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Badges (27)

Online time VIII - Meso Cyclone
Looks that Kill I
Battle Ball Player I
Battle Banzai Star I
Habbo citizen
True You I
Socializer VI
Gran Turismo
Level I Habbo Way
Happy Hour I
Can I Keep Him? I
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours II
Someone likes my pet I
90 % True Habbo XVIII
20% Respected Habbo II
Nice as pie! II
Room Builder III
Furni Collector V
Room Host V
Room Raider IV
Level I Safety tips
Door Mode
Disable Room Blocking
Trading pass I

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Boterhamworstje Boterhamworstje
14 September 2020
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LexiLayla LexiLayla
3 July 2019
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Browne_Moi Browne_Moi
14 June 2019
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.:.Infinity.: .:.Infinity.:
1 May 2019
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gingercurlies gingercurlies
7 April 2019
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kakopapoutsi kakopapoutsi
4 April 2019
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BeautyBubs BeautyBubs
10 November 2018
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annienicole123 annienicole123
28 August 2018
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XxLilyBruhXx XxLilyBruhXx
11 July 2018
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-Clara! -Clara!
20 April 2018
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T_Breezy1217 T_Breezy1217
6 April 2018
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Welcome to the Official Group for ¥McDonald's¥I'm Lovin' It¥JOBS¥. This group is for workers and McDonald's lovers alike^-^. See you soon=D Owner: babymyc1 

Group created: 5 November 2015 at 08:38:05
Group joined: 3 September 2016 at 21:43:10

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My Room

My Room


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Room created: 29 December 2013 at 18:50:59

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