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Habbo UK

Habbo UK

Remembering My Habbo Roots


Badges (45)

The Spirit Eagle
Birdies Lvl 3 - Lost Tribe
Online time IV - Blizzard
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
True You I
Battle Royal II
Happy Hour I
Traveller I
Master of Words I
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours II
30 % True Habbo VI
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie! I
Running Room Raider II
Trading pass I
April Fools Day 2009
Prehistoric World
Habbolympics 2010 - Silver Badge
Urban CSI Bronze
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo UK
MTV EMA 2009
MTV EMA 2010
SCI FI Captain Lvl 1
SCI FI Navigator Lvl 1
SCI FI Engineer Lvl 1
SCI FI Guard Lvl 1
SCI FI Medic Lvl 1
SCI FI Scientist Lvl 1
New Moon Badge: Cullens
New Moon Badge: Jacob
New Moon Badge: Volturi
Habbo Raceway GP
Star 1
Star 2
Skulduggery Pleasant's Asst.
Guy Fawkes Quest
Habbo Music Academy
Bronze Santa Hat
Flag it
St Patrick's Day Quest
Medieval World
Official BETA tester

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-Gusanito- -Gusanito-
9 August 2019
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pirocco-Spain pirocco-Spain
29 May 2019
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TonyX- TonyX-
1 May 2019
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14 April 2019
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uracan uracan
2 April 2019
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eRoS-92 eRoS-92
8 September 2018
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Dj-Isra- Dj-Isra-
24 August 2018
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Contrip Contrip
21 August 2018
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2 July 2018
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-AltariaN- -AltariaN-
24 June 2018
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Typie Typie
1 May 2018
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Lord.Frankie Lord.Frankie
29 April 2018
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RoyRosado RoyRosado
24 March 2018
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My pretty room

My pretty room

Im spanish!!! HABBO.ES 

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