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The Joe Badge

The Joe Badge

MDIS Coffee

Old Habbo Memorial Badge

Old Habbo Memorial Badge

I saw the end of Old Habbo!


Badges (24)

Looks that Kill I
True You I
Socializer I
Happy Hour I
Master of Words I
Mystery Box explorer II
Piñata Whacker I
100 % True Habbo XX
10% Respected Habbo I
Room Raider I
Trading pass I
April Fools 2009
Boost Mobile Surf Sho
Old Habbo Memorial Badge
Goodbye Big Hand
Spider Hunter Badge
Fountain Pen Badge
The Joe Badge
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo SG
Rangos Safe!
de Blob 2 Badge
Pokémon White Version
Warchild Peace

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18 October 2019
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