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Mad Candy

For writing an awesome madlib.


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Happy 15th Birthday, Habbo!
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You must be famous XII
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They're eating all my credits! VII
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I've shared my love X
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Android Room
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Generator Rex - Battle of the E.V.O.s
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Eurovision Quiz Master 2015
Cyber Habblo!
International Women's Day 2015
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Black Pigeon
Chinese Goat Sanctuary
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City of Neo-Habbo
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Gun Vendor Rare
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Habbo Master #15
Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Ditch the Label
Police Dog in Training
Epic Pet
Equal Marriage 2014!
International Women's Day 2015
Frank's Floral Farm Bundle
Around The World with ThisHabbo
Habbo 15 Rare Comp
Woman's Day 2014
Best Actor Prediction
Best Actress Prediction
Best Animated Film Prediction
HiPad Store Room Bundle
Gnome Invasion: South America Part 1
Habbox Carnival Weekend
Mad Candy
World Mental Health Day 2015
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
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Waitangi Day 2014
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris Bundle
Paris Food Community Challenge
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Witch & Wizard:The Gift
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FlyHabbo´s St.Patrick´s Day
HFFM St.Patrick´s Day
Habbosphere´s St.Patrick´s Day
HT and HFFM St.Patricks Day 2015 Event!
Ditchthelabel.org Launch quest
Habbox Murder Mystery Mayhem
Earth Day 2015 wtth Habbox and HabboShire
HFFM and HabboCentral Memorial Day
World Cultural Diversity Day 2015
Father's Day 2015
Philippines National Day
Summer Solstice 2015
LGBT Pride Month
ThisHabbo Fairytale Weekend
Gnome Invasion: Annhililating gnomes in Africa part 2!
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
Wedding Ring
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