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Bazzing Bazzing Bazzing Bazzing
Red Teddy Bear

Red Teddy Bear

I'm so REDy to party!

Green Teddy Bear

Green Teddy Bear

Where's the BAW team? Are they still in the GREEN room?


Badges (38)

Online time XII
Photographer II
Scratch scratch! IV
My pets get all the love III
50% Respected Habbo V
Nice as pie! VI
Room Builder VI
Furni Collector IV
Room Host VI
Sightseer VIII
Well heeled II
Preferred Guest II
Can I Keep Him? I
25 % True Habbo V
HFFM St. Patrick's Maze 2016
Looks that Kill I
Habbo Club member I
Battle Ball Player VII
Lord of the tiles VIII
Battle Banzai Star VIII
Socializer III
Player  VII
Like me a bit more II
Habbo Name
Level I Safety tips
Door Mode
Skateboard Jumper IV
Skateboard Slider III
HC Member I
HiPad Early Adopter
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
The Love Cauldron
Green Teddy Bear
Red Teddy Bear

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L0ve? L0ve?
12 September 2019
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ThaLilliePadify ThaLilliePadify
5 January 2019
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SyncabIe SyncabIe
19 February 2018
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Bazzing's  room

Bazzing's room

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