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Achievements top 250: # N/A (112)
Badge top 250: # N/A (30)
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Badges (30)

Online time VI- Jet Stream
Looks that Kill I
Last Minute Life Saver II
Fast Food Regular III
Fast Food Rocketeer V
Fast Food Protector I
Fast Food Winner X
True You I
Freeze Player  IX
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  VI
Freeze Winner  X
Socializer I
Player  IX
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Habbo-lympix XV
Habbo Name
I like your pet! I
55 % True Habbo XI
10% Respected Habbo I
Nice as pie! II
Day tripper IV
Level I Safety tips
SnowStorm level II
Trading pass I
Plant Puzzler
Habbo-lympix Torch Bearer
Pegasus Rider

Friends (3)

ZyionRydus ZyionRydus
12 April 2019
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.:kudoboil:. .:kudoboil:.
11 April 2019
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am6955akif am6955akif
10 February 2019
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Groups (1)

Freeze Gamer

    Freeze Gamer

Proud Member of the oldest Freeze Game room of Habbo. A room dedicated exclusively to Freeze lovers and players. 

Group created: 5 November 2015 at 00:09:43
Group joined: 26 September 2016 at 20:05:57

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HudzCena's  room

HudzCena's room

HudzCena has entered the building 

Rating: 2 Maximum visitors: 25
Room created: 26 March 2012 at 10:57:56

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