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Toque (Chef's Hat)

Toque (Chef's Hat)

Awarded to winners of the Foodies and Friends competitions.



Furni Wars yuppies who championed the Pura cause!

Trax Bronze

Trax Bronze

Awarded to the 3rd-placed Habbo on the weekly Trax Charts.


Badges (125)

The Mighty Eagle
The Avian Tribal Badge
Online time XII
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Monkey business VII
Fast Food Rocketeer III
Fast Food Winner I
Habbo Club veteran III
Battle Ball Player III
Battle Banzai Adept
Lord of the tiles VIII
Battle Banzai Star III
Habbo citizen
True You I
Firestarter X
Football Goal Scorer III
Socializer III
Battle Royal II
Player VI
Greet me I
Gran Turismo
Feedback provider
Lost again
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Resident III - Returner
Master of Words I
Pop around the clock IV
Stickie Scribe Level I
Pet lover V
Roller stroller IV
100 % True Habbo XX
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie! VIII
For more floor score
Room Builder XVII
Furni Collector V
Room Host IV
Wall me
Room raider V
Level I Safety tips
Skate Board Jumper XX
Skateboard slider XIX
Shell Collector XX
Speed Skater I
Ice Ice Baby III
Trading pass I
HC Member I
HC Member I
Girlfriend Group Member
Girls' Life #3
Girls' Life #4
Skater's Challenge 2011
Skateboarding Quiz 2011
Skaters vs. Rollers 2011
Turtle Games Badge
Slow and Steady Badge
Never Ending Stairs Champ
DJ XXXtreme - Grin
DJ XXXtreme - MP3 Player
Diner Geek
Space Shuttle
Garden Gnome
Habbo Club membership III
Black Hole Experience 2011
Equine health expert
Deep Water Challenge 2011
Free Hugs
One Habbo, One World
Keep It Real
Koala Eucalyptus
Lego Banana
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo SG
MTV Bronze Record
Hospitality Badge
Neon Megaphone
Trax Bronze
Habbo Tiles Amazing Race winner!
Habbolympics Bronze
Golden Graduation Badge
Pop Quiz Badge #1
Pop Quiz Badge #3
Fig Leaf
USOB Muscle
Honour IP
Bronze Habbo of the Month
SG Camera
Singapore Flag
Habbo Journo
Free Salad at the Diner.
Toque (Chef's Hat)
Heat Wave Badge 2011
Nintendo 3DS Bronze badge
Nintendo 3DS Silver badge
Nintendo 3DS Gold badge
The Sims 3 Pets 'Eaten Fish' badge
The Sims 3 Pets 'Dog Collar' badge
This is Abuse 'Hand' badge
This is Abuse 'Speak Out' badge
Monte Carlo
The Big March 2012
Pyramid Trial Badge
Kiss 'n Tell
Splitsville Badge
Habborella Ring Badge
Warchild Peace
Heavy Metal Guitar
Virus Pill
Xmas '07 - Smilla
Xmas '07 - Santa3000
Snowball Badge
Snow Smiley Badge
Pegasus Rider

Friends (29)

Potato, Potato,
27 November 2019
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Kara Kara
11 February 2019
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tommyon tommyon
3 January 2019
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skeptica skeptica
2 January 2019
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redloop redloop
2 November 2018
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x.Tangy.x x.Tangy.x
15 September 2018
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Mastery Mastery
9 August 2018
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SaPPhirEhOLe SaPPhirEhOLe
31 July 2018
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Caps Caps
18 July 2018
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Focal Focal
18 June 2018
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Olympics Olympics
18 June 2018
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Himura Himura
1 June 2018
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WeiqiLow WeiqiLow
15 May 2018
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Brian Brian
11 May 2018
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Grania Grania
9 May 2018
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Judacris Judacris
9 May 2018
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K, K,
8 May 2018
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SkyzSun SkyzSun
30 April 2018
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Ginge Ginge
6 April 2018
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skullmage skullmage
18 March 2018
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SUPERchips SUPERchips
15 March 2018
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TroubledSoul TroubledSoul
14 March 2018
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JuLee JuLee
10 March 2018
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Staircase Staircase
28 February 2018
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Basbaby Basbaby
20 February 2018
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-tHrOpHieS- -tHrOpHieS-
19 February 2018
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:mechen: :mechen:
19 February 2018
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josoho josoho
19 February 2018
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SotTao SotTao
19 February 2018
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