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Achievements top 250: # N/A (363)
Badge top 250: # N/A (162)
Unique badge top 50: # 3.689 (3)

Badges (162)

Prosperous III
Online time XIV
Looks that Kill I
Habbo Club member  II
Battle Ball Player XV
Lord of the tiles XV
Battle Banzai Star XV
Builder's Club Member I
Habbo Citizen
Cross trainer Level II
True You I
Football Goal Scorer V
Freeze Player  X
Freeze Winner  X
Socializer III
Player  XIV
True Helper XII
Give Feedback II
On Duty VII
Helping Hand I
Get Help II
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Level III equestrian
Horse jumping level III
Jogger Level IV
Space dust on your shoes VII
Music Collector Level II
Habbo Name
Stickie scribbler Level I
They're eating all my credits! I
My pets know some tricks V
I'll soon have a kennel III
Pet Lover XV
People adore my pets! X
Piñata Whacker II
Roller Derby Raider  I
60 % True Habbo XII
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie XV
Room Builder XVII
Furni Collector XIII
Room Host III
Room Raider XII
Level I Safety tips
Door Mode
Skateboard Jumper XX
Skateboard Slider XVIII
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby XVIII
Trampolinist Level IV
HC Member II
2 Flaming Knights Banished
Made 2 garments.
Tropical Lagoon Bundle
Rare Opossum
Black Friday MEGA Deal
Rare Mask of the Cursed
Rare Courtyard Fountain
Puppy's Paradise Habitat
RARE Medieval Crown
RARE Cursed Throne
Classic HC Club Bundle
Classic Library Bundle
RARE Rideable Sea Turtle
RARE Mammoth Bunny
For having Socks in Flip Flops in your closet
Habbo Gothic painting
Puppy's Habitat Bundle
RARE Executive Ice Cream Maker
Classic Star Lounge Bundle
Classic Habburgers Bundle
Palooza Pack One
Palooza Pack Two
Beach Pack One
Beach Pack Two
RARE Vampire Grimace
The floor is lava!
RARE Director's Buggy
RARE Catcopter
Rare Elegant Crown
Rare Cute Sea Lion Pup
Rare Boxer Braids
Seaside Watersports Bundle
Hilltop Mausoleum Bundle
Rare Gilded Hydra Statue
Hercules Acolyte
Hades Fanatic
Secret Badge 12/12 - Hestia
Santorini Game 6
Tour de France Challenge
Princess Bundle
RARE Heart Dress
Elegant Bundle
Bling MEGA Deal!
Swiss Football Shorts
Panamanian Football Shorts
Australian Football Shorts
Argentinian Football Shorts
South Korean Football Shorts
Moroccan Football Shorts
Portuguese Football Shorts
Costa Rican Football Shorts
Austrian Football Shorts
Swedish Football Shorts
French Football Shorts
Belgium Football Shorts
Uruguayan Football Shorts
English Football Shorts
Colombian Football Shorts
Peruvian Football Shorts
Senegalese Football Shorts
Tunisian Football Shorts
Brazilian Football Shorts
GermanFootball Shorts
Spanish Football Shorts
Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
Swiss Football Shirt
Panamanian Football Shirt
Argentinian Football Shirt
Moroccan Football Shirt
Portuguese Football Shirt
Austrian Football shirt
Swedish Football shirt
French Football shirt
Belgium Football shirt
Uruguayan Football shirt
English Football shirt
Colombian Football shirt
Peruvian Football shirt
Tunesian Football shirt
Spanish Football shirt
Worldcup 2018 Football shirt
RARE Victorian Lion Statue
Detective Doll
Glamour Doll
Beauty Doll
Redhead Doll
Policeman Doll
Soldier Doll
Victorian Doll Collector
December 1st, Victorian xmas
December 2nd, Victorian xmas
December 3th, Victorian xmas
December 4th, Victorian xmas
December 8th, Victorian xmas
December 9th, Victorian xmas
December 10th, Victorian xmas
December 12th, Victorian xmas
December 13th, Victorian xmas
December 15th, Victorian xmas
December 16th, Victorian xmas
December 19th, Victorian xmas
December 21st, Victorian xmas
December 23th, Victorian xmas
December 24th, Victorian xmas
December 25th, Victorian xmas
Well heeled II

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