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Pegasus Rider

Pegasus Rider

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True Helper X
Online time VIII
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Lost Monkey Level IV
Fast Food Regular I
Battle Ball Player XIV
Battle Banzai Beginner III
Lord of the tiles XVI
Battle Banzai Star XV
A Friend To Rabbits
Manic Bunny Owner
Habbo Citizen
True You I
Firestarter II
Football Goal Scorer III
Freeze Player  XI
Freeze Beginner III
Freeze Winner  XII
Socializer VI
Player  XIV
Well heeled II
Adore me IV
Gran Tourismo
Give Feedback II
Get Help II
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Level IV equestrian
Horse jumping level II
Level IV Stable Owner
Frequent Resident III
Monster Plant Tender II
Music Player Level III
Habbo Name
They're eating all my credits! III
My pet is tougher than yours IV
I'll soon have a kennel II
Pet lover VIII
My pets get all the love VIII
Piñata Whacker III
Roller Derby Raider  XII
90 % True Habbo XVIII
80% Respected Habbo VIII
Nice as pie! IX
Floor Designer IV
Room Builder XIV
Furni Collector IX
Room Host XIII
Wall Designer III
Room Raider XX
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Scroll Speed
Door Mode
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard Jumper XV
Skateboard Slider XV
SnowStorm level III
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby XX
Trading pass I
Xmas Quester 2011 I
Android Room
Aquarium 1
Summer Christmas 2013
HabboShire v2 Launch Party
Mental Health Awareness 2015
Nice skin
Clearasil Ultra 2
Legendary Badge of the Ox
Cunning Badge of the Rabbit
Fierce Badge of the Dragon
Powerful Badge of the Pig
Terrifying Badge of the Tiger
Dignified Badge of the Dog
Silly Badge of the Monkey
Adorable Badge of the Sheep
Fortune Cookie
The Serpents of Doom
Champions of Evil
World Kindness Day 2013
Happy Turkey Day badge
Ditch the Label Blue
Ditch the Label
DTL #MHA2014
Mandela Badge
Equal Marriage 2014!
Euro 2012
Don´t Wake the Staff
Haunted Hathaways
For finishing the Butler Quest
I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo!
Habbo for iPhone badge
Heaven and Hell Badge
King of Jade
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Dino Quiz 2
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014
Kids Choice '14 Voter
Kickwars Galactica
Kickwars Galactica
Crystal II
Safety Campaign
Waitangi Day 2014
Pixie Lott Q&A!
Early to the party
Freedom Badge
Event Promoter
Safety Jeopardy I
Safety Jeopardy V
Honour IP
Curious Creatures
HiPad Early Adopter
HiPad Enthusiast
HiPad One Month-iversary
1 Million downloads
Bigfoot badge
Look of the Year: Voters Badge
Talk to FRANK
The Big March 2012
Reach Out For a Friend
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Xmas Day 11
BaW LGBT Pride Month: Event 2
Gay Pride Month 2015
Safety Lock
Father's Day 2015
Volleyball Champion
Netherlands Supporter
National Team Flag
Xmas Tree Decorator
Xmas without Xmas
Praia do Brasil badge
Xmas Maze 3
3 kings
Christmas Maze 5
Xmas Maze Finale
Pegasus Rider

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