run, Barrel Run
The Love Maze by J3N and K1E |
Together is a wonderful place to be.
Member of the sky-high club
Howdy Roomie!
Leaving my stamp on your heart
Stopped the alien invasion!
SID 2023 - Keep the virus away!
Valentine's Community Challenge
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Bobblehead Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Sleeping Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Artist Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Egyptian Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Ghost Sheet Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - AlbinoPenguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Unicorn Onesie Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Academic Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Shy Penguin
Habbo Xmas 2022 - Tokyo Penguin
Penguin Maze: Easy Level - Completed
Wolrd Cup 2022 Recap w/ Don Robbie
Snowhow V
Yeti master X
HabboQuests took me on some great first dates!
First Dates with HabboQuests
Bathtub Infobus - Amb Feb 2023
NFT - it’s a love story, baby don’t swipe left
It's a love story, baby just say yes.
Found the way inside Rabbit temple!
Houseplant Infobus - Amb Jan 2023
Penguin Maze: Medium Level - Completed
Team Penguin
Nice one VI
Get your game on with HabboQuests!
8th Amb-versary
Coffee Run with the Ambs! Nov 2022
The Furry Panda
Don Robbie collab
The Nervous Game Champion
Don Robbie's Live Event
NFT Habboween Party
World Cup 2022 - Match 20.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 20.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 21.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 21.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 22.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 22.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 23.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 23.11
Worl Cup 2022 - Match 24.11
Worl Cup 2022 - Match 24.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 25.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 25.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 26.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 26.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 27.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 27.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 28.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 28.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 29.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 29.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 30.11
World Cup 2022 - Match 30.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 21.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 22.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 23.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 24.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 25.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 26.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 27.11
World Cup 2022 - Winners: Match 28.11
Scoops Ahoy
Arcade badge
Running up that hill
Member of the Hellfire Club
Paws to the QWERTY
Habbo Trade Forum
The Mystical Fox
The Legendary Reaper
I'll be the duck!
Rich Uncle Pennybags!
I'm feline festive
The purrfect present
Room host XII
Skateboard jumper XX
Skateboard slider XX
Going somewhere? X
Endless road X
Boing boing X
Oh land of bloom X
Horticulturist X
Devilish Looks Competition
I helped HabboQuests find the kale-r!
Celebrated HabboQuests 9th Birthday!
Laylah's Destiny - Fallen Angel
Laylah's Destiny - Fallen Archangel
I risked my Bobba playing NFT Zombie Run!
I survived NFT Zombie Run!
Ghost Detection
Ghostly Duck
Operation: Hell's Gate
Dracula's Secret Room
-Bully- Say No! - Amb Oct 2022
A Night in the Cemetery
It's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.
Be Wise. Be Brave. Be Tricky
Server Shutdown
World Mental Health Day 2022
Purranormal activity
I'm feline spooky
Abnoba wolfs you
War of the Seasons - MVP of the week
BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here!
I saved Count Duckula from the zombies!
Zombie Escape!
Turned your attention to accident prevention
Builder At Work
Well planned is half done
A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
Joe is watching you
Fire and Blood
The Old, the True, the Brave
War of the Seasons - Hac-man Winner
Happy Birthday, Habbo NFT!
Happy Birthday, Habbo NFT!
War of the Seasons - Connect Four Winner
Happy Birthday, Habbo NFT!
Happy Birthday, Habbo NFT!
Happy Birthday, Habbo NFT!
Happy Birthday, Habbo NFT!
Relived my childhood with HabboQuests
Listened to bedtime stories with HabboQuests
Bacon Hair 2.0 badge
War of the Seasons - Ludo Winner
A classic adventure!
Habbox's Builders Blueprints
Schooled on Safety! - Amb Sept 2022
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!
You bake me feel better!
Made it through Hell with amy.rox and Drought
Made it to Heaven with Drought and amy.rox
Sunny Daze Team
War of the Seasons - Tic Tac Toe Winner
War of the Seasons - Habtris Champion
The Habfire club
Potion of Strength
Potion-Making Expert
HabboQuests Summer Activities!
Hi Habbos! Hi Ambs! - Amb Aug 2022
Having a blast with HabboQuests!
Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak
Defeated the Greedy Goblin!
The HxSSFinity Stones
No gnolls left standing!
Habbo Knight in Training
Whale you fly with me
Legend of the Flying Fish
A windy voyage
Jaw ain't ready
Canada Day 2022
With love from the HabboQuests ohana!
Amb Pride 2022 – Plasto Pride Parade
The lost toy.
[BaW] BOBBAMON Master!
HabboQuests showed you some of their favourite Disney movies!
Puzzle Solver - Level I
Puzzle Solver - Level II
Puzzle Solver - Level III
World Rock Day - Level I
HabboQuests & USDF LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze
Canada Day 2022
Music can change the world.
Brotherhood of Knightly Duck
Amb Pride 2022 - Heartstopper
Summer Safety - Amb July 2022
Backstage Pass
Habbo Recording Studio
Whitepurple Lightsticks
No paparazzis allowed!
Whitepurple in Habbo!
Welcome to K-Town!
Habbo Pride City
NFT Pride Maze #1
NFT Pride Maze #2
Life’s a beach so just enjoy the waves
You're the devil in disguise
Teletubbies Pride Collection!
[BaW] I EVOLVED a Bobbamon!
[BaW] I DEFEATED 'Team-Credit'
[BaW] I CAUGHT a Bobbamon!
Habbox 19th Birthday Bash!
Happy Ducking Birthday Habbox
Don't give up on your dreams, keep sleeping!
There's no such thing as sparkling too much!
Burrow bound
Celebrating Pride with HabboQuests and USDF!
World Rock Day - Level II
BaW Team Competition 2022
Fair play
Enjoying a day in Flower Island!
Love is Love - Amb June 2022
Rescued princess Estelle!
Long Live King Frank!
Stronger Together - Amb May 2022
Remember owning a flip phone? You and HabboQuests are officially old!
Taking it back to the 2000’s with HabboQuests!
Eurovision 2022
We're better together!
One world, many colours!
King Frank's Treasure
Knights of the Swords
The Long-Lost Map
Participated in Earth Day 2022 Competition
Beach Banzai Winner 2022
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for voting!
Press play
King's Defender
Warrior's Vest
Made in Habbo V
The Mothman Myth
Bugs, bugs, bugs!
[BaW] I Stopped The Evil Bee!
[BaW] Honorary Easter Bunny!
HabboQuests sends you a big hedgehug!
HabboQuests wishes you a stu-panda-ous day!
Harvesting Honey
Helping out the Easter Bunny
[BaW] I met The Easter Bunny!
[BaW] I Hid The Eggs!
Hippity Hoppity with the Ambs! - April 2022
Thugged up for Easter
Easter with the Ambs - April 2022
Earned my Wings - Amb Apr 2022
Let's hatch a plan
Buzz, Buzz, Bugs!
Bug Catcher!
The wise bunny knows the carrot will not hop to them!
Even the smallest one can change the world.
Welcome to the bug world!
Ladybug Island
Earth Hour 2022
Earth Hour 2022 - Antarctica Expedition
Earth Hour 2022 - Floating village of Asia
Earth Hour 2022 - Planted a tree in Africa!
Earth Hour 2022 - Safe and sound from the Amazon rainforest!
Earth Hour 2022 - Lights out in Paris!
Earth Hour 2022 - Wildlife rescue
Happy Teletubbies Day!
Easy Dificulty Completed!
USDF & HabboQuests Women’s History Month 2022
Celebrating Women’s History Month with HabboQuests & USDF!
Noob Dificulty Completed!
Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa?
I found this humerus.
5 Shades of Grey
Colour me Impressed
Pot of Gold - Amb Mar 2022
[BaW] My Precious
[BaW]  Mordor
[BaW] Minis Tirith
[BaW] Enter the Hobbits!
Benvenuti al carnevale di Venezia!
Bataille de Fleurs!
The Burial of the Sardine!
Kölle Alaaf!
La Mojadera!
Beach Lover Van fan
Cozy Camper Van fan
Escola de Samba Parade
Portekiz'de Karnaval Zamanı!
Rio Carnival!
GDPR Expert!
Toss a coin
Our romantic movies night with HabboQuests!
HabboQuests Iconic Rom-Coms
Safer Internet Day 2022 - Chapter III
Tied the Knot with Amaiazing
Finding love with HabboRPG!
Safer Internet Day 2022 - Chapter II
That date really lettuce down!
I didn't fall for you, you tripped me!
Be our Valentine’s? - Amb Feb 2022
You give me butterflies
Safer Internet Day 2022 - Chapter I
Bee Kind
Bee my valentine
You are my pup of tea
You’re a paw-fect Valentine
Love u tons, k bye
I found my one n only with twinnie & Air!
Chocolate frog collector!
Met the Flintstones with HabboQuests!
All Knight long
Show time, got a dragon on my back
It's a spell that can't be broken
[BaW] I Saved The Child!
[BaW] Planet Defender!
[BaW] Galaxy Explorer
[BaW] Robot Defender!
Happy New Year 2022
NYE Wagon Competition
Happy New Year: Musical Chairs Champion
Your gifts are always so thoughtful and fun
Enjoy your special day!
Happy Birthday Fuusio!
My time here is Ogre!
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Preparing for Christmas with HabboQuests & USDF!
Merry Christmas from HabboQuests & USDF!
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
The Habbo Christmas Choir
On Santa's good list!
Merry Christmas!
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Santa's Squad
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Who Is the Real Santa Claus?
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
I sleighed Kwlmas 2021!
Have a holly jolly christmas!
Have Yours-elf a Merry Little Christmas!
[BaW] Champion of the snow!
[BaW] Runnin around the Christmas tree
[BaW] Kick the snow, Push the snow, Roll the snow
[BaW] Jumping in a winter wonderland
Cooking up a Storm!
O Christmas Tree
Snowball Fight!
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Harvest Moon
Skating On Thin Ice
You light up my life
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Shared with Joy
Noble Golden Bird
Winter Battered Plants
Bubblejuice Campaign Competition!
Celebrating Kwlmas with Jealousy & Internic!
Footsteps in the snow
Case Solved!
Escaped just in time!
The Wrong Suspect
The Great Escape
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Secret Identity
Teletubbies Collector
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Frank visits the Infobus - Amb Dec 2021
You sleighed Sammzi and kalesalad’s Xmas Run!
A Secret Road Map
Builders Club member
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Sneaked inside the salesman room's
kalesalad and Sammzi’s Xmas Maze was snow joke!
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Amb 12 Days of Safety - 2021
Rare Oversized Fur Coat
Train Bandit
Train's A Comin'
Borrowed Keys
Looking Fancy!
Up to Snow Good
Explored the new update with HabboQuests!
Habbo Crossing with HabboQuests!
Sleigh those basic Grinches
The Habbo Express Train
Now watch, as I make this drink disa-beer!
The Drunken Duck
Napkin Ready to Feast - Amb Nov 2021
Bash Crash
Completed the Bubblejuice Circuit!
Ice Cream Parlour Bundle
[BaW] Lurking Velociraptor
[BaW] The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway!
[BaW] Toasty Triceratops
[BaW] Twisted Fire Starter!
The Bubblejuice Brewery is open for business!
Happy Halloween from Moussy & Chronoski!
Attended HabboQuests' 8th Birthday Party!
The spookiest of birthday parties with HabboQuests!
Basic Witch
Clowning Around
Kissed by an angel, touched by the devil
Fly High
Would you like to play a game with me?
Wicked Kitsune
Escaping out of the angry Oni's cave
Trapped by an Aka Manto
The final battle against princess Nary
On the hunt for the missing purification scrolls
Spooky, Scary Skele-Ambassadors - Oct 2021
Red Light, Green Light!
Player 001
The four elements
Yōtō blade
Kappa No Kawa Nagare
Found the secret key to the old monk's cabin
There's no hiding from Yokais!
Rainbow Dragon Lamp LTD
Order of the Phoenix
Discovered the last dragon with HabboQuests & USDF!
Death eater
[BaW] Lalalalala Sing a Shrumfy Song
[BaW] Welcome to Shrumf Village
I'll cover you!
This looks like acorny badge!
The new age of Kumandra with HabboQuests & USDF!
Travelling salesman V
Star and away
Lending the Ambs a Hand - Sept 2021 Infobus
I helped rescue the fairy forest!
Back to School 2021
Nailed the test!
[BaW] SteamLand Revolt
[BaW] SteamLand Rebellion
Poppin' with Ligep!
HabboX Space Launch
Crafting Items Mega Collector
Amb Tropical Infobus - August 2021
Malaysia's Orchid Flower
Time is like gold, so use it wisely
[BaW] Barrels of fun!
[BaW] Master of the rings!
[BaW] Flying without wings!
Send noodles
Jamaica Day with kalesalad!
Jamaica Day 2021
¥ The HxSS Castle ¥
ª Ťħē ĦxŞŠ Çåśŧlė ª
[BaW] I got digitized
[BaW] Into a digital world
How to NOT get away with murder with HabboQuests!
Rare Vintage Polaroid Camera
Welcome to Miami!
Underground Casino
Where's Mike?
Habbo PD
Born to Race
Caught on Camera
Time's Up!
Jamaica Day Maze 2021
Won the gold medal with HabboQuests & USDF!
Held the Olympic Torch with HabboQuests & USDF!
Who am I?
It's always tea time
Adventure is out there
Celebrate your pride! - Habbo Pride Festival
Bullying is NOT fine - Amb July 2021
[BaW] Explorer
Eurocup 2020
Love Stronger - Happy Pride Festival!
Eurocup 2020 Final
Eurocup 2020 Final
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 - Match 07-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 07-07
Exposed's Stunt Show 2021!
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020
Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 02-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 06-07
Eurocup 2020 - Match 06-07
Empire State Of Mind
Happy 4th of July!
The Habbox Grand Ballroom
Eurocup 2020 - Match 03-07
This is how it works
Eurocup 2020 - Match 03-07
Habbox World Tour
Happy Canada Day 2021!
[BaW] I completed the Galaxy Police event!
[BaW] I stopped the Stonehenge Invaders!
[BaW] Galaxy Police ID
[BaW] I helped stop an Alien Invasion!
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Rainbow Maze Bonus Badge
Tropical Thailand
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Rainbow Maze 2021
Rode the rainbow Pride wave with HabboQuests!
Waved your pride flag with HabboQuests!
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Room Competition!
Full Moon Party!
Don’t have a meltdown!
Oh buoy!
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Poster Competition!
There’s No Place Like Home
Friend of Dorothy
Canoe Ride to Phuket Island
Philippine Independence Day 2021
Sea you soon at the beach!
Be your true self - Amb June 2021
Volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park!
Discovering Thailand's Wildlife!
Habbo Holidays 2021!
I entered a Habbo's Next Top Habbo 2021 Competition
Wat Traimit Temple's Golden Buddha
Looking for offerings for the Golden Buuddha
Happy Pride Month! |
Busted Ghosts with Hx.Ben
[BaW] I've Got The Key, I've Got the Secret!
Celebrating Asian Heritage Month with HabboQuests!
Asian Heritage Month
Escape the Jungle with Deactivate!
Step Back in Time with JamieChurchley
Amb Infobus - May 2021
Build Off Competition 2021!
Knife to meet you.
There isn't Mushroom left in the basket!
You're Bee-autiful!
Habbo's True Detective
Eid-un Sa'Eid
Sighting of the Crescent Moon
BaW Selection Competition 2021
I celebrated Mother's Day with twinnie and Air!
With love from twinnie and Air
My outfit wowed the Fansites!
The Habbo Wears Nada
Walked the runway with HabboRPG!
Duck Fashion... It's a thing!
Phew! HabboQuests avoided a fashion mishap!
Exploring RPG history
SnowStorm relaunch 2021
HabboQuests & USDF Easter Event!
Hoppy Easter from HabboQuests & USDF!
Broken pencils are pointless
I graduated from Bonnie's Fashion School!
Stop the paparazzis!
Happy Easter to Ewe!
I'm egg-streamely ready for this egg hunt!
Found the missing dress!
Thumbs Up with Ambs - April 2021
Say No To Retros With HF!
HabboFests Fansite
Strike a Pose!
Robin Rabbit
Passion for fashion!
Colorful Shoe
Sweetest Rainbow
Blue Hat
Bag of Carrots
Egg Cart
Cute bunny!
Wooow, eggs!
I aced Bonnie's test!
You win or you die
Fire and Blood
Farmer's Kitchen Bundle
Spring Festivals with HabboQuests!
Blossoming with HabboQuests
It's not over until it's clover
I bloom just for you.
Rainbow Powered Fan LTD
RARE Brown Dragon gift badge
You’re my pot of gold
Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Habbo's European Tour - First stop, Holland!
Habbo's European Tour - Visited London's Big Ben
Habbo's European Tour - Won a gold medal in Berlin!
The Islander
Mice on board!
Black History Month
Hare for You ƒ
~Floating on Love~
You make me blossom!
You make my Daisy!
Together for a better internet - SID 2021
Habbo's Terms and Conditions Expert! - SID 2021
Treasure map
Found  Habbo's Underwater Treasure!
What a Quackin' Quiz!
Nimbus 2000
I caught the snitch!
Piece of peace
I'm walking here!
Hello room
Home sweet home
Move that furni
Unicorn Puppy LTD
Star gem collector X
Never too octopied for you.
We wanted a pink bow, not a pink boa!
HabboQuests wishes you a (missing text)
Sparkle in the new year!
I aced the Safety Quiz!
Have a Flashy New Year!
Noob curiosity
Friendly one
Room raider junior
Nice to meet
Yellow Rune Rock
Rock Elder
Enchanted Sword
There's no man like a snowman.
Have an enchanted Christmas!
Level jumping
Me, myself and I
Flower Face
Fly away!
Dreaming of a white Christmas.
Santa’s Grotto 2020!
Christmas Carolling with HabboQuests!
Merry Christmas from HabboQuests!
Flower Face's Palace
Okeefinokee's Gaga Maze 2020
Okeefinokee's Gaga Maze 2020
Have a tree-mendous Christmas!
Merry Christmas from Fuusio!
Okeefinokee's Gaga Maze 2020
Pink Rune Rock
Fire Gnome
Welcome to the Enchanted Forest!
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
I <3 HabboxWiki!
Green Rune Rock
Earth Viking
Icy Pony
The Last True Explorer
Last of the Wilds
Make a wish!
Enchanted Moon
My gnome knows a trick! VII
Purple Rune Rock
Let it snow!
Sue's Drag Competition 2020
Blue Rune Rock
Rotund Yeti
Mountain Dragon
Garden of Serenity
Merry Kwlmas!
Audemars bewitches you farewell!
HabboBites bids you a tasty goodbye!
BaW Food Fight! Happy Thanksgiving!
Sew much to do, sew little time.
You're the beary best!
HabboQuests was the imposter!
Feeling sus with HabboQuests
I like your gnome IX
Avalanche of hugs!
Sinister Shinobi
The Eight Trigrams
Plushies Everywhere!
Santa’s come early...
Sleigh Bells
Bonfire Night 2020!
I discovered spooky monsters with Fuusio!
Habbox Grand Designs
Happy Meowloween
Purranormal Activity
I entered The Twilight Dimension with HabboRPG!
I escaped the endless hallway with HabboBites!
I survived HabboQuests’ haunted shop!
BaW Asylum
BaW Asylum
Fuusio witch you a Fa-boo-lous Halloween!
I went trick or treating with the fansites!
I completed HabboQuests’ Birthday run!
Happy 7th Birthday HabboQuests!
I opened Pandora'x box!
Mystery Inc. with HabboQuests!
Terror from the deepest seas
Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!
Played the name game with HabboBites!
Hellish Scarecrow
Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats
Witch, please...
Hell's Bells
All eyes on you!
Autumnal Bench Scene Competition!
A divine mess-maker!
Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin
Something lurks in the dark..
Welcome to the Impossible House!
You defeated eHabbo!
Ditch the Label: Mental Health Infobus
Thank GOURD you made it!
I be-leaf in you.
Habbo Club veteran IV
HC Member IV
Toured the HabboBites Campus!
Pop around the clock VII
Caught the Flag!
Ditch the Label Mental Health 2020
Autumn Days Bundle
HabboQuests Jurassic Habbo!
Amb Infobus - Sept 2020
Amb rabbit tail - Sept 2020
Neo-lympics: Galaxy Gladiators Champion
Habbo High
Flying High
System Overload!
Neo-lympics: Cosmo Craziness Champion
Thanks for masking
Neo-lympics: Space Soldiers Champion
Nice as pie XX
Habbo 20 - Designer Comp.
Neo-lympics: Rockin Robos Champion
I am Malaysian
Malaysia's Ketupat Dishes
Amb Infobus - August 2020
The future of fansites starts with Fuusio.net
Happy birthday, HabboCreate!
True helper XX
National Dog Day with Satu and Cocoppa
Adopted a dog with Satu and Cocoppa
Warming the cockles of our hearts!
Back to School with HabboQuests!
I was hired by the Ministry
Came to dance!
Rainy Day Bundle 2.0
Habbo 20 - Frank's Outfit Comp.
I partied all night long!
Amb Watermelon Juice - August 2020
The best gift is you!
Happy 14th Birthday HFFM!
Jamaica Day with kalesalad!
One for the books
HxSS Team Hubs
Habbo 20 Block Comp
Defused the Bomb!
Habbo's 20th!
As proud as a peacock.
Tick-Tock. Can you hear it?
Habbo 20 Video Comp
You are one in a chameleon.
Heal the Planet
I had a splashing time at HabboQuests' Water Park!
Amb Infobus - July 2020
Caught in the chaos!
Caught the red hoodie stranger!
I am confusion
Chill Modern Bundle
Kickwars2020 Champion
Red Devils for the win!
On Wednesdays, we wear pink!
Oh sheep!
You can't sit with us!
Next stop, Habbo hotel!
Welcome to Habbo!
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Growing Strong
King of the Hill!
Happy Canada D'eh!
I didn't get stuck in the Maple Run!
Habboxbury 20'
I | Habbox
HabboBites.. You're one in a melon!
Caution: The Floor is Lava!
Had a feast with HabboCreate!
Into the sunset with HabboBites!
What a
HabboQuests 2020 LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze Winner
Amb Infobus - June 2020
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Rainbow Popsicle
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Flag
Jahmud's hidden treasure
Sacred Lotus
Ruby, the Royal Elephant
Vibrant colors of India
Put on mehndi with HabboRPG!
Gifted the groom with HabboQuests!
Gifted the bride with Habbox!
Said “I do” with HFFM!
Nuttin like you
India indeed X
The final battle!
Protect & Defend!
Ambs’ Tea Party - June 2020
Animal trainer X
President Pulx’s VIP Award Ceremony
President Pulx’s Citizen Award
Looking for Princess Prisha
King Shah Habbal's Palace
Farewell MaWma Peachery!
Base Invader
Red Devils
In the name of the moon!
Sent from the moon.
Vicious Viking X
Goes around comes around X
Hooked on a feeling
Anbu's magic book
Carp Diem
You are the light.
It's dangerous to go alone! So don't.
I always believed.
Defeated the Scourge of Habrule Castle!
Happy hippie X
The Heavenly Eye
Pixel Manipulation Shurikenjutsu
Authenticating... Shabeikah Slate confirmed.
Work from home looks competition!
Pet lover IX
Christmas crystal X
Pulx Presents 2020: BenFurni and ExtraKen. I Escaped Pompeii!
iSmexi and B's Traders Event
A Walk Down Trading Lane
No Noob Offers
[BO] Black Ops
Got fluffy with HabboBites!
[HDA] Habbo Defence Agency
[USDF] United States Defense Force
[UN] United Nations
[INT] Interpol
[KoH] Kingdom of Habbo
[SS] Secret Service
[NOPD] New Orleans Police Department
Eid Mubarak 2020
[HIA] Habbo Intelligence Agency
Coming together for Eid!
Quacking up in Quarantine
Emotional Baggage
Ditch the Label 2020
Heroes Event with HabboQuests!
Honouring our heroes with HabboQuests!
I completed Kwls Maze!
Gardener of death I
This maze is Kwl!
Amb Tiny Infobus - May 2020
Amb Hub Relaunch Ducky 2020
Habbovision 2020
Sent with love from HFFM!
Thanks a bunch, Mum!
I won at all the Habbo Classic games!
I won at matt2205 Oddity & HOSKO02 Games
I won at mlp16 Flumix & Liver-Oil Games
What a Nostalgic Weekend! 2020 Habbo Reunion
I mastered wandlore with HabboRPG!
Your team got EVERY question correct! Well done you!
Your team got the most points in HBC's pub quiz!
Completed the Country Cup race!
Completed the Galaxy Cup race!
Completed the Forest Cup race!
Completed the Iceland Cup race!
Swallowed by a Bear ª
A Wild Encounter!
I partied at Amaiazing's 1 year Habversary!
Can I keep him? IX
HabboQuests Candy Land!
Went through Candy Land with HabboQuests!
Debate Hall Habelection Room Comp 2020
Relic Hunter V - Master Monument
Stay Home, Stay Safe!
I made Meadow Ranch BOOT-iful!
Happy Easter from HFFM!
Relic Hunter IV - Royal Protector
Relic Hunter III - Jade Guardian
Relic Hunter I - Earth Pony
Easter Sweetness
Easter Gluttony
Relic Hunter II - Easter Goose
You are one with nature.
HBC's a-maze-ing masquerade.
Spreading joy from one balcony to another #StayInHabbo
As High as Honour.
Ours is the fury.
Hiking through the Alpine Heights
Fooled by the Big Bad Wolf #AprilFool
Everything Darling, Everything!
Strike a pose! Transgender Day of Visibility
Artist Studio Bundle
Stickie scribbler XV
Celebrating 61 years of an icon with HabboQuests!
V for Vendetta, in moussy & chronoski’s DZ!
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
I am the Princess!
100 % True Habbo XX
Had the best nap with HabboBites!
Snowball FIGHT Champion!
History Happened Here!
Closed on Wednesdays
International Women's Day 2020!
Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable
Innocence, dreams, hope and love
Battle Banzai winner XV
Nostalgic movies with HFFM!
Can you pass the popcorn please?
Habbox Tough Love
Spread the love with HabboQuests!
Amb Tiny Infobus - Feb 2020
I like your leprechaun V
Internet Security Expert - SID 2020
Caught the cooking fever with HabboBites!
You ran away with a pizza my heart...
Unforgettable Valentine's Day
Ruff Dates
Will you marry me?
Oh poop...
Restaurant SOS!
Cook, eat and repeat!
A night to remember!
Formally monster II
Rom-Com-Petition 2020!
AMB’s L0-VE P0TI0N 2020
Positive Vibes Only! - SID 2020
Safety First! - SID 2020
Passed the Test GotGame 2020!
You're everything I Avo wanted!
Struck by HFFM's arrow!
Freeze winner  XII
Freeze player  XI
Chocolatier Shop Bundle
Fairy enough V
A tail of two BRODENTS.
Battle Ball player XIV
Winning team XIV
At Thonas' mercy!
Look, a rainbow I
Hungry hungry leprechauns VIII
Advanced crafting
Ghost hunter V
Habbo Laundry Bundle
Happy Chinese New Year 2020!
I'm halfway through the Year of the Rat maze!
USDF Army - This We'll Defend
USDF Air Force - Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win
USDF Marines - Semper Fi
USDF Navy - Semper Fortis!
Amb Tiny Infobus - Jan2020
Swamped by stickies XVI
Habbox Classic Games Weekend
Playground Games with HabboQuests!
Conservator I
There's more to life than scaring.
I killed it at HighSparrow's Death Race!
Breaking Ankles!
Death Race & Chill
Where they are just and loyal..
If you’ve a ready mind!
New Years Trivia Level VI
New Years Trivia Level V
Greasy goodness at HabboBites 4th Birthday!
New Years Trivia Level IV
New Years Trivia Level III
New Years Trivia Level II
Shed the light
New Years Trivia Level I
Winter Palace Game XI
Winter Palace Game X
HabboQuests Snow Globe
They open a door and enter a world...
I won the final battle for Habnia!
Oh Deer, another HFFM Christmas!
It’s all Faun and Games over here!
There's snow-one like you!
You helped Santa prepare for Habboxmas
I learned about PII with the Ambs
Account Safety with the Ambs
Happy holidays, my deer-est.
Love at frost sight!
Merry Xmas from your Official Fansites!
Prepare for Battle!
Giving back at Christmas with HabboQuests!
Amb Infobus Pin - Dec 2019
Merry Christmas from HFFM!
Habboxmas 2019!
I went to tea with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver!
The Great Lion
Found the ice witch!
You set my heart on fire...
Had a magical Christmas with BaW.
Have a tree-mendous Christmas!
RARE Polar Braid
Winter Palace Game III
Winter Palace Game IV
Winter Palace Game V
Winter Palace Game VI
Winter Palace Game VII
Winter Palace Game VIII
Winter Palace Game IX
On duty V
Black Friday MEGA Deal
Visited Santa's Grotto 2019!
Christmas '19 with kalesalad!
The pack survives.
Winter Palace Game I
Winter Palace Game II
Taylor series X
An Absolute CAT-astrophe!
Nobunny Compares To You!
A working class hero is something to be...
A bold lip for a bold individual
Dancing with the Devil
Winter Fashionista
Entered the Gates of Hell
RARE Puppy Ears
Snow Race Level I
Snow Race Level II
Snow Race Level III
Old School PC Games with HabboQuests
Habbox Non Stop November!
Oh no it's HabboBites, get meowt of here!
Satu and Cocoppa showed you some kindness.
Bite me HabboBites!
World Kindness Day with Satu and Cocoppa
Capture the Flag 2019!
Design Amaia's Cosy Living Room Participant!
Amb Infobus Pin - Nov 2019
Habengers Assemble!
HabboQuests Weekend
Sweet like Hunny!
Explored timeless stories with HFFM!
Winter Looks Community Challenge - Leather hoodie
Winter Looks Community Challenge.- Flared Trench coat
Log Cabin Bundle
Satan has one son... but my sisters are legion!
Balancing the scale of life with RPG!
I’ll take what is mine with fire and blood
Witches' Coven Crafter I
I screamed the loudest at Habboween Live Event 2019!
Witches' Coven Twitter Badge
Amb's 5th Anniversary
Habboween Deathrun 2019
Trick or treat, smell my feet
Bronze Instagram Sweepstakes Winner!
I curdled some blood with my horror look!
Frank's Treasure Tracker!
Happy 6th Birthday HabboQuests!
A new era with HabboQuests.co
Socializer V
You saw da future wid BaW!
You saved Lunar Valley with BaW!
Projecting yourself to hell with Habbox!
Look what you made me brew!
Teleporting away with HabboBites!
Welcome the the coven!
I'm back to brew up some trouble!
I dare say that one drop would kill us all.
Amb’s Spam Blocker
Fought HabboBites for the Lost Grimoire!
Battle of the Witches!
I performed Telekinesis with HabboQuests!
Controlling minds with HFFM!
Witchy Outfit
Soccer host IV
Every witch needs a magic broom!
Witches' Sabbath Bundle
A Walk in the Woods
Blades of glory XX
Solving the mystery of Habbox
Amb Infobus Pin - October 2019
Potions Expert
Builders' Club designer XI
I'm FALLin' for you!
I went absolutely batty with HFFM!
Reducing our carbon footprint with HabboQuests!
Supermarket Bundle
Hold my wig, I'm bout to snap!
You became your own stylist with HabboCreate!
You went shopping with HabboCreate!
You discovered dragon eggs with HabboRPG!
Amb Infobus Pin - Sept 2019
A Rainy Day in Habbo
Rainy Day Bundle
Habbox Gone Wild
Discovered even stranger things with HFFM!
Scoops Troop assemble!
For more floor score III
Juicin' It up with the Ambs
Sunlight City Game 6
National Dog Day with HabboQuests!
Only the best D24 with HabboBites!
Singapore's 54th Independence Day
Sunlight City Game 5
Sunlight City Game 4
I participated in the Habboshire Festival!
Time flies with Habbox
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HabboQuests!
Make sure you don’t drink too much!
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HFFM!
HabboBites, you’re my sunflower.
Xavier Institute for Gifted Habbos
Sunlight City Game 3
Sunlight City Game 2
Amb Infobus Pin - August 2019
Happy 13th Birthday from HFFM!
Party like it’s your 13th Birthday, with HFFM!
Sunlight City Game 1
I searched for jobs with HabboCreate!
I'm a control freak!
HxSS: Ready Player One?
Habbo Pride Parade 2019!
Swan Lake
Hiss hiss baby, snake me out.
Amb Infobus Pin - July 2019
Summer Camp with HabboQuests!
Summertime in Habbo!
Ditch the Label
Habbo Pride Trivia
Celestial Bundle
You've got a friend in HFFM!
A Disney adventure with HFFM!
Happy Independence Day 2019, USA!
Habbox Sweet 16th Birthday
Grr, eh?
Canada Day 2019
I rocked out at the Habbo Live Festival 2019!
Makes you think
Collectible Skull 6
VIP PASS June Live Event 2019
You helped serve justice with HabboRPG!
Friend of the monster plants
Monster plant destroyer
Summer Song Fever
Lets party it up VIP Style
Festival competition winner!
Backstage Hangout
Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.
Master of mazes!
Dude! Where's my tent?
Amb Infobus Pin - June 2019
Summer with Habbox!
Left no stone unturned!
Got No Time to Wait
LGBT+ Pride with HabboQuests!
Rock in Habbo
Taste the rainbow with HabboQuests!
Goonies never say die!
Roller stroller  XX
RARE Pastel Rainbow Jumper
A sword fit for a God
I found the helmet with HFFM!
Brace yourself for impact with Habbox
Break a leg for supper with HabboBites
You are worthy of the cloak of RPG!
Shield yourself with HabboQuests!
Drinks on the Ambs 2019
Eurovision 2019 Community Challenge
Amb Infobus Pin - May 2019
Mental Health Awareness Week
Real OGs
Cast a spell with HabboQuests!
Went on a chilling adventure with HabboQuests!
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for voting!
I did my waiting… 12 years of it
In Azkabobba!
The Greek Ancient Party of 2019
I leveled up with HFFM!
I'm-a Luigi, number one!
Checkpoint! Woohoo!
I'm sure the princess a-peach-iates you finding her!
Photographer VIII - True artist
A watermelon. Thanks HabboBites...
Wonderland - Chapter 4
Habbelina - Chapter 3
Snow White - Chapter 3
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 3
RARE Fairytale Forest Wreath
I helped the ents stop any intruding orcs with HabboCreate!
I discovered kelpies with HabboQuests!
I earned the respect of a Hippogriff with HabboRPG!
This Easter GFE is a hoot!
I discovered Fairies with HFFM!
I uncovered dragons with Habbox!
Habbelina - Chapter 2
Wonderland - Chapter 3
The enemy is real.
2019 Easter Egg (3/10)
2019 Easter Egg (1/10)
2019 Easter Egg (2/10)
2019 Easter Egg (4/10)
2019 Easter Egg (5/10)
2019 Easter Egg (6/10)
2019 Easter Egg (7/10)
2019 Easter Egg (8/10)
2019 Easter Egg (9/10)
2019 Easter Egg (10/10)
Snow White - Chapter 2
They're eating all my credits! IX
Hunger gnomes VII
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 2
Dragon Master!
Happy Easter from HFFM!
Wonderland - Chapter 2
Snow White - Chapter 1
Obbah Wobbah eats VI
Beautiful horned horses with highly magical properties
Red Riding Hood - Chapter 1
Habbelina - Chapter 1
I caught them all with Habbox!
Habbox... I Choose You!
Wonderland - Chapter 1
Amb Infobus Pin - April 2019
Instrument Trend Spotter
Starry eyed for a sticker well done
Satu's April Fools Day
April Fool's Day with HabboQuests!
April Fools Day with Satu
Amb Infobus Pin - March 2019
May this clover bring you good luck!
St Patrick's Day 2019 with Keegs:
Master of Magic
If you can dream it, you can become it.
When in doubt, wear red!
Rare Bonnie Blonde Mobile
Celebrating International Women's Day with Habbox
Coffee and Pancakes? My favourite!
Celebrated World Compliment Day with HabboQuests!
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
Rare Two-Tone Curls
All’s fairy in love and war with HabboRPG
RARE Frilled Skirt
Habbobites is my hooman slave
Lounging with the Ambassadors in 2019
RARE Romantic Waistcoat
I helped mend broken hearts with HBC!
That was an eggciting date!
I appeachiate you!
Rooms liked by staff I
Would you love a monster plant? V
Chinese New Year 2019 with HabboQuests!
Together for a better internet
You made internet a better place
For completing a successful date
For dissing your date
Looking for an equal game buddy
SID 2019 Safety Quiz
Feeling the love with HFFM!
Romantic MEGA Deal
ª Bobba ª With Habbox
ƒ Love ƒ From Habbox
Australia Day 2019
Music collector X
That popcorn butter be crispy HabboBites!
Twisted Castle Bundle
Chaos is a ladder.
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
It must be written in the stars.
I'm a Noobie girl, in a Habbox woooorld! ——
Too Quick!
Happy New Year from HFFM!
I can see you!