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Achievements top 250: # 366 (985)
Badge top 250: # N/A (797)
Unique badge top 50: # N/A (24)
Star Gems top 250: # 610 (5003)


I entered a Habbo's Next Top Habbo 2021 Competition

I entered a Habbo's Next Top Habbo 2021 Competition

Badge designed by caprikatze


Badges (797)

Made in Habbo I
Don’t have a meltdown!
Oh buoy!
Habbo's Next Top Habbo Poster Competition!
Full Moon Party!
There’s No Place Like Home
Friend of Dorothy
Star gem provider XIII
Canoe Ride to Phuket Island
Greet me VIII
Philippine Independence Day 2021
Sea you soon at the beach!
Volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park!
Winter warrior XVI
Be your true self - Amb June 2021
Discovering Thailand's Wildlife!
Habbo Holidays 2021!
I entered a Habbo's Next Top Habbo 2021 Competition
Thai Temple Bundle
I entered the Pyramid of Doom with HabboCreate!
Hardly the target V
Wat Traimit Temple's Golden Buddha
Looking for offerings for the Golden Buuddha
Happy Pride Month! |
Gimme gimme XIII
Snowhow IV
India Indeed I
Snow fight and the seen targets V
Celebrating Asian Heritage Month with HabboQuests!
Asian Heritage Month
Busted Ghosts with Hx.Ben
Escape the Jungle with Deactivate!
Step Back in Time with JamieChurchley
[BaW] I've Got The Key, I've Got the Secret!
Build Off Competition 2021!
SnowStorm Weekly Top 10 Player, level I
Knife to meet you.
There isn't Mushroom left in the basket!
You're Bee-autiful!
Habbo's True Detective
Eid-un Sa'Eid
Sighting of the Crescent Moon
Amb Infobus - May 2021
Kitten's Habitat Bundle
BaW Selection Competition 2021
Zen Garden Bundle
I celebrated Mother's Day with twinnie and Air!
With love from twinnie and Air
Builders' Club Designer XX
My outfit wowed the Fansites!
The Habbo Wears Nada
Walked the runway with HabboRPG!
Duck Fashion... It's a thing!
Phew! HabboQuests avoided a fashion mishap!
Exploring RPG history
Socializer XV
SnowStorm relaunch 2021
Hoppy Easter from HabboQuests & USDF!
HabboQuests & USDF Easter Event!
Broken pencils are pointless
I graduated from Bonnie's Fashion School!
Happy Easter to Ewe!
I'm egg-streamely ready for this egg hunt!
Stop the paparazzis!
Found the missing dress!
Cow Pet Owner
Say No To Retros With HF!
HabboFests Fansite
Strike a Pose!
Robin Rabbit
Sweetest Rainbow
Colorful Shoe
Blue Hat
Bag of Carrots
Egg Cart
Thumbs Up with Ambs - April 2021
Passion for fashion!
Cute bunny!
Wooow, eggs!
I aced Bonnie's test!
You win or you die
Fire and Blood
Spring Festivals with HabboQuests!
Blossoming with HabboQuests
Collectible Organic Kiwi Clock
The paddy don't start till I walk in
It's not over until it's clover
You’re my pot of gold
Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Collectible Organic Pea Pod Bed
RARE Brown Dragon gift badge
I bloom just for you.
Travelling salesman V
Habbo Club member I
RARE Meow Backpack
Habbo's European Tour - First stop, Holland!
Habbo's European Tour - Visited London's Big Ben
Habbo's European Tour - Won a gold medal in Berlin!
The Islander
Mice on board!
Black History Month
Hare for You ƒ
~Floating on Love~
You make me blossom!
You make my Daisy!
Together for a better internet - SID 2021
Habbo's Terms and Conditions Expert! - SID 2021
Treasure map
Found  Habbo's Underwater Treasure!
What a Quackin' Quiz!
Who am I?
Piece of peace
Nimbus 2000
I caught the snitch!
HabboQuests wishes you a (missing text)
I aced the Safety Quiz!
Have a Flashy New Year!
Never too octopied for you.
We wanted a pink bow, not a pink boa!
Sparkle in the new year!
Yellow Rune Rock
There's no man like a snowman.
Have an enchanted Christmas!
Rock Elder
Enchanted Sword
A sweet treat from kalesalad, Kingdoms. & Sammzi’s Run!
Have your elf a merry little Christmas.
Dungeon Master
Flower Face
Dreaming of a white Christmas.
Online time XX
Advanced crafting
Legendary Artist X
Cat Breeder III
Going somewhere? X
Star gem collector X
Nice One V
True Helper XIII
Endless road X
Serious dedication XV
Swamped By Stickies Level XV
They're eating all my credits! IX
Animal trainer VIII
I'll soon have a kennel IV
Pet Lover XIV
Nice as pie XV
Floor Designer VI
Room Host XV
Landscape Designer XI
Wall Designer V
Forum moderation setting
Forum post setting
Forum post thread setting
Forum read setting
Noob curiosity
Friendly one
Room raider junior
Level jumping
Nice to meet
I'm walking here!
Me, myself and I
Hello room
Home sweet home
Move that furni
Plushies Everywhere!
Avalanche of hugs!
Something lurks in the dark..
I completed HabboQuests’ Birthday run!
I discovered spooky monsters with Fuusio!
Purranormal Activity
Have a tree-mendous Christmas!
Habbox Grand Designs
Mystery Inc. with HabboQuests!
I entered The Twilight Dimension with HabboRPG!
I escaped the endless hallway with HabboBites!
Audemars bewitches you farewell!
Santa’s Grotto 2020!
Autumnal Bench Scene Competition!
Okeefinokee's Gaga Maze 2020
I went trick or treating with the fansites!
HabboBites bids you a tasty goodbye!
Happy Meowloween
Welcome to the Impossible House!
A divine mess-maker!
All eyes on you!
Hellish Scarecrow
Terror from the deepest seas
I opened Pandora'x box!
Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin
Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!
Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats
Merry Kwlmas!
I completed Kwl's Christmas maze!
Bonfire Night 2020!
Played the name game with HabboBites!
BaW Food Fight! Happy Thanksgiving!
You defeated eHabbo!
Fuusio witch you a Fa-boo-lous Halloween!
Sew much to do, sew little time.
Christmas Carolling with HabboQuests!
Merry Christmas from Fuusio!
Merry Christmas from HabboQuests!
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Witch, please...
Hell's Bells
Happy 7th Birthday HabboQuests!
BaW Asylum
BaW Asylum
Santa’s come early...
Sleigh Bells
Sinister Shinobi
The Eight Trigrams
HabboQuests was the imposter!
Feeling sus with HabboQuests
You're the beary best!
Sue's Drag Competition 2020
Okeefinokee's Gaga Maze 2020
Okeefinokee's Gaga Maze 2020
I <3 HabboxWiki!
Blue Rune Rock
Green Rune Rock
Purple Rune Rock
Pink Rune Rock
Earth Viking
Fire Gnome
Icy Pony
Rotund Yeti
Mountain Dragon
Flower Face's Palace
The Last True Explorer
Last of the Wilds
Make a wish!
Enchanted Moon
Garden of Serenity
Welcome to the Enchanted Forest!
Fly away!
Let it snow!
I survived HabboQuests’ haunted shop!
Boing boing X
Thank GOURD you made it!
I be-leaf in you.
Toured the HabboBites Campus!
Caught the Flag!
Ditch the Label Mental Health 2020
HabboQuests Jurassic Habbo!
Guide Kudos VI
Helping Hand VII
Overpatch X
Autumn Days Bundle
Builders' Club Member II
I like your Obbah Wobbah II
Freeze Player  XX
Pop around the clock XX
I like your gnome II
Music Collector Level X
Game Arcade owner XX
Neo-lympics: Galaxy Gladiators Champion
Battle Ball Player XX
I like your leprechaun II
Hi, roller X
Furni Collector XX
Miracle of Ice X
Snowboarding Builder V
Habbo High
Flying High
System Overload!
Neo-lympics: Cosmo Craziness Champion
Thanks for masking
Neo-lympics: Space Soldiers Champion
Level X Stable Owner
Dog Breeder I
Neo-lympics: Rockin Robos Champion
Monster Plant Healer I
I am Malaysian
Malaysia's Ketupat Dishes
Warming the cockles of our hearts!
The future of fansites starts with
Happy birthday, HabboCreate!
National Dog Day with Satu and Cocoppa
Adopted a dog with Satu and Cocoppa
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XX
My hole room X
Vicious Viking X
Back to School with HabboQuests!
Freeze Winner  XX
Player  XX
Battle Banzai Star XX
Horticulturist Level 10
I was hired by the Ministry
Came to dance!
Rainy Day Bundle 2.0
Finishes the Jamaica Day Run as quick as a Doctor Bird!
I partied all night long!
Amb Watermelon Juice - August 2020
The best gift is you!
Just jammin’ at Jamaica Day 2020!
Happy 14th Birthday HFFM!
Jamaica Day with kalesalad!
One for the books
HxSS Team Hubs
On Duty IX
Habbo's 20th!
Defused the Bomb!
Peach please, I beat HabboBites Fun Run 3!
You are one in a chameleon.
As proud as a peacock.
A berry refreshing run with HabboBites!
Tick-Tock. Can you hear it?
I had a splashing time at HabboQuests' Water Park!
Heal the Planet
Kickwars2020 Champion
I am confusion
Caught the red hoodie stranger!
Caught in the chaos!
On Wednesdays, we wear pink!
You can't sit with us!
Coconuts with the Ambs - July 2020
Gardener of death III
Next stop, Habbo hotel!
Welcome to Habbo!
Monster Plant Breeeder III
Oh sheep!
100 % True Habbo XX
Chill Modern Bundle
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Growing Strong
Habboxbury 20'
I | Habbox
I didn't get stuck in the Maple Run!
Happy Canada D'eh!
King of the Hill!
HabboBites.. You're one in a melon!
Oh Land of Bloom X
Lord of the tiles XX
Football Goal Host V
Monster Plant Color Collector X
Monster Plant Shape Collector X
Monster Plant Tender V
Unlucky gardener II
Stickie scribbler Level VII
People adore my pets! X
Roller stroller XX
100 % Respected Habbo X
Room Builder XX
Room Raider XX
Equestrian track host level V
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard Slider XX
Ice Ice Baby XX
Relic Hunter III - Jade Guardian
Relic Hunter IV - Royal Protector
Relic Hunter V - Master Monument
Completed the Iceland Cup race!
Stay Home, Stay Safe!
Completed the Forest Cup race!
Completed the Galaxy Cup race!
Completed the Country Cup race!
iSmexi and B's Traders Event
[UN] United Nations
Gifted the groom with HabboQuests!
[BO] Black Ops
[KoH] Kingdom of Habbo
Snow Race Level I
Snow Race Level II
Snow Race Level III
This maze is Kwl!
In the name of the moon!
[SS] Secret Service
Sent from the moon.
HabboQuests Candy Land!
Had a feast with HabboCreate!
Got fluffy with HabboBites!
What a Nostalgic Weekend! 2020 Habbo Reunion
HabboQuests 2020 LGBTQ+ Rainbow Maze Winner
Honouring our heroes with HabboQuests!
Gifted the bride with Habbox!
[HDA] Habbo Defence Agency
Your team got EVERY question correct! Well done you!
Your team got the most points in HBC's pub quiz!
President Pulx’s VIP Award Ceremony
A Walk Down Trading Lane
I completed Kwls Maze!
The Heavenly Eye
Hooked on a feeling
Nuttin like you
You are the light.
It's dangerous to go alone! So don't.
I always believed.
Into the sunset with HabboBites!
[USDF] United States Defense Force
Hades Bident
Poseidon's Trident
Zeus's Lightning Bolt
[NOPD] New Orleans Police Department
I won at Priorities' Mega Danger Zone!
I snaked my way up to the top!
Anbu's magic book
King Shah Habbal's Palace
The final battle!
Jahmud's hidden treasure
Sacred Lotus
Ruby, the Royal Elephant
Vibrant colors of India
Base Invader
Protect & Defend!
Caution: The Floor is Lava!
No Noob Offers
Went through Candy Land with HabboQuests!
Quacking up in Quarantine
[INT] Interpol
Put on mehndi with HabboRPG!
Pixel Manipulation Shurikenjutsu
President Pulx’s Citizen Award
Said “I do” with HFFM!
I made Meadow Ranch BOOT-iful!
Carp Diem
Emotional Baggage
Heroes Event with HabboQuests!
Password Champion
Habbovision 2020
Eid Mubarak 2020
Sent with love from HFFM!
[HIA] Habbo Intelligence Agency
Coming together for Eid!
Not So Gold Ducky
Happy Easter from HFFM!
Swallowed by a Bear ª
A Wild Encounter!
I partied at Amaiazing's 1 year Habversary!
Survived a bloody HabboBites Camp!
The blood moon rises at BitesCamp!
Ditch the Label 2020
Thanks a bunch, Mum!
Amb Hub Relaunch Ducky 2020
I mastered wandlore with HabboRPG!
Habbovision Song Contest 2020
Pulx Presents 2020: BenFurni and ExtraKen. I Escaped Pompeii!
Farewell MaWma Peachery!
Authenticating... Shabeikah Slate confirmed.
Defeated the Scourge of Habrule Castle!
Ambs’ Tea Party - June 2020
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Rainbow Popsicle
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Flag
Blue Angels
Looking for Princess Prisha
Easter Sweetness
Easter Gluttony
Battle Banzai Overlord
Ultimate Freeze Overlord
Blades of Glory XX
Relic Hunter II - Easter Goose
Relic Hunter I - Earth Pony
Spreading joy from one balcony to another #StayInHabbo
You are one with nature.
HBC's a-maze-ing masquerade.
Skateboard Jumper XX
Happy Hour I
Hiking through the Alpine Heights
As High as Honour.
Ours is the fury.
V for Vendetta, in moussy & chronoski’s DZ!
Habbo Club Veteran I
HC Member I
Fooled by the Big Bad Wolf #AprilFool
Everything Darling, Everything!
Strike a pose! Transgender Day of Visibility
Celebrating 61 years of an icon with HabboQuests!
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
Horse jumping level V
I am the Princess!
Had the best nap with HabboBites!
Snowball FIGHT Champion!
Closed on Wednesdays
History Happened Here!
Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable
Innocence, dreams, hope and love
Nostalgic movies with HFFM!
Can you pass the popcorn please?
Teamwork makes the dreamwork! GotGame 2020!
Habbox Tough Love
Spread the love with HabboQuests!
Internet Security Expert - SID 2020
Will you marry me?
You ran away with a pizza my heart...
Oh poop...
Ruff Dates
Unforgettable Valentine's Day
Caught the cooking fever with HabboBites!
Restaurant SOS!
Cook, eat and repeat!
A night to remember!
Safety First! - SID 2020
Passed the Test GotGame 2020!
Positive Vibes Only! - SID 2020
You're everything I Avo wanted!
Struck by HFFM's arrow!
A tail of two BRODENTS.
At Thonas' mercy!
Celebrating the Lunar New Year with HabboBites!
For wealth and prosperity!
Happy Chinese New Year 2020!
I'm halfway through the Year of the Rat maze!
A Rainy Day in Habbo
RARE Maple Bonsai Tree
Winter Looks Community Challenge.- Flared Trench coat
I killed it at HighSparrow's Death Race!
Breaking Ankles!
Death Race & Chill
HabboQuests Snow Globe
Habbox Classic Games Weekend
They open a door and enter a world...
Oh Deer, another HFFM Christmas!
It’s all Faun and Games over here!
There's snow-one like you!
You helped Santa prepare for Habboxmas
I participated in the Habboshire Festival!
I learned about PII with the Ambs
Happy holidays, my deer-est.
Playground Games with HabboQuests!
Love at frost sight!
I searched for jobs with HabboCreate!
Frank's Treasure Tracker!
Prepare for Battle!
Time flies with Habbox
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HabboQuests!
Make sure you don’t drink too much!
I enjoyed the Habboshire Festival with HFFM!
I'm back to brew up some trouble!
Trick or treat, smell my feet
There's more to life than scaring.
Sunlight City Game 1
HabboBites, you’re my sunflower.
Giving back at Christmas with HabboQuests!
National Dog Day with HabboQuests!
HabboQuests Weekend
I'm a control freak!
HxSS: Ready Player One?
Happy 13th Birthday from HFFM!
Party like it’s your 13th Birthday, with HFFM!
Singapore's 54th Independence Day
Habbox Gone Wild
I'm FALLin' for you!
I went absolutely batty with HFFM!
An Absolute CAT-astrophe!
Merry Christmas from HFFM!
Habboxmas 2019!
I went to tea with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver!
The Great Lion
Found the ice witch!
You set my heart on fire...
Had a magical Christmas with BaW.
Have a tree-mendous Christmas!
Greasy goodness at HabboBites 4th Birthday!
Where they are just and loyal..
If you’ve a ready mind!
USDF Army - This We'll Defend
USDF Air Force - Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win
USDF Navy - Semper Fortis!
USDF Marines - Semper Fi
Witches' Coven Twitter Badge
Winter Palace Game I
Winter Palace Game II
Winter Palace Game III
Winter Palace Game IV
Winter Palace Game V
Winter Palace Game VI
Winter Palace Game VII
Winter Palace Game VIII
Winter Palace Game IX
Winter Palace Game X
Winter Palace Game XI
New Years Trivia Level I
New Years Trivia Level II
New Years Trivia Level IV
New Years Trivia Level III
New Years Trivia Level V
New Years Trivia Level VI
I’m team Ditch the Label
Swan Lake
Hiss hiss baby, snake me out.
Summertime in Habbo!
Habbo Pride Trivia
Happy Independence Day 2019, USA!
Grr, eh?
Canada Day 2019
Habbox Sweet 16th Birthday
Always down to game with HabboBites!
I rocked out at the Habbo Live Festival 2019!
Makes you think
VIP PASS June Live Event 2019
Habbo Festival Battle Winner!
Friend of the monster plants
Monster plant destroyer
You helped serve justice with HabboRPG!
Master of mazes!
Dude! Where's my tent?
Summer with Habbox!
Left no stone unturned!
LGBT+ Pride with HabboQuests!
Taste the rainbow with HabboQuests!
Got No Time to Wait
Habboroo Festival Entrance
Goonies never say die!
Give Feedback II
Get Help II
Chat Hearing Range
Shed the light
Sultan Arif, the Duck and the Magic Carpet
Real OGs
I did my waiting… 12 years of it
Habbo Crossing with
I leveled up with HFFM!
Cast a spell with HabboQuests!
I'm-a Luigi, number one!
Went on a chilling adventure with HabboQuests!
Dragon Master!
BaW Bazaar Bonanza
Thanks for voting!
I hope all was well on your tour of the hotel.
Are you toucan to me?
Checkpoint! Woohoo!
Hairaru's glasses
Gold Ducky
100 level maze
I'm sure the princess a-peach-iates you finding her!
In Azkabobba!
Colombian Football Shorts
GermanFootball Shorts
Spanish Football Shorts
Worldcup 2018 Football Shorts
Colombian Football shirt
Spanish Football shirt
Worldcup 2018 Football shirt
MOD-Cle0's X-mas with a twist
December 23, 2016
December 24, 2016
Christmas, 2016
Have a Merry Frissmas!
The gift that keeps on giving!
December 2, 2016
December 3, 2016
December 4, 2016
December 5, 2016
December 6, 2016
December 8, 2016
December 9, 2016
December 10, 2016
December 11, 2016
December 15, 2016
December 16, 2016
December 17, 2016
December 18, 2016
December 19, 2016
December 20, 2016
December 21, 2016
The flames are hot
True or False Winner
Little lost fish
Eurocup 2016 Semi 1
Safety game June 2016
Go Germany!
Jungle Snake
Community Service Beach Clean Up
You're a Cheeky Monkey!
Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda!
Nelly the Elephant
Canada Day 2016
USA Independence Day
Silver Mustard
HabboTreasure Weather Forecast
Fashionspotter 4
I collected 1 - 20 Easter Sloths
Think before you post!
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Bunny Hug
Cheep Cheep
Easter Duck Bunny
You!, Easter Eggs!
Look behind you!
Green Thumbs Up
Red Thumbs Up
Fashionspotter 2
Fashionspotter 3
NO to retros!
HabboQuests Zero Discrimination Event 2016
HabboTiles St. Patrick's Maze 2016
HFFM St. Patrick's Maze 2016
ThisHabbo St Patrick's Day 2016
Looks that Kill I
Habbo citizen
True You I
Football Goal Scorer V
Gran Turismo
Level I Habbo Way
Level XX equestrian
Habbo Name
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Scroll Speed
Door mode
Habbo for Android
1 Million downloads
Mental Health Awareness 2015
Clearasil Ultra 2
World Kindness Day 2013
Habbogolfer Jan 2016
FlyHabbo Valentine's Event 2016
Ambassador Christmas
Euro 2012
Expressing myself
Flowery Thumbs Up
Event Promoter
Blocks Painting
Carnival Expert I
Carnival Expert II
Theory test
Oh oohh Car Breakdown!
Traffic jams
Habbo Car Navigator
Car Receipt
Internet Safety II
Internet Safety I
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Come Fly with Me
Phew! Time to fly.
Oh won't it be fun!
Fin/No Fin
Victory of Olympic proportions
ThisHabbo's Valentines Day 2016
Olympic Wreath badge
HFFM Valentine's Event 2016
Hippo Invader
BAW: Lunar New Year event
Who has kidnapped Bonnie?
With Love from Teddy
Purple Teddy Detective badge
I Heart YOU badge
Beautiful Bonnie Blonde badge
Blue Teddy Bear
The Love Cauldron
Bonnie's Back Baby!
Green Teddy Bear
Red Teddy Bear
ThisHabbo Zero Discrimination Event 2016
Winter warrior XV
Winter warrior XIV
Winter warrior XIII
Hardly the target IV
Winter warrior XII
Winter warrior XI
Winter warrior X
Star gem provider XII
Winter warrior IX
Snow fight and the seen targets IV
Winter warrior VIII
Star gem provider XI
Winter warrior VII
Builders' Club Designer XIX
Builders' Club Designer XVIII
Builders' Club Designer XVII
Snowhow III
Builders' Club Designer XV
Gimme gimme XII
Star gem provider X
Hardly the target III
Winter warrior VI
Winter warrior V
Snow fight and the seen targets III
Snowhow II
Winter warrior IV
Snow fight and the seen targets II
Hardly the target II
Snowhow I
Winter warrior III
Star gem provider IX
Greet me VII
Gimme gimme XI
Gimme gimme X
Gimme gimme IX
Gimme gimme VIII
Gimme gimme VII
Gimme gimme VI
Gimme gimme V
Star gem provider VIII
Gimme gimme IV
Travelling salesman IV
Gimme gimme III
Star gem provider VII
Gimme gimme II
Star gem provider VI
Travelling salesman II
Gimme gimme I
Star gem provider IV
Greet me VI
Pet Lover XIII
Endless road IX
You must be famous XII
Boing boing IX
Going somewhere? IX
They're eating all my credits! VIII
Builders' Club Designer XIV
Builders' Club Designer XIII
Landscape Designer X
Advanced crafting
Nice One IV
They're eating all my credits! VII
Animal trainer VII
Helping Hand VI
Going somewhere? VIII
Endless road VIII
Boing boing VIII
Guide Kudos V
Helping Hand V
Music Collector Level IX
Endless road VII
Boing boing VII
Builders' Club Designer XII
Going somewhere? VII
Builders' Club Designer XI
Music Collector Level VIII
Freeze Player  XIX
Pop around the clock XIX
Game Arcade owner XIX
Swamped By Stickies Level XIV
Level IX Stable Owner
Music Collector Level VII
Swamped By Stickies Level XIII
Room Host XIV
Guide Kudos III
Master of your domain XI
Swamped By Stickies Level XII
Cat Breeder I
Nice as pie XIV
Music Collector Level VI
Pop around the clock XVIII
Battle Ball Player XIX
Freeze Player  XVIII
Game Arcade owner XVIII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XIX
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XV
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XIV
Endless road VI
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XIII
Online time XIX
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  XII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  VII
Pop around the clock XVII
Freeze Player  XVII
Advanced crafting
Game Arcade owner XVII
Freeze Player  XVI
Freeze Winner  XIX
Going somewhere? VI
Freeze Winner  XVIII
Game Arcade owner XVI
Player  XIX
Pop around the clock XVI
Music Collector Level V
Battle Ball Player XVIII
Phoenix X
Music Collector Level IV
Music Collector Level III
I like your gnome I
Landscape Designer IX
Level VIII Stable Owner
Music Collector Level II
Furni Collector XVII
Landscape Designer VIII
Pop around the clock XV
Camera Master VI
Game Arcade owner XV
Swamped By Stickies Level XI
Horticulturist Level 7
Nice One III
Habbo Stayer IX
Pet Lover XII
Room Host XIII
Online time XVIII
Rotten Tomato VIII
I'll soon have a kennel III
Floor Designer IV
Pop around the clock XIV
Greet me IV
Wall Designer IV
Space dust on your shoes VII
Horticulturist Level 5
Nice as pie XIII
Builders' Club Designer X
Online time XVII
Battle Ball Player XVII
Battle Banzai Star XIX
Going somewhere? V
Freeze Player  XV
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  V
Freeze Winner  XVI
Socializer XIII
Game Arcade owner XIV
Player  XVIII
Nice One II
Greet me III
True Helper XII
On Duty VIII
Guide Kudos II
Helping Hand IV
Level VII Stable Owner
Endless road V
Covered With Moss VI
Monster Plant Breeeder II
Gardener of death II
Pop around the clock XIII
Swamped By Stickies Level X
They're eating all my credits! VI
My pets know a trick or two VI
Pet Lover XI
Nice as pie XII
Floor Designer III
My hole room II
Room Host XII
Landscape Designer VI
Wall Designer III
Boing boing VI
Illustrator IV
Room Raider XIX
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  II
Going somewhere? I
Football Goal Host IV
Pop around the clock VIII
Landscape Designer V
Battle Banzai Veteran
Freeze Player  XII
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  I
Freeze Winner  XIII
Stickie scribbler Level V
Swamped By Stickies Level VI
Battle Ball Player XIV
Battle Banzai Star XV
Player  XIV
Ice Ice Baby XIII
I've shared my love X
Online time XIV
Battle Banzai Star XIV
Player  XIII
Roller stroller VI
A Piece Of The Furniture V
Ice Ice Baby XII
Battle Ball Player XIII
Battle Banzai Star XIII
Skateboard Slider XIX
I'll soon have a kennel II
Overpatch IV
60% Respected Habbo VI
High Roller IV
Monster Plant Tender III
Room Raider XVIII
Player  XII
Builders' Club Designer IX
Vicious Viking VI
Floor Designer II
Room Host XI
Pop around the clock VII
Wall Designer II
Battle Ball Player XII
Skateboard Jumper XIX
Blades of Glory XV
Battle Banzai Star XII
Battle Ball Player XI
Freeze Beginner I
Player XI
Hi, roller IV
Builders' Club Designer VIII
Landscape Designer IV
Skateboard Jumper XVIII
Miracle of Ice IV
Snowboarding Builder II
Blades of Glory XIII
Ice Ice Baby XI
My pets get all the love VIII
Furni Collector XIV
Endless road I
Room Raider XVII
Pop around the clock VI
My pet is tougher than yours IV
Nice as pie XI
Monster Plant Tender II
I like your Obbah Wobbah I
Monster Plant Tender I
Online time XIII
Pop around the clock V
Room Host X
Landscape Designer III
Pet lover IX
My pets get all the love VII
Room Raider XVI
Serial Photographer III
Frequent Resident III
True Helper XI
On Duty VI
On Duty V
On Duty III
Ice Ice Baby X
They're eating all my credits! IV
Furni Collector XIII
Room Raider XV
Boing boing I
Nice as pie! X
True Helper X
Pop around the clock IV
Pet lover VIII
My pets get all the love VI
95 % True Habbo XIX
Builders' Club Designer VII
Room Builder XIX
Furni Collector XII
Room Host IX
Room Raider XIV
Ice Ice Baby IX
True Helper VII
Nice One I
Nice as pie! IX
Ice Ice Baby VIII
True Helper VI
On Duty I
50% Respected Habbo V
90 % True Habbo XVIII
Furni Collector X
Room Builder XVIII
Online time XII
Pop around the clock III
Furni Collector IX
Floor Designer I
Room Builder XVII
Room Host VIII
Wall Designer I
Pop around the clock II
Room Builder XVI
Room Host VII
Room Raider XII
True Helper V
Ice Ice Baby VII
Room Builder XIV
True Helper IV
Room Builder XI
Pop around the clock I
Room Builder IX
True Helper III
Greet me I
True Helper I
Music Collector Level I
Pet lover VII
Landscape Designer I
Online time XI - Bedrock
Builders' Club Member I
Photographer II
Socializer VI
Give Feedback I
Get Help I
Preferred Guest II
Stickie scribbler Level I
My pets get all the love V
85 % True Habbo XVII
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie! VIII
Builders' Club Designer III
Room Builder VII
Furni Collector VIII
Room Raider XI
Ice Ice Baby VI
65 % True Habbo XIII
Room Builder IV
Furni Collector V
Room Raider VIII
Room Host VI
Freeze Player  VI
Freeze Winner  IX
Pet lover VI
My pets get all the love IV
Speed Skater III
Nice as pie! VI
Lord of the tiles XI
I like your leprechaun I
They're eating all my credits! III
I play with pets III
Online time IX-Tornado
Battle Ball Player X
Battle Banzai Adept
Battle Banzai Star XI
Socializer III
Player X
Horse jumping level IV
Can I Keep Him? I
Roller stroller V
30% Respected Habbo III
Skateboard Jumper XIII
Skateboard Slider XVIII
Ice Ice Baby V

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