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HabboHoliday's 2016 Xmas Weekend Event

HabboHoliday's 2016 Xmas Weekend Event

The sled isn't going anywhere without me <3!


Badges (181)

HabboHoliday's 2016 Xmas Weekend Event
True Helper VIII
Habbo Home Poster
Theory test
Car Receipt
Habbox Valentine's Event 2016
Happy 15th Birthday, Habbo!
Online time XVII
Advanced Crafting
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Habbo Club member  II
Battle Ball Player XI
Battle Banzai Overlord
Lord of the tiles XII
Battle Banzai Star X
Builder's Club Member I
Habbo Citizen
True You I
Football Goal Scorer III
Freeze Player  XI
Freeze Beginner III
Freeze Winner  XI
Socializer V
Battle Royal V
Player XI
Nice one I
Like me a bit more II
I like your gnome I
Gran Tourismo
Stop Bullying II
Hand of Justice VII
Give Feedback II
On Duty IX
Guide Kudos VI
Helping Hand X
Get Help II
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
I like your leprechaun I
A Piece Of The Furniture V
Monster Plant Tender II
Master of Words I
Music Player Level I
Stickie scribbler Level III
Swamped By Stickies Level III
They're eating all my credits! I
My pet knows a trick! I
I'll soon have a kennel IV
Pet lover V
My pets get all the love III
Piñata Whacker V
Roller Derby Raider  IX
100 % True Habbo XX
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie! VIII
Room Builder IX
Furni Collector V
Room Host V
Room Raider XX
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door Mode
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard Jumper XVI
Skateboard Slider XIV
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby X
Trading pass I
HC Member I
Habbo for Android
Android Room
1 Million downloads
Apocalypse movie expert
Trick or treat, you completed the Halloween 2015 quiz!
You know everything you need to know to defeat the Four Horsemen
You escaped from the Four Horsemen of the Habbocalypse
For tracing the lady in purple...
The Blue Crystals kept you safe from the grave
Avoid the dread, a helmet protects your head
Honoured as hero from the Habbocalypse, you saved the hotel!
Master Crafter
Smelly places are the best hiding places - Habboween Secret
Happy 2nd Birthday, HabboQuests!
Mental Health Awareness 2015
Chamaeleon Hidden Badge
Capture the scammer, July 2015
Abyss of pixels, July 2015
Find the virus, July 2015
Back to School with FlyHabbo
Safety Certified
Treasure 1
Diner Race - Geeks
Game of Spooks
Equal Marriage 2014!
Alexthedoc's Christmas Roof Runner 2015
Habbo 15 Room Comp
Gnome Invasion: South America Part 1
Habbox Carnival Weekend
Once Upon A Time with HabbCrazy
World Mental Health Day 2015
Nelson Mandela Day 2015
Gnome Invasion North America: The Bahamas
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Clean it up!
The first recipe
Mystery guest
Pizza Eater
Tomato II
Tomato III
Tomato IV
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo USA
Connect 4
Spirit Day 2015
Treasure 2
HabbOlympics Bronze
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Freedom Badge
NoBobba Badge
Rotten Rainbow Cones
Treasure 3
SpeedDemon Fan
Elephant Bronze Badge
HabboQuests & HabboCentral ANZAC Day 2015
Volleyball Champion
Gnome Invasion: Antarctica, part 1
Gnome Invasion Asia: Maldives
Gnome Invasion Antarctica Part 2
Friendship Day 2015 with Habbotiles and Flyhabbo!
National Ice Cream Day 2015
ThisHabbo Fairytale Weekend
Kicking gnome-butt in San Francisco!
Gnome Invasion Ireland
Gnome Invasion: Annhililating gnomes in Africa part 2!
International Cats Day
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
SG50 Commemoration
I Visited Santa
Bon Voyage Paris!
Fallen Angeles Habboween
Boom! There it is!
BaW: Habomens begins
Fright Night with HFFM and Habbox
HabboTiles Habboween 2015!
Puhekupla & HabboCentral Habboween
Habboweek Heaven or Hell with FlyHabbo and Habboshire!
And so it continues forever onwards...
Apocalyptic party
The Maze Runner with HabbCrazy
Penguin Rush Xmas Edition
Come in, Come in
Come Fly with Me
Phew! Time to fly.
Seventeen Magazine 5 (2009)
Prom of the Dead Zombies
Xmas Carols - Santa Claus
Xmas Carols - Mrs. Claus
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Santa Claus
Silent night - Mrs. Claus
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!