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Achievements top 250: # N/A (421)
Badge top 250: # N/A (69)
Unique badge top 50: # N/A (0)
Habbo American Idol Winner

Habbo American Idol Winner

For winning the Habbo American Idol competition. (May 2009)

100 % Respected Habbo X

100 % Respected Habbo X

For earning respect 1166 times.


Badges (69)

Eagle Animal Spirit
Lost Tribe Avian Level 2
Notorious X
Online time XX
Looks that Kill I
Battle Ball Player XVI
Battle Banzai Overlord
Lord of the tiles XX
Battle Banzai Star XVI
Habbo Citizen
True You I
Firestarter X
Football Goal Scorer III
Freeze Player  XIII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  VI
Freeze Winner  XIII
Socializer III
Game Arcade owner XVI
Battle Royal V
Player  XVII
Well heeled II
Adore me IV
Gran Tourismo
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Space dust on your shoes VII
Master of Words I
Music Player Level I
They're eating all my credits! II
I play with pets III
Can I Keep Him? I
Pet lover IX
My pets get all the love VIII
Rink Builder VI
Roller Derby Raider  IX
100 % True Habbo XX
100 % Respected Habbo X
Nice as pie XIV
Room Builder XX
Furni Collector XII
Room Host XIII
Room Raider XI
Level I Safety tips
Door Mode
Skateboard Slider I
Blades of Glory XI
Ice Ice Baby XX
Trading pass I
Friendship Bracelet X
Valentine Level 9
Snowflake collector X
Habbo American Idol Top 12
Habbo American Idol Winner
Sunscreen Level 1
Sunscreen Level 2
Sunscreen Level 3
Love The Earth Lvl 1
Love The Earth Lvl 2
Love The Earth Lvl 3
Love The Earth Tree Planter
Ruler of Dragons
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo USA
Sparkplug Roberts Fan
Capri-Sun Sheriff Badge
Habbo.com 5th Birthday
Pegasus Rider

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27 March 2020
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17 December 2019
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5 November 2019
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11 July 2019
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30 May 2019
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16 May 2019
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12 March 2019
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8 January 2019
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13 December 2018
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16 November 2018
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11 November 2018
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8 October 2018
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29 September 2018
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13 August 2018
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5 July 2018
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19 June 2018
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27 May 2018
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19 February 2018
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19 February 2018
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