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Hungry Penguins Winner

Hungry Penguins Winner

Hungry Penguins Winner


Badges (56)

Online time V- Haze
Looks that Kill I
True You I
Football Goal Scorer I
Socializer II
Habbo Name
Can I Keep Him? I
30 % True Habbo VI
10% Respected Habbo I
Nice as pie! IV
Day tripper IV
Nice skin
Clearasil Ultra 2
World Kindness Day 2013
Ditch the Label Blue
Ditch the Label
Ditch the Label Equality
Ditch the Label 10k
Euro 2012
Haunted Hathaways
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014
Kids Choice '14 Voter
Carnival & Mardi Gras Quiz
Waitangi Day 2014
Mystics 2013 Quiz
Steampunk 2013 Quiz
Pirates 2013 Quiz
Safer Internet Day 2014
Curious Creatures
Hungry Penguins Winner
Don't Go There badge
Chef-Off Voter´s Badge
Rush Hour Spotlight Winner´s Badge
Oh dear!
Waltzing Matilda
Chef-Off Winning Voter´s Badge: Australian Cuisine
HabboHut Featured Fansite Event Badge
Boom Boom
Super Bowl 2014
Habbox Official Fansite Event Feb.
Name that Scamsite Quiz Winner
Habbo Chef Off Badge (Chinese Recipe Week)
Chef-Off Voter´s Badge
HH + HK Vday Event
Habbosphere, FlyHabbo & HabboTiles Vday Event
HFFM & Puhekupla´s Vday Event Badge
Cupid´s Day 2014
Purple Rose Badge
Seduce a Bot I

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23 November 2018
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19 March 2018
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18 February 2018
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Wire Wire
18 February 2018
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