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Selfie Artiste

Selfie Artiste

Honoring all Hall of Selfie Inductees

Palooza Peace Sign

Palooza Peace Sign

The power of love vs. the love of power.

Palooza Divas4Peace

Palooza Divas4Peace

You may say I'm a dreamer...


Badges (249)

Nice One IX
Habbo Stranded Episode II
Online time XIX
Freeze Player  XIX
Online time XVIII
Advanced crafting
Looks that Kill I
Habbo Club Veteran I
Battle Ball Player XIX
Battle Banzai Overlord
Lord of the tiles XX
Battle Banzai Star XX
Bear Breeder II
Builders' Club Member III
Camera User I
Habbo citizen
True You I
Football Goal Scorer V
Football Goal Host V
Freeze Player  XVIII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XX
Ultimate Freeze Overlord
Freeze Winner  XX
Socializer XIII
Game Arcade owner XX
Player  XX
Nice One VI
Greet me VI
Gran Turismo
Stop Bullying II
Hand of Justice VIII
True Helper XII
Give Feedback II
Shed the light
On Duty IX
Guide Kudos VI
Helping Hand X
Get Help II
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Level XX equestrian
Horse jumping level V
Level X Stable Owner
Rotten Tomato VIII
Monster Plant Breeeder III
Monster Plant Color Collector X
Gardener of death III
Monster Plant Healer I
Monster Plant Shape Collector X
Monster Plant Tender V
Unlucky gardener II
Music Collector Level X
Pop around the clock XIX
Habbo Name
Stickie scribbler Level X
Swamped By Stickies Level X
They're eating all my credits! XIII
Pet Whisperer X
Zoo Keeper X
I've shared my love X
People adore my pets! X
Piñata Whacker I
Overpatch X
Hi, roller X
Roller stroller XX
60 % True Habbo XII
100 % Respected Habbo X
Nice as pie! X
Builders' Club Designer XIII
Floor Designer XVIII
Room Builder XX
Furni Collector XX
My hole room X
Room Host XV
Landscape Designer XVI
Wall Designer XVIII
Room Raider XX
Equestrian track host level V
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door mode
Forum moderation setting
Forum post setting
Forum post thread setting
Forum read setting
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard Jumper XX
Skateboard Slider XX
Miracle of Ice X
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby XX
Terrier Breeder IV
Vicious Viking X
HC Member I
Snowboarding Builder V
Android Room
Twisted Castle Bundle
Apocalypse Bundle
Day of the Dead bundle
Freaky Fairground Bundle
Apocalypse movie expert
Trick or treat, you completed the Halloween 2015 quiz!
You know everything you need to know to defeat the Four Horsemen
Master Crafter
Qi Xi Festival
Self Help Champ!
Old West Selfie
Clearasil Ultra 2
World Kindness Day 2013
Pillow Rescue Game Badge
Safety Campaign Oct 2015 - Scamming
Ditch the Label Blue
Ditch the Label
Ditch the Label Equality
Ditch the Label 10k
National Milk Chocolate Day Badge
DTL #MHA2014
To catch a killer
The Diva Sessions IV
Wild West Entertainer
WaltzMatildas 1st Habversary!
UK Survey
Arc de Triomph: Bastille Day with BaW
Howdy Rowdy
My Little Unicorn
Lion Tamer Frank
Rihanna Selfie
Miley Selfie
Katy Perry Selfie
Buffalo Rare
Alpha Club
Beta Club
Gamma Club
University Club Trophy
Rare Demonic Frank
 Canada Day with FlyHabbo
The Diva Sessions IV -Gold
Sakura & Hikari
Rare Coffee Machine
Sign up!
Tomato I
Habbo Tiles Friendship Day badge
BAW Potato Day Badge
Waitangi Day 2014
HabboPalooza Ticket
Enter the Festival
The Tent
Friends' Math
Habbo Dancing
Roadie Certificate
Looking for a band
A day off
The Amp Stack
Testing testing 1, 2, 3
Songs Game
A day as a Star
Rehearsal time
The day before
The big day
Palooza Community Challenge 1
Palooza Community Challenge 2
Palooza Community Challenge 3
Habbo Palooza Hoopla Room Bundle
Coffee Stand Piñata
Duck Piñata
Deep Sea Den
Friendship Badge
Fun Badge
Freedom Badge
Event Promoter
Protect Your Data
Safety Conference
Malware & Keyloggers
Rotten Honey Crystals
KitchenNinjette´s Welcome Back party!
Curious Creatures
HiPad Early Adopter
HiPad One Month-iversary
BaW: San Fermin 2014
Ultimate Safety Quiz
Tread Lightly!
Door to Madness
Habbox Friendship Day Event badge
Code Cracker
Tug of War
BAW Elvis badge
HFFM Indonesia Day Badge
HFFM Disco WKND Badge
Colour blind game badge
Safehouse Saloon Badge
Back 2 School with Habbox
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
I’m team Ditch the Label III
USA Supporter
Germany Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Germany Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Netherlands Supporter
Germany Supporter
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
Belle Duck
Bandits in the Village I
Bandits in the Village II
Bandits in the Village III
Bandits in the Village IV
Bandits in the Village V
The Loot I
The Loot II
The Loot III
The Loot IV
The Loot V
Escape Fort Circus I
Escape Fort Circus  II
Escape Fort Circus III
Escape Fort Circus IV
Escape Fort Circus V
Cowboys Gang
Wild Train I
Wild Train II
Wild Train III
Wild Train IV
Wild Train V
Rattlesnake River Town
Old Fashioned Till Badge
Frontier Train
Selfie Artiste
Palooza Peace Sign
Palooza Divas4Peace

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