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Unholy? Unholy? Unholy? Unholy?
100 % True Habbo XX

100 % True Habbo XX

For being a member of the community for 1825 days.


Badges (55)

True helper XV
Guide kudos III
Room raider XI
On duty VIII
Helping hand IV
Pet lover VII
Going somewhere? II
Endless road I
Habbo for Android
1 Million downloads
Online time XIII - Bedrock
Looks that kill I
Habbo Club veteran I
Builders Club member
Habbo citizen
True you
Socializer III
Feedback provider II
Lost again II
Habbo Way
Happy hour
Resident II - Guest
Master of Words I
Pop around the clock II
They're eating all my credits! II
Animal trainer IV
Can I keep him? I
How cute VI
Roller stroller  I
100 % True Habbo XX
Respected Habbo III
Nice as pie! III
Builders' Club designer VII
For more floor score II
Room builder XIII
Furni collector VIII
Room host IX
Wall me II
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Scroll Speed
Door mode
Disable Room Blocking
Ice ice baby V
Trading pass I
Boing boing I
HC Member I
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo UK
Event Promoter
HiPad One Month-iversary
On duty VII
Guide kudos II
Helping hand III
Room raider X
Going somewhere? I
True helper XIV
On duty V
Guide kudos I
Helping hand I
Pet lover VI
Room raider IX

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Rooms (1)

Coin Shop.

Coin Shop.

It's basically a shop. 

Rating: 39 Maximum visitors: 25
Room created: 31 August 2010 at 16:38:37

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21+ - Tranquility Lounge.

21+ - Tranquility Lounge.

Peace and quiet. 

Rating: 81 Maximum visitors: 25
Room created: 15 June 2011 at 02:11:00
Room updated: 20 December 2019 at 10:55:45