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Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label

Equality Badge - ditchthelabel.org

BaW NYE party

BaW NYE party

It was a fairytale ending to 2014!


Badges (474)

Mermaid Carol Singer Badge
Xmas Kick-Offer
Happy 15th Birthday, Habbo!
Online time XIX - Bedrock
Advanced crafting
Looks that kill I
Monkey business III
Habbo Club veteran II
Battle Ball player XIV
Battle Banzai quest - Overlord
Lord of the tiles XX
Battle Banzai winner XVI
Bear breeder I
Builders Club member
Photographer I - Memories
Habbo citizen
True you
Ice kicking VII
Soccer scorer V
Soccer host II
Freeze player  XIII
Literally cool I
Freeze quest X - Overlord
Freeze winner  XIV
Socializer VII
Game arcade owner IV
Winning team XV
Nice one VI
Greet me IV
Hunger gnomes V
My gnome knows a trick! VII
I like your gnome III
Gran Turismo
Stop bullying
True helper XIII
Feedback provider II
Shed the light
On duty VI
Guide kudos II
Helping hand III
Lost again II
Tour guide IV
Habbo Way
Happy hour
Equestrian II
Horse jumping IV
Stable owner III
Resident XV - Breathtaking
Would you love a monster plant? III
Habbo Name
Stickie scribbler II
Swamped by stickies I
They're eating all my credits! VII
Animal trainer VI
Can I keep him? IX
Pet lover VII
How cute VII
Piñata whacker III
Roller stroller  XX
70 % True Habbo XIV
Respected Habbo VI
Nice as pie! IX
Builders' Club designer X
For more floor score VII
Room builder XIV
Furni collector XI
Room host XI
Wall me VI
Room raider XX
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door mode
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard jumper XX
Skateboard slider XX
Winter warrior I
Blades of glory XX
Ice ice baby VI
HC Member II
Android Room
Master Crafter
Moon Landing with HFFM
Summer Christmas 2013
Happy International Dance Day!
Painting Splatter Spotlight Game
Carnival Mask
Qi Xi Festival
Football Diva
Self Help Champ!
BaW NYE party
Movie Magic Telephrase
The Future is Back Offer
Yellow Alien Bunny
Blue Alien Bunny
Easter Chicka chicka, yeah!
Wise Chicka chicka, yeah!
Pink Alien Chicken
Blue Alien Chicken
Green Chicken Alien
Nice skin
Clearasil Ultra 2
World Kindness Day 2013
Happy Turkey Day badge
Black Friday 2013
Builders at Work Easter Event 2014
#HabboPlayNice I heart U
The Diva Sessions III
Thanksgiving Dinner
Ditch the Label Blue
Ditch the Label
Ditch the Label Equality
Ditch the Label 10k
National Milk Chocolate Day Badge
DTL #MHA2014
Epic Pet
Ambassador Christmas
Mandela Badge
Friendly Screens Quiz
Equal Marriage 2014!
To catch a killer
Habboquests Family Day Event
The Diva Sessions IV
Family of Freaks
Hit and Run!
Friendship Charm
Space Mineral
Fried Egg Tattoo
First Egg of the Season
One of us
Space Invader I
Space Invader II
Space Invader III
Space Invader IV
Space Invader V
Space Invader VI
Space Invader VII
Space Invader VIII
Space Invader IX
Space Invader X
Easter mystery I
Easter mystery II
Easter mystery III
Euro 2012
Don´t Wake the Staff
WaltzMatildas 1st Habversary!
Safety Self Help badge
HabboTiles Mother´s Day Telephrase
Summer Solstice 2014
Clicky Business Spotlight Winner
BaW Black Friday 2
Heart of the Ocean
RMS Titanic 102nd Anniversary
Thousand Tiles Maze Master
HabboTiles Independence Day Event
Arc de Triomph: Bastille Day with BaW
Habbo R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Week
MOD-Hub Christmas Party!
Black Cat
Haunted Hathaways
I feel like a King!
I feel like a Punk!
I feel like Danny Zuko!
I feel like a Space Explorer
I feel like a Japanese Cook
I feel like 2Pac!
I feel like a Peruvian!
I feel like LeBron James!
I feel like a Karate Athlete!
I feel like Guy Fawkes!
I feel like Bob Marley!
I feel like I don't want to be seen!
I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo!
I feel in Love!
I feel like a Duck!
I feel like a Real Habbo!
I feel like a Detective!
I feel crazy!
Woman's Day 2014
St Patrick Game
Solar System Rare Badge
Colorful Candy Skull
BaW Movie Magic
#Movember to Remember
Star of the Screen
Christmas Beach Baller
Santa's Sleigh
12 Days of Christmas: Day 2
12 Days of Christmas: Day 3
12 Days of Christmas: Day 4
12 Days of Christmas: Day 1
Exotic Bunny
Footballer's Wives Club
The Diva Sessions II
My Little Unicorn
Palooza Peace Sign
Rihanna Selfie
Miley Selfie
Katy Perry Selfie
Beta Club
Habbo for iPhone badge
 Canada Day with FlyHabbo
BooTastic HabboTiles Habboween Event
BaW Black Friday
Golden Charm
Base Wars
Nelson Mandela Day 2015
Habbo Jurassic
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014
Kids Choice '14 Voter
Pizza Eater
Luna Cinema
Horror hidden Badge
Superhero hidden Badge
Fantasy hidden Badge
Action hidden Badge
Ding Dong Rare Poster
Apparitions Game
Voodoo Swamp Bundle
Twisted Castle Bundle
Day of the Dead Bundle
Freaky Fairground Bundle
Collector's Badge
Skull Fountain
Niko Badge
Habbo Tiles Friendship Day badge
Carnival & Mardi Gras Quiz
BaW: Lest we Forget.
Entry Ticket to HabbZoo
Habzoo Penguins
Animal Knowledge
Nature Photographer
Secret Professor´s Office
Rainbow Run Winner
Waitangi Day 2014
Pixie Lott Q&A!
HabboPalooza Ticket
Enter the Festival
The Tent
Friends' Math
Habbo Dancing
Roadie Certificate
Looking for a band
A day off
The Amp Stack
Testing testing 1, 2, 3
Songs Game
A day as a Star
Rehearsal time
The day before
The big day
Palooza Community Challenge 1
Palooza Community Challenge 2
Palooza Community Challenge 3
Habbo Palooza Hoopla Room Bundle
Early to the party
Happy 2015!
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
Friendship Badge
Freedom Badge
Inventiveness Badge
Event Promoter
Habbo Palooza 2013 Quiz
Venetian 2013 Quiz
Steampunk 2013 Quiz
Pirates 2013 Quiz
Rotten Rainbow Cones
KitchenNinjette´s Welcome Back party!
Safer Internet Day 2014
Curious Creatures
HiPad Early Adopter
HiPad Enthusiast
HiPad One Month-iversary
1 Million downloads
Habbosphere Family Day Event
Look of the Year: Voters Badge
International Women´s Day 2014
Don't Go There badge
12 d
12 Days of Christmas
Happy 2014 badge
Summer Christmas Badge
Puhekupla Badge 2014
Chef-Off Voter´s Badge
Barnyard Dash Badge
Rush Hour Spotlight Winner´s Badge
Oh dear!
Waltzing Matilda
Boom Boom
Super Bowl 2014
Habbox Official Fansite Event Feb.
Name that Scamsite Quiz Winner
Habbo Chef Off Badge (Chinese Recipe Week)
Chef-Off Voter´s Badge
HH + HK Vday Event
HFFM & Puhekupla´s Vday Event Badge
Cupid´s Day 2014
Purple Rose Badge
Silver Badge
Bronze Badge
Presidents´ Day Badge
HabbCrazy´s St.Patrick´s Day
St.Patrick´s Poll Badge 2014
FlyHabbo´s St.Patrick´s Day
The Lucky Leprechaun 2014
HFFM St.Patrick´s Day
HabboTiles St. Patrick´s Day
Habbosphere´s St.Patrick´s Day
FlyHabbo Featured Fansite Event: Mario Karts
HabHome + HabboTiles Easter 2014
HabbCrazy + Habbox Easter 2014
Habulous + HFFM Easter 2014
HFFM Fansite Weekend Public Puzzle
Habulous Mother´s Day 2014
Victoria Day 2014
HabboExtra Mother's Day Maze
FlyHabbo Family Day
Habbcrazy Fansite Amazon Event Badge
Habbox Memorial Day Badge
HabboQuests Weekend
HabbCrazy Memorial Day Badge
Habbox Father´s Day
HabboQuests.com Picnic Game
HFFM International Picnic Day
FlyHabbo Summer Solstice
Canada Day Birthday Cake 2014
BaW LGBT Pride Month: Event 2
BaW: San Fermin 2014
Independence Day with BaW
The Statue of Liberty
Ultimate Safety Quiz
HabbCrazy Ice Cream Day
FlyHabbo Pokemon League
Tread Lightly!
Habbox Friendship Day Event badge
Code Cracker
Jendro's BAW Crown
Tug of War
BAW Elvis badge
HFFM Indonesia Day Badge
HFFM Disco WKND Badge
Colour blind game badge
Safehouse Saloon Badge
Back 2 School with Habbox
October Breast Cancer Awareness Champ
HabboQuests.com 1st Birthday
Day of the Dead
HabbCrazy Habboween Event
Community Service Beach Clean Up
Happy 6th Bday, HabboTiles!
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Ditchthelabel.org Launch quest
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
I Visited Santa
BAW Haunted House 2015
Habbox Christmas Elf Quest
Penguin Rush Xmas Edition
Steelscar  Badge
Triquetra Runestone
Loki Runestone
Viking Ship Builder Runestone
America Runestone
Gullinbursti Runestone
Find the amulet
Talk with the gods
Welcome to Yggdrasill
The center of the 9 worlds
Burn it down!
Find the enemy loot!
Face to face with the enemy
In the Valhalla
Seduce a Bot I
World Record Kiss
Croatia Supporter
Spain Supporter
Italy Supporter
Ecuador Supporter
Ghana Supporter
Belgium Supporter
Spain Supporter
Greece Supporter
Ecuador Supporter
Germany Supporter
Portugal Supporter
Brazil Supporter
Costa Rica Supporter
Russia Supporter
Uruguay Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
France Supporter
Belgium Supporter
Germany Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Germany Supporter
Argentina Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Germany Supporter
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
Argentina Supporter
National Team Flag
Diamond Case
Diamond Alert
Diamond Argument
Diamond Dreams
The Loot I
The Loot II
The Loot III
The Loot IV
Cowboys Gang
Wild Train I
Wild Train II
Wild Train III
Wild Train IV
Wild Train V
Rattlesnake River Town
Ghostly Gallows Badge
Habbo Islands Resort Bundle
Xmas Carols - Santa Claus
Xmas Carols - Mrs. Claus
Reindeer owner - Santa Claus
Reindeer owner - Mrs. Claus
Xmas market - Santa Claus
Xmas market - Mrs. Claus
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!
Mariachi Doll
Catrina Doll
Dressed to the Nines Doll
Habbo Boy Doll
Tattooed Skeleton Doll
Lucha Libre Doll
Habbo Girl Doll
Punk Rock Doll
Grim Reaper Doll
Skeleton Cat Doll
Praia do Brasil badge
Xmas Maze 3
Christmas Maze 5

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