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Top 10 Games Maker

Top 10 Games Maker

One of the very best game makers.

Santa´s Workshop Room Comp Badge

Santa´s Workshop Room Comp Badge

Santa´s Workshop Room Comp

Water Wipe Out Giant Maze Maker Winner

Water Wipe Out Giant Maze Maker Winner

For a stellar effort in water-themed room-building

NATM Museum

NATM Museum

NATM Museum



I <3 my CHICK!


Badges (1424)

Builders' Club Member VII
Creature Rearer Level 10
Cross trainer Level X
Generous one VIII
Want to go out with me? X
True Helper XIX
Horticulturist Level 10
Jogger Level IX
Gardener of Death IV
Monster Plant Healer III
Stickie scribbler Level XI
Pet Lover XVII
Trampolinist Level VIII
Habbo Stranded Episode II
Lucky Loo
For purchasing the Classic Lounge Bundle
5k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
Eurocup 2016 Quarter Finals
Eurocup 2016 Quarter Finals
Capture the flag
Habbo Stranded Episode I
Eurovision Community Challenge 2016
Lord Pixel
Escape of Exposure
Rare Heroic Helm
The Freezer
A MOD's Life!
Carnivale Costume Shop Bundle
April Fools 2016
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Lotus Habberge Egg LTD
Oversized Sunglasses Rare
Spaceman Helmet Rare
Rare Mermaid Hair
Noble Crown Rare
Fashionspotter 2
Fashionspotter 3
Men = Women
Racial Prejudice?
Respect the differences!
Gender Equality
HFFMs Marvel-ous Weekend
Barca - Real Madrid Community Challenge
Famous Treasure Hunters Quiz
Intrepid Pirate
Forsaken Rare Treasure Hunter
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 1
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 2
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 3
Rare Betty the Sloth
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Habbox Zero Discrimination Event 2016
HabboQuests Zero Discrimination Event 2016
Bunny Hug
Cheep Cheep
Easter Duck Bunny
Look behind you!
I collected 1 - 20 Easter Sloths
FlyHabbo Zoo Lover's Day 2016
MODversary Knowledge
MOD-Cle0's First Year
Roger Jolly
FlyHabbo Star Wars Event 2016
DTL Equality Badge
Goth Day with HabbCrazy
Crystal Quest Level 1
You're a Cheeky Monkey!
MOD-Cle0's X-mas with a twist
HFFM Pixar Journey
The Key To My Heart
The Key To My Heart
Rare Wedding Outfit
Date magnet
Status: Dating
To skull or not to skull?
I'd like to be, under the Sea.
Habbo Home Poster
Ice Hockey Pro Rare
Car Receipt
Theory test
Freeze Veteran Rare
Come Fly with Me
Phew! Time to fly.
Pro Ice Skater Rare
Habbogolfer Jan 2016
Snowboarding Ace Rare
Alpine Snowboarding Bundle
Happy New Year 2016
HabboTiles Holiday event
Ambassador Christmas
Ice Queen, Ice Cold
Xmas Carols - Santa Claus
Xmas Carols - Mrs. Claus
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Santa Claus
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Mrs. Claus
Xmas Meal - Santa Claus
Xmas Meal - Mrs. Claus
Sleigh ride driver - Santa Claus
Sleigh ride driver - Mrs. Claus
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!
I like your gnome IV
FlyHabbo Grinch-mas Event
Reindeer owner - Santa Claus
Reindeer owner - Mrs. Claus
Xmas market - Santa Claus
Xmas market - Mrs. Claus
Xmas Presents preparing - Santa Claus
Xmas Presents preparing - Mrs. Claus
Silent night - Santa Claus
Silent night - Mrs. Claus
Alexthedoc's Christmas Roof Runner 2015
Pizza Eater
World diabetes day 2015
The Midas Touch Bundle
I’m team Ditch the Label
I’m team Ditch the Label III
Mermaid Carol Singer Badge
Shark Santa Throne Badge
Xmas Kick-Offer
The Spirit Eagle
Birdies Lvl 3 - Lost Tribe
Online time XX
April fools 2012
Advanced crafting
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Lost Monkey Level X
Last Minute Life Saver XX
Fast Food Regular XI
Fast Food Rocketeer XX
Fast Food Protector XX
Fast Food Winner XX
Habbo Club member V
Battle Ball Player XIX
Battle Banzai Overlord
Lord of the tiles XX
Battle Banzai Star XX
Bear Breeder III
Bunny Collector
Bored Bunny Owner
A Friend To Rabbits
Evil Bunny Owner
Manic Bunny Owner
True Artist VIII
Habbo Citizen
Freak out IV
Crystal Cracker X
Dog Breeder I
Eggcracker X
Egg Master III
True You I
Firestarter X
Football Goal Scorer V
Football Goal Host V
Freeze Player  XVI
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XX
Ultimate Freeze Overlord
Freeze Winner  XVII
Socializer XIII
Black Hole Explorer XVII
Game Arcade owner XIX
Battle Royal III
Player  XX
They're eating all my credits! VI
My gnome knows a trick! X
Gran Turismo
Stop Bullying II
Hand of Justice VIII
Give Feedback II
Shed the light
On Duty IX
Guide Kudos VII
Helping Hand X
Get Help II
Tour Guide IX
Get a Tour III
Level I Habbo Way
In The Footsteps Of The Ancients Quester X
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
Fairground explorer
They're eating all my credits! VII
My Obbah Wobbah knows a trick! X
I like your Obbah Wobbah I
Happy Hour I
Level XX equestrian
Horse jumping level V
Horse Quester Level II
Level X Stable Owner
They're eating all my credits! X
My leprechaun knows a trick! X
I like your leprechaun III
Living Legend XX
Block party III
Monster Plant Breeeder II
Monster Plant Color Collector X
Monster Plant Quester X
Monster Plant Shape Collector X
Monster Plant Tender V
Master of Words I
Music Collector Level X
Music Player Level XX
Mystery Box explorer X
Dragon Ninja Spotter III
Dragon Ninja Master
Swamped By Stickies Level X
Permia - Duels Drill Sergeant I
They're eating all my credits! XI
Pet Whisperer X
Zoo Keeper X
People adore my pets! X
Pinata Breaker V
Piñata Whacker X
Bunny Run field builder X
Rink Builder X
Roller Derby Raider  XX
Plasto Recycler II
100 % True Habbo XX
100 % Respected Habbo X
Nice as pie XX
Room competition voter VII
Builders' Club Designer XIII
Floor Designer XX
Room Builder XX
Furni Collector XX
Room Architect X
Room Host XV
Landscape Designer XX
Wall Designer XX
Room Raider XX
Equestrian track host level V
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door Mode
Forum moderation setting
Forum post setting
Forum post thread setting
Forum read setting
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard Jumper XX
Skateboard Slider XX
SnowStorm level VI
Habbo Speedway Racer II
Nut Spender Level II
Shell Collector XX
Get your skates on my Ice Rink! X
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby XX
Terrier Breeder II
Tetrablok Socializer X
Tetrablok Master X
Tetrablok Strategist VI
Tetrablok Veteran IX
Trading pass I
I know my HC!
Friendship Bracelet X
Valentine Level 8
Vicious Viking X
Diamond HC
HC member III
HC Member V
Yacht Party Access Badge
Movie Premiere Access Badge
Vault Party Access Badge
Snowflake collector X
Xmas Quester 2011 X
Snowboarding Builder V
Screen It
Habbo for Android
Android Room
1 Million downloads
Anna Badge
Aquarium 2
Aquarium 3
Aquarium 4
The Alien Badge
Architect 1
Architect 2
Medic Private
Medic Sergeant
Medic Captain
Medic Major
Medic General
Support Private
Support Sergeant
Support Captain
Support Major
Support General
Engineer Private
Engineer Sergeant
Engineer Captain
Engineer Major
Engineer General
Recon Private
Recon Sergeant
Recon Captain
Recon Major
Recon General
Fort Duckson Bundle
Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
LTD Mahogany Conference Desk
Hector the German Shepherd
Global Satellite Screen
X-Ray Scanner
Military Mess Hall Bundle
Purple Oriental Screen Rare
Artisan 1
Artisan 2
payclick Badge
Paddle Pop Competition Winner
OZ Artist 2010
Generator Rex Badge
Girlfriend NCD Badge 2011
Girlfriend Group Member
Farewell Big Hand
Sunscreen Level 1
Sunscreen Level 2
Jaws Badge
Bogeyman Room Bundle
Wasabi Gang Member
Habbo: Furni Warfare
Boutique Room
Say No To Retros!
Habbo Honor Roll badge
Moon Landing with HFFM
Cute and Cuddly badge
Summer Christmas 2013
Painting Splatter Spotlight Game
Carnival Room Bundle
Carnival Mask
Football Diva
Self Help Champ!
BaW NYE party
Superbowl 2015 - HabboShire and FlyHabbo
International Women's Day 2015
Spring Forward Floral badge
Mental Health Awareness 2015
Easter Bunny Bonanza 2014
Love Bunny Bonanza 2014
Brown Bunny Bonanza 2014
Evil Bunny Bonanza 2014
Yellow Alien Bunny
Bad Bunny
Bored Bunny
Manic Pixie Bunny
Atlantis World
Magical Candy Unicorn rare
Candy Throne rare
Bubblegum Fountain rare
Santini BonBon Bundle
Lollipop Tree rare
Easter Chicka chicka, yeah!
Wise Chicka chicka, yeah!
Pink Alien Chicken
Blue Alien Chicken
Green Chicken Alien
White Pigeon
Black Pigeon
Cinema Improvisation
Nice skin
Clearasil Ultra 2
Clearasil Ultra 3
Clearasil Ultra Group badge
Clearasil Ultra Quiz badge
Clearasil Summer
Cunning Badge of the Rabbit
Fierce Badge of the Dragon
Powerful Badge of the Pig
Terrifying Badge of the Tiger
Dignified Badge of the Dog
Silly Badge of the Monkey
Adorable Badge of the Sheep
Golden Rabbit
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Rock Out Badge
Global Citizen
It Gets Better
The Chronicles of Narnia: Aslan Badge
The Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader Badge
100,000 Fans Badge
The Sims Medieval
Girls' Life #1
Girls' Life #3
Girls' Life #4
Skater's Challenge 2011
Skateboarding Quiz 2011
Skaters vs. Rollers 2011
Turtle Games Badge
Slow and Steady Badge
Never Ending Stairs Champ
TV Fan
The Serpents of Doom
Champions of Evil
Rare Hell Hound
Habbo Tiles Event badge
Ultimate Zombie Survival Badge
TWD Trivia Telephrase Hit Wonder
Skeleton Duck Attack badge
[FH] Pirates Ahoy Maze badge
HabbCrazy Avatar
World Kindness Day 2013
Habbo Tardis
Habbo Tardis
Habbo Tardis
Habbo Tardis
The Doctor badge
HabboKingdom's Haunted Castle badge
Happy Turkey Day badge
Black Friday 2013
Habbo Wiki Event Badge
HFFM Hunger Games Badge
CyberPixels Team
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Overseer Blimp
Gun Vendor Rare
Dragon Dance 1
Xmas 09 - Christmas Day Badge
Nokia Maze Challenge Gold Badge
Nokia Maze Challenge Silver Badge
Burns Night Badge
Habbo Ball Champ Badge
Habbo Reception Winner
GPJ Mastery Badge
Wonderland Maze winner
Bunny Dash winner
One Way Madness badge
Safety Certified
Builders at Work Easter Event 2014
#HabboPlayNice I heart U
Pillow Rescue Game Badge
Ambassadors' Earth Hour 2015
Safety on the Internet
I bought a Diamond Rare
I bought a Diamond Rare
Ditch the Label Blue
Ditch the Label
Ditch the Label Equality
Ditch the Label 10k
Ditch the Label Offline
National Milk Chocolate Day Badge
Pub(lic) Crawl Cider
Police Dog in Training
Dragon Quester
Friend of the Dragon
A fond farewell to the Dragon
DTL #MHA2014
LTD2 Bunny
LTD3 Bunny
LTD4 Bunny
LTD5 Bunny
Ochre Egg
Pink Egg
Turquoise Egg
Purple Egg
Green Egg
White Egg
The Golden Egg
Engineer 1
Engineer 2
Epic Pet
Surprise Badge
Surprise Badge
Surprise Badge
Surprise Badge
Jellybean Jungle Bundle
Duck General Badge
Mandela Badge
Santa´s Workshop Room Comp Badge
Friendly Screens Quiz
Equal Marriage 2014!
Habboquests Family Day Event
International Women's Day 2015
Ghostly badge
FlyHabbo´s 2nd Birthday
Friendship Charm
Space Mineral
Fried Egg Tattoo
First Egg of the Season
One of us
Space Invader I
Space Invader II
Space Invader III
Space Invader IV
Space Invader V
Space Invader VI
Space Invader VII
Space Invader VIII
Space Invader IX
Space Invader X
Easter mystery I
Easter mystery II
Easter mystery III
Eurovision Trivia Hero
60 Seconds of Fame winner
Gold Bar Spotter
Creepy Church Myth (1/4)
Creepy Church Myth (2/4)
Creepy Church Myth (4/4)
100k Habbo Helper Video Views
Euro 2012
Football Guru Badge
Don´t Wake the Staff
WaltzMatildas 1st Habversary!
Remembrance Day with FlyHabbo and HFFM
Fix it!
Frank's Floral Farm Bundle
Hotel Happenings Fan
HabboTiles Mother´s Day Telephrase
Fansite Frenzy Event winner
Supreme Gamester
Death Run winner
Déjà vu Maze winner
Around The World with ThisHabbo
Summer Solstice 2014
Clicky Business Spotlight Winner
BaW Black Friday 2
UK Survey
Heart of the Ocean
RMS Titanic 102nd Anniversary
Thousand Tiles Maze Master
HabboTiles Independence Day Event
Arc de Triomph: Bastille Day with BaW
Peace One Day Quiz
Space Warz game winner
Broken Mirror Badge
Black Cat
Rush Hour badge
Safety Wipeout Master
Footballer's Mansion Bundle
Escaped your fate
Fansites Carnival of Horror badge
Go Germany!
Go Spain!
Go Italy!
Go Portugal!
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Games Hub
Habboween 2012
Rare Dragon Badge
Habbo 15 Rare Comp
Haunted Hathaways
Master of spells
Bedroom Badge
Theatre Badge
Forest Badge
Gates of the Castle
The Pit Badge
For finishing the Butler Quest
Sartini's Maze
Sartini's Maze
Sartini's Maze
Sartini's Maze
Defeat Sartini!
Death Dash badge
Habboween Punch
Sweet dreams...
Resuscitate a Staff
Found a killer
Princess and the Pea
A Rare piecce of Habboween Magic
Throne of Thorns Badge
Habbo Club membership IV
I feel like a King!
I feel like a Punk!
I feel like Danny Zuko!
I feel like a Space Explorer
I feel like a Japanese Cook
I feel like 2Pac!
I feel like a Peruvian!
I feel like LeBron James!
I feel like a Karate Athlete!
I feel like Guy Fawkes!
I feel like Bob Marley!
I feel like I don't want to be seen!
I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo!
I feel in Love!
I feel like a Duck!
I feel like a Real Habbo!
I feel like a Detective!
I feel crazy!
Woman's Day 2014
St Patrick Game
You purchased the new Habbo Fashion Room Bundle!
Black Hole Experience 2011
Habbolympics 2010 - Bronze Badge
Bubble Juice Rare
Pop Corn Rare
Urban CSI Bronze
Level 1 Picnic Badge
Ruler of Dragons
Shark Fin Badge
Science Professor
Habbo Stars
Solar System Rare Badge
Habbo Dance Sensation
Habbo Stars
12 Days of Christmas: Day 3
12 Days of Christmas: Day 4
12 Days of Christmas: Day 5
12 Days of Christmas: Day 8
12 Days of Christmas: Day 9
12 Days of Christmas: Day 10
12 Days of Christmas: Day 11
12 Days of Christmas: Day 12
Viking Stud and Diva
Footballer's Wives Club
My Little Unicorn
Alpha Club
Beta Club
Gamma Club
University Club Trophy
Green Voodoo Doll - Curse
Red Voodoo Doll - Love
Blue Voodoo Doll - Luck
The Moon Quest
Death Quest
The Lovers Quest
Luck Quiz Badge
Star Tarot Badge
Freestyle Snowboarder
Rare Saintini
Rare Evil Raider
HiPad Store Room Bundle
Habbo for iPhone badge
Infobus Park Video Comp Winner
 Canada Day with FlyHabbo
Supreme detection!
Amazing Race Event Winner
Habbo Stackmaster General
Kick Fu Champion
Habbosphere International Picnic Day
Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci with BaW!
BaW Season 5 Poll
Gruesome Grim Tales
Heaven and Hell Badge
BaW Happy April Fools Day!
Environment Day 2013
HFFM's Habbo in Wonderland
Habbosphere FFE: Fairytale Weekend
BaW Black Friday
Snowy Drift Badge
Golden Charm
Puhekupla Fansite Event January 2015
Base Wars
BaW Movie Magic 2
BaW BC showcase
Boxing Day 2014 event badge
It's Mardi Gras Time with HFFM and Habbosphere
HFFM's Candyland Bonanza
Puhekupla & HabboShire NTD
World Mental Health Day 2015
King of Jade
Koi Fish Pond Rare
Wooden Ofuro Tub Rare
Rare Sakura Tree
Japanese Love Garden Bundle
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Dino Quiz 1
Dino Quiz 2
Dino Quiz 3
Dino Quiz 4
Dino Quiz 5
Jurassic Bundle 1
Jurassic Meganeura LTD
Rare Ammonoidea Fossil
Rare Plesiosaurus Fossil
Velociraptor Nursery Bundle
Pterodactyl Nesting Ground
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014
Kids Choice '14 Voter
Kickwars Galactica
Kickwars Galactica
Kickwars Galactica
Kickwars Galactica
Kickwars Galactica!
Kickwars Galactica!
Kickwars Galactica!
Kickwars Galactica!
Keep it Real!
Keep it Real!
Royal Tea Lady
Jim Pixel
Bonnie Winehotel
The Staff
Elton Bon
Tiki Boys
Public Noob
Bot Gnarley
The Walking Clones
Rapstreet Boys
Frank Santini
Grunge Barrel
Minna Turntable
The Bugs
Holo Girls
Pink Pod
Zombie Trax Song
Tiny Window
DinerBoy Pix
Horror hidden Badge
Superhero hidden Badge
I <3 MOM
Deja Vu Room Bundle
The Gnome Poster
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo UK
MTV EMA 2009
MTV EMA 2010
Graveyard Trap
Crystal I
Crystal II
Crystal III
Niko Badge
Tucco Badge
Poko Badge
Zuki Badge
Dash Badge
Little Nikki's Crew
50,000 Fans Badge
Coco Champion
Immortal legend maze winner
Habbo Tiles Friendship Day badge
Carnival & Mardi Gras Quiz
BaW: Lest we Forget.
MLK Jr. Day 2015
BAW Potato Day Badge
HabboTiles Proudly Presents Disney!
Safety Campaign
Bonfire Night
Ultimate Wired Race Winner
MarioKart Winner!
One Way Race Champ
Habbosphere Summer Camp Event Badge
Guy Fawkes Night
Impossible Adventure trophy badge
In Memory
Helpers Quiz badge
HabboTiles Robot Head
HabboTiles Room Treck
Dodgeball event winner!
FlyHabbo Cat badge
FlyHabbo Faces badge
PAC-MAN Wired Superhero
BattleBall Memories
100% Bobba!
FlyHabbo Land
Mystically BAD!
Mystically GOOD!
Connect 4
 True Gamer at Heart
Habbo Tiles Amazing Race winner!
Habbo Patrol Telephrase of Habbo History and Facts
Water Wipe Out Overload Champion
Ice Cream Day 2014
Habbo Norway Badge: Celebrating Norway!
Water Wipe Out Freezemeister
Water Wipe Out Giant Maze Maker Winner
Water Wipe Out Killer Instinct!
Habbox anniversary badge
Rainbow Run Winner
Carnival victory badge
PingPong Taskmaster
HabboHeights Pillow Rush!
HabboHut Survive the Black Spot game
Christmas Cat Badge
Happy 2012!
Brain Explosion
Waitangi Day 2014
Surrealistic Restaurant Room
Winter-lympix Room
Paris Food Community Challenge
Your Pirate Ship
Lion Owner
Rhino Owner
Rare Frog Owner
Turtle Owner
Rare Turtle Owner
Dragon Keeper
Dragon Rider
Red Hot Soul Lion Badge
Albino Turtle
I'm a Captain
Voice of the sea
Voice of the sea
Barrels Master
I'm a Captain
Pixie Lott Q&A!
HabboPalooza Ticket
Enter the Festival
The Tent
Friends' Math
Habbo Dancing
Roadie Certificate
Looking for a band
A day off
The Amp Stack
Testing testing 1, 2, 3
Songs Game
A day as a Star
Palooza Community Challenge 1
Palooza Community Challenge 2
Palooza Community Challenge 3
Coffee Stand Piñata
Carousel Piñata
Hot Air Balloon Piñata
Duck Piñata
Painter 1
Painter 2
Pirate through and through
Habbo Prison Badge
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
2015 Archway Owner
Fame Badge
Friendship Badge
Fun Badge
Freedom Badge
Inventiveness Badge
Voodoo Badge
Rare Beanstalk
Rare Crystal
Iron Maiden Badge
Gargoyle Badge
Event Promoter
Pink Spectre
Blushing Toad
The Picasso
The Great Golden
RBI End of Season Commemorative Badge
Habbo Palooza 2013 Quiz
Venezia Room Bundle
Epic Mystics 2013
Epic Steampunk 2013
Epic Pirates 2013
Epic Habbo Palooza 2013
Venetian 2013 Quiz
Mystics 2013 Quiz
Steampunk 2013 Quiz
Pirates 2013 Quiz
Golden Graduation Badge
Pop Quiz Badge #1
Red Scholar Badge
Green Scholar Badge
Blue Scholar Badge
Zombies Maze Specialist
Dark Demonic Dragon Master
Safety Jeopardy II
Safety Jeopardy V
Sam & Cat
Protect Your Data
Safety Conference
Malware & Keyloggers
No to Retros
Choco Disc
Rotten Choco Disc
Honey Crystals
Rotten Honey Crystals
Shup Gummy
Rotten Shup Gummy
Liquo Rolly
Rotten Liquo Rolly
Rainbow Cones
Rotten Rainbow Cones
White Cubes
Rotten White Cubes
Rotten Bombonberries
Rotten LolliBooms
Vanilly Wafers
Rotten Vani Wafers
Rotten Lathers
Big Spender
Battle Banzai Room Bundle
Freeze Room Bundle
Wired Game Room Bundle
School Entrance 1
School Entrance 2
Classroom 1
Classroom 2
Gym 1
Gym 2
Canteen Quest 1
Canteen Quest 2
School Rare Badge 1
School Rare Badge 2
School Rare Badge 3
School Yard 1
School Yard 2
Scuba Diving Duck
Tropical Fish Badge
Treasure Chest Badge
HC Offer Purchaser
Habbo's Toughest Challenge
Dodgeball Pro
SCI FI Captain Lvl 1
SCI FI Navigator Lvl 1
SCI FI Engineer Lvl 1
SCI FI Guard Lvl 1
SCI FI Medic Lvl 1
SCI FI Scientist Lvl 1
Honour IP
Safe Internet Day 2013
Safer Internet Day 2014
Free Salad at the Diner.
Crank Up The Tunage 2011
Firewalking Badge 2011
Empty value
Spa Wheelchair
Elegant Lamp Rare
Eternity Fountain Rare
G0LD L0V3 Machine
Architect Vote
Artisan Vote
Painter Vote
Engineer Vote
Year of the Horse
Pony Express
Curious Creatures
Heat Wave Badge 2011
Snowboarding Genius
Stay On Course
HiPad Early Adopter
HiPad Enthusiast
HiPad One Month-iversary
Dragon's Tail
Serious Wired Skills
My heart...
Merchant Certificate
Victor Vangoof
Carl Waddlesworth III
Lennard David
A.P. Plumage
Yohand Comeere
Venice 2013
Teddy Bear Quest Hero
Elusive Luck of the Irish
Irish Pub Quiz Pro
Irish Pub Race winner
St Paddys Gold Rush winner
1st of April '13
 [H-I] Ball of War
 [H-I] Telephrase Winner
Habbosphere Family Day Event
Chirp Chirp
Tribal Snake Wrestler
Tribal Village Builder badge
Name that Tribe event winner
Tattoo 1
Tattoo 2
Tattoo 3
Tattoo 4
Tattoo 5
Rare Map - 1
Rare Map - 2
Rare Map - 3
Rare Map - 4
Rare Map - 5
Hungry Penguins Winner
Bigfoot badge
Candy Room Badge
Look of the Year: Voters Badge
BaW Cops ´n Robbers
Account Safety 101 badge
Don't Go There badge
Leviatha victory!!
Dante Turtle Owner
Picasso Turtle Owner
New Moon Badge: Cullens
New Moon Badge: Jacob
New Moon Badge: Volturi
Ideas Agent
Valentines Kick-Offer
Star 2
Star 3
Alvin and the Chipmunks
I Love Music
Habbo Music Academy
St Trinians Alumni
Silver Santa Hat
Bronze Santa Hat
0800 Reverse
Flag it
HTTYD - Quest
St Patrick's Day Quest
Alvin dvd
Capri-Sun Hook Badge
Capri-Sun Key Badge
Capri-Sun Net Badge
Capri-Sun Padlock Badge
Capri-Sun Sheriff Badge
Lightning Thief
Last Airbender
0800 Reverse Quest
Street Dance 3D
ChildLine Anti-Bullying Badge
Capri-Sun Limited Edition Badge
Gulliver's Travels
0800 Reverse
Po's Awesomeness Badge
Master Shifu's Badge of Honour
Pokémon Black Version
Tomorrow When The War Began
Witch & Wizard:The Gift
Wizards of Waverly Place
0800 Reverse: Mobile to Mobile
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Exclusive
0800 Reverse
The Sims 3 Generations
The Sims 3 Generations
Nintendo 3DS Bronze badge
Nintendo 3DS Silver badge
Nintendo 3DS Gold badge
The Sims 3 Pets 'Eaten Fish' badge
The Sims 3 Pets 'Dog Collar' badge
The Sims 3 Pets 'Dog Bone' badge
This is Abuse 'Hand' badge
This is Abuse 'Speak Out' badge
Monte Carlo
Kitty Softpaws
I Love Me
The Chipettes
Treasure Island (Sky 1 HD)
Treasure Island (Sky 1 HD)
ChildLine Christmas Badge
The Big March 2012
Reach Out For a Friend
Sims 3 Showtime Wand
Sims 3 Showtime Microphone
ChildLine Self-harm Awarness
ChildLine Goup
Habbox Maze Winner
Habbo Patrol Maze Winner
Puhekupla Event winner
Funky Friday Revival '13
Habbosphere Lucky Roulette winner
Habbosphere Maze winner
HFFM Mammoth Maze
Jungle Run Pro!
Castle Run winner!
Pesky Pillow Game Winner
Wired 'R' us
Habbo Hut Space Race Winner
HFFM Carnival
This Habbo Hogwarts event winner
ThisHabbo Jee Weez!
For playing games with habboheights.net
HHT Reggie badge
12 d
4th Day of Christmas Badge
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Xmas Day 6
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Xmas Day 11
12 Days of Xmas Day 12
Happy 2014 badge
Ruler of the Board
Summer Christmas Badge
Puhekupla Badge 2014
Chef-Off Voter´s Badge
Roller Race Spotlight
Jeweled Spotlight Winner
Barnyard Dash Badge
Rush Hour Spotlight Winner´s Badge
Oh dear!
Waltzing Matilda
Chef-Off Winning Voter´s Badge: Australian Cuisine
HabboHut Featured Fansite Event Badge
Boom Boom
Super Bowl 2014
Habbox Official Fansite Event Feb.
Name that Scamsite Quiz Winner
Habbo Chef Off Badge (Chinese Recipe Week)
Chef-Off Voter´s Badge
HH + HK Vday Event
Habbosphere, FlyHabbo & HabboTiles Vday Event
HFFM & Puhekupla´s Vday Event Badge
Cupid´s Day 2014
Purple Rose Badge
Gold Badge
Silver Badge
Bronze Badge
Presidents´ Day Badge
Dancing With Habbo Badge
Habbosphere Fansite Weekend Badge
HabbCrazy´s St.Patrick´s Day
St.Patrick´s Poll Badge 2014
Leprechaun badge
HabboHeights St.Patrick´s Day
Spotlight: Survival
FlyHabbo´s St.Patrick´s Day
The Lucky Leprechaun 2014
HFFM St.Patrick´s Day
HabboTiles St. Patrick´s Day
Habbosphere´s St.Patrick´s Day
Spotlight: Relay Runner!
FlyHabbo Featured Fansite Event: Mario Karts
Habbosphere + FlyHabbo Easter 2014
HabHome + HabboTiles Easter 2014
Habulous Mother´s Day 2014
Ultimate Eurovision Telephrase Master 2014
HabHome Family Day
Victoria Day 2014
HabboExtra Mother's Day Maze
FlyHabbo Family Day
Habbcrazy Fansite Amazon Event Badge
Habbox Memorial Day Badge
HabboQuests Weekend
BaW: Turtle Day!
HabbCrazy Memorial Day Badge
HabboExtra.com Races
Habbox Father´s Day
HabboQuests.com Picnic Game
HFFM International Picnic Day
FlyHabbo Summer Solstice
BaW: Summer Solstice Event
Canada Day Birthday Cake 2014
BaW LGBT Pride Month: Event 2
BaW: San Fermin 2014
Independence Day with BaW
The Statue of Liberty
Ultimate Safety Quiz
HabboQuests LOST Adventure
HabboQuests Flavour Hunt
HabbCrazy Ice Cream Day
Habbox Moon Landing
FlyHabbo Pokemon League
Tread Lightly!
Door to Madness
Habbox Friendship Day Event badge
Escape Through the Cave with HFFM
HabboQuests & FlyHabbo Habboween 2014
Community Service: Tree Planting Event
Thanksgiving 2014 Poll
Happy 6th Bday, HabboTiles!
HFFM Featured Fansite Weekend: Dec 2014
Burns Night 2015
Australia Day 2015
Habbo 2014 Highlights
Vday 2015 with HabboTiles!
Love Your Pet Day
World Thinking Day
BAW Gala 2015
HT and HFFM St.Patricks Day 2015 Event!
International Happiness Day: HabboQuests and FlyHabbo
Ditchthelabel.org Launch quest
Habbox Murder Mystery Mayhem
Puhekupla and Habboshire Earth Hour 2015
Hoppity Hop with HabboTiles and HabbCrazy!
Puhekupla and ThisHabbo World Health Day
Elephant Bronze Badge
Penguin Silver Badge
Earth Day 2015 wtth Habbox and HabboShire
HabboQuests & HabboCentral ANZAC Day 2015
FlyHabbo's Cinema Badge
Mother's Day 2015
10 Years of HabbCrazy
HFFM and HabboCentral Memorial Day
World Cultural Diversity Day 2015
Gay Pride Month 2015
HabboQuests Rainbow
Philippines National Day
Friendship Day 2015 with Habbotiles and Flyhabbo!
ThisHabbo Fairytale Weekend
International Cats Day
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
Back to School with HabboQuests: Geography!
Back to School with ThisHabbo: Music Class
Habbo UK is 9!
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Think Fraud Badge
Pyramid Trial Badge
Wedding Ring
Valentines 2013
Battleshade Badge
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Thor Runestone
Viking Blacksmith Runestone
Greenland Runestone
Fenrir Runestone
Find the amulet
Talk with the gods
Welcome to Yggdrasill
The center of the 9 worlds
Burn it down!
Find the enemy loot!
Face to face with the enemy
In the Valhalla
Battleshade Room Bundle
Steelscar Room Bundle
Village Room Bundle
Games Player Voting Badge
Seduce a Bot I
World Record Kiss
Spa Explorer
Waasa Fan!
Brazil Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Italy Supporter
Switzerland Supporter
USA Supporter
Belgium Supporter
Spain Supporter
Greece Supporter
Ecuador Supporter
Germany Supporter
Portugal Supporter
Brazil Supporter
Costa Rica Supporter
Algeria Supporter
Uruguay Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
France Supporter
Belgium Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Germany Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Germany Supporter
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
Argentina Supporter
National Team Flag
Diamond Scoop
Diamond Case
Diamond Alert
Diamond Argument
Diamond Dreams
Diamond Solution
Diamond SOS
Royal Wedding Badge 2011
Thumb's up Badge
Wild Train I
Wild Train II
Wild Train III
Wild Train IV
Wild Train V
Rattlesnake River Town
Epic Xmas Quiz
A Rawrful Badge
Snow Castle Freeze
Xmas Ghost
Epic Christmas Tree Owner
Catrina Doll
Dressed to the Nines Doll
Habbo Boy Doll
Tattooed Skeleton Doll
Lucha Libre Doll
Habbo Girl Doll
Punk Rock Doll
Grim Reaper Doll
Skeleton Cat Doll
Santa's Workshop
Xmas Tree Decorator
Xmas without Xmas
Praia do Brasil badge
Xmas Maze 3
3 kings
Christmas Maze 5
Xmas Maze Finale
Candy Terminal
Magical Machine
Master Yoduck
NATM Museum
NATM History Quest
Official BETA tester
Ice Age Quest Winner
Crew Member
Ancient Map Part III
Ancient Map Part II
Ancient Map Part I
Participated in the Badge Museum room competition
Top 10 Games Maker
Xmas Cool Santa
Wyld Stallion
Pegasus Rider

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Habbo Auction - VIP |

    Habbo Auction - VIP |

The holder of this badge is an honorary VIP of the Habbo Auction. This badge allows this habbo to use the fast track passage to the auction podium as well as sit in the VIP balcony. This badge costs 20c. 

Group created: 1 November 2015 at 15:35:12
Group updated: 5 November 2016 at 20:17:47
Group joined: 15 March 2017 at 01:52:09