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Kind Heart

Kind Heart

I was a hasty helper at the Habbo Hospital

Rock in Habbo

Rock in Habbo

100 % True Habbo XX

100 % True Habbo XX

Be a member of the community for 1825 days.


Badges (600)

100 % True Habbo XX
Rock in Habbo
I attended the royal wedding with Habbox!
For saving the Easter pets in 2018
Easter Rescue - Pigeons
Create, Connect and Share Respect - SID 2018
Against Video Fighters - SID 2018
Noble Crown Rare
Happy 2018!
RARE Frontier Braids
Happy 3rd Birthday Ambassadors!
RARE Cursed Dragon Statue
Secret Badge Key
Rare Elegant Crown
Tour de France Challenge
Poseidon's Pearl
Habbo White House
Golden Glasses
Ditch the Label Anti Bullying Poll 2017
Tea Time in the Japanese Temple
Eurovision 2017
Rare Interstellar Cruiser
Heavy Rain
Egg Hunt Champion
They're bacccck! Ditch the Label  and Habbo
Narrowing down the field in Habbo Funlections 2017
Berry Nice!
Frank´s Ranch Employee
Frank´s Ranch
Hairaru's glasses
Fansite Valentine's 2017 Event II
True Gamer
Habbo's Hottest Ten 2016
Coming out of the blue
Magical Advisor
Happy 2017!
Santa and Rudolph are ready for Christmas!
Mammoth's Little Helper
[TH] Hablantis
Kind Heart
Thank you for being a friend!
Spirit Day 2016
Expressing myself
10k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
Room Raider XX
Habboween ZombieRun with HabboTiles
Be your authentic self
Escape from the zombies!
Habbo History Month- Safety Events
BaW Season 13 Poll
Conga In Style!
Habbo History Month- Snowstorm
The Lido
Dream away with HabbCrazy
I have been powertoo...
Floral Lion Rare
Habbolympix with FlyHabbo!
Habbolympix with HabbCrazy!
Habbolympix with Habbo-Happy!
Habbolympix with Habbox!
Classic Habburgers Bundle
Puhekupla's Fansite Summer Event
The Magical Adventure is Beginning.
Habbolympix with HabboHoliday!
Habbolympix with HabboQuests!
Habbolympix with Puhekupla!
Habbolympix with HabboTiles!
Habbolympix 2016
What should I do if...
You vanquished Knarf!
Habbo Party Boat Quiz Master
Boing boing I
Winner of the Habbo Party Boat Finale 2016
Fancy a cup of tea?
For solving a love fight!
Summer dance moves that can´t be ignored!
Cozy Garden Bundle
Welcome on board!
Eurocup 2016 Quarter Finals
Eurocup 2016 Quarter Finals
Rare Grey Marquee
Rare Deluxe HabboCopter
Habbo Stranded Episode VII
Everything comes to an end...
Everything comes to  an end... or does it?
Little lost fish
You joined MOD-Cle0's tribe Badge
Habbo Stranded Episode V
Nature life
Jungle Hotel HC Badge
Tropical Lagoon Bundle
Habbo Stranded Episode IV
The Pool
Rare Pitcher Plant
Habbo Stranded Episode III
Welcome to the Jungle Hotel
A free Holiday
HC special ticket
Habbo Stranded Episode II
Habbo Stranded Episode I
The Sacrifice
Horticulturist Level 4
Jungle Temple Bundle
Gender Equality
For Lord Pixel
Blue, this is what he came for
The Mad Scientist
Mustard the strength.
Men = Women
Racial Prejudice?
Respect the differences!
Eurovision Community Challenge 2016
Good goes bad?
Villan Pixel Fight
DTL Mental Health Quest badge
Super Knowledge
On the side of Blue
Blue Bottled
The Kidnapped Journalists
Syttende Mai
For purchasing the Classic Lounge Bundle
Eurovision 2016
The Natural Disaster
Feeling Blue
Escape of Exposure
ThisHabbo Twilight Zone Day
Silver Mustard
MODversary Knowledge
ThisHabbo Mayday 2016
FlyHabbo Star Wars Event 2016
Habbox Mother's Day Event 2016
Celebrating MayPole Dance with HabboTiles
Happy Irminden Day with HabboQuests!
I'd like to be, under the Sea.
Roger Jolly
MOD-Cle0's First Year
5k #InstaHabbo Follower Milestone
Online reputation
Famous Treasure Hunters Quiz
ANZAC  Day 2016
St George's Day
Habbox Shakespeare's Birthday Event 2016
Viking Rider VI
You found the treasure!
Viking Rider V
Viking Rider IV
Viking Rider II
Viking Rider III
Look Up At The Sky Day 2016
Viking Rider I
Fearless Viking
HabboTreasure Community Challenge
Forsaken Rare Treasure Hunter
A big, huge Kraken!
Autism Awareness Day 2016
I collected 1 - 20 Easter Sloths
Priorities’ Picks Boutique
Bunny Hug
Cheep Cheep
Easter Duck Bunny
You!, Easter Eggs!
Look behind you!
Level 4
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Hidden Easter Egg
Level 1
You organized the successful ¨by Alessandro¨ runway show
Rare Mermaid Hair
HFFM St. Patrick's Maze 2016
Leprechaun badge
Jellybean Jungle Bundle
Freezemaster of the month!
1 showpiece found, 1 showpiece to go
NO to retros!
You selected the best runway models
For fixing the cut runway cables!
Oversized Sunglasses Rare
HabboTiles Zero Discrimination Event 2016
FlyHabbo Zero Discrimination Event 2016
HFFM Zero Discrimination Event 2016
Flowery Thumbs Up
Runway Photocall Bundle
ThisHabbo Zero Discrimination Event 2016
Green Teddy Bear
Red Teddy Bear
Blossom Volcano Rare
Blue Teddy Bear
The Love Cauldron
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 1
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 2
Flash Dance Challenge - Level 3
Habbo Fansite Quiz 2016
Carnival Expert X
Parade day!
Hippo Invader
Dancing moves
Carnival Expert VIII
Purple Teddy Detective badge
I Heart YOU badge
Beautiful Bonnie Blonde badge
Queen of the Carnival!
Carnival Expert V
Lustrous Peacock Rare
Carnival Expert IV
Ambassador Lounge Grand Opening
Monkey Balloon Rare
Japanese Love Garden Bundle
Carnival Expert I
Carnival Expert II
Freeze Player  XII
True Helper VII
Guide Kudos V
Helping Hand VI
My hole room I
Wall Designer XI
Room Raider XIX
Venetian Theater Bundle
Luminous Love Oyster Rare
Car Receipt
BAW: Live at the Winter Olympics Awards
Victory of Olympic proportions
Olympic Wreath badge
HFFM Valentine's Event 2016
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Australia Day 2016
Happy Hour I
Traffic jams
Online time XV
My gnome knows a trick! VII
On Duty IX
Music Collector Level I
Pop around the clock V
Floor Designer XIII
Landscape Designer VIII
Ambassador Christmas
MOD-Hub Christmas Party!
Alpine Snowboarding Bundle
Xmas Meal - Santa Claus
Xmas Meal - Mrs. Claus
Sleigh ride driver - Mrs. Claus
Advanced crafting
Looks that Kill I
Habbo Club Veteran I
Battle Ball Player XV
Battle Banzai Veteran
Lord of the tiles XX
Battle Banzai Star XV
Builders' Club Member I
Camera User I
Habbo citizen
True You I
Football Goal Scorer V
Freeze Power-Upper(er?)  I
Freeze Beginner III
Freeze Winner  XII
Socializer VIII
Game Arcade owner VII
Player  XIV
Nice One IV
Greet me III
They're eating all my credits! III
I like your gnome VIII
Gran Turismo
Give Feedback II
Get Help II
Level I Habbo Way
I like your Obbah Wobbah II
Level II equestrian
Horse jumping level IV
Level I Stable Owner
I like your leprechaun II
Rotten Tomato VIII
Monster Plant Tender II
Habbo Name
They're eating all my credits! IV
My pet is tougher than yours IV
I'll soon have a kennel III
Pet lover VII
My pets get all the love IX
Piñata Whacker V
Hi, roller VI
Roller stroller XII
65 % True Habbo XIII
60% Respected Habbo VI
Nice as pie XIII
Builders' Club Designer X
Room Builder XX
Furni Collector XIII
Room Host IX
Level I Safety tips
Chat Flood Filter
Chat Hearing Range
Chat Scroll Speed
Door mode
Room Filter
Disable Room Blocking
Skateboard Jumper XIX
Skateboard Slider XVIII
Miracle of Ice VI
Blades of Glory XX
Ice Ice Baby X
Vicious Viking V
HC Member I
Snowboarding Builder IV
Habbo for Android
1 Million downloads
Twisted Castle Bundle
Apocalypse movie expert
Trick or treat, you completed the Halloween 2015 quiz!
You escaped from the Four Horsemen of the Habbocalypse
For tracing the lady in purple...
The Blue Crystals kept you safe from the grave
They have been watching you... but didn´t see you!
Avoid the dread, a helmet protects your head
Honoured as hero from the Habbocalypse, you saved the hotel!
Master Crafter
Ring ring... who's there?
A good rest gives you new energy
Smelly places are the best hiding places - Habboween Secret
Medic Private
Medic Sergeant
Medic Captain
Medic Major
Medic General
Support Private
Engineer Sergeant
Engineer Captain
Engineer General
Recon Sergeant
Recon Major
Recon General
The location
A note from another time
The Diary
The Forgotten Badge
BaW NYE party
Movie Magic Telephrase
Eurovision Quiz Master 2015
Kiss Kiss Darling
Spring Forward Floral badge
Mental Health Awareness 2015
Capture the scammer, July 2015
Find the virus, July 2015
The Future is Back Offer
Special H Forces Team
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Safety Certified
Pillow Rescue Game Badge
Habbo Master #15
Ambassadors' Earth Hour 2015
Safety Campaign Oct 2015 - Scamming
Police Dog in Training
International Women's Day 2015
Anti Hack and Scam badge
Safety Self Help badge
Summer Solstice 2014
HabboTiles Fall Event 2014
Peace One Day Quiz
Gnome Invasion: Annhililating gnomes in Africa!
Habbo 15 Block Comp
12 Days of Christmas: Day 2
12 Days of Christmas: Day 3
12 Days of Christmas: Day 4
12 Days of Christmas: Day 9
12 Days of Christmas: Day 10
12 Days of Christmas: Day 11
12 Days of Christmas: Day 12
Alpha Club
Beta Club
Gamma Club
Sneaky Alpha Badge I
Sneaky Alpha Badge II
Sneaky Alpha Badge III
Escape the Dorm
University Club Trophy
Habbo for iPhone badge
Gnome Invasion: South America Part 1
Mental Health Awareness Badge
Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci with BaW!
BaW Season 5 Poll
Golden Charm
BaW BC showcase
Boxing Day 2014 event badge
I am Canadian!
Nelson Mandela Day 2015
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Sakura & Hikari
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Habbo Jurassic
Dino Quiz 1
Dino Quiz 3
Dino Quiz 4
Dino Quiz 5
Dino Quiz 6
Dino Quiz 7
Dino Quiz 8
Dino Quiz 9
Dino Quiz 10
Breakfast of Champions Bundle
Sign up!
Clean it up!
The first recipe
Mystery guest
Secret Kitchen
World Cuisine
Pizza Eater
Tomato I
Tomato II
Tomato III
Tomato IV
Superhero hidden Badge
Sci-Fi hidden Badge
Fantasy hidden Badge
Action hidden Badge
Fight the Mice
Habbo Tiles Friendship Day badge
Safety Campaign
Connect 4
Spirit Day 2015
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris
Exchange in Paris Bundle
GPS of Paris
Paris highlights Expert
Paris Food Community Challenge
Early to the party
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
New Year Surprise
2015 Archway Owner
Event Promoter
Malware & Keyloggers
Choco Disc
Rotten Choco Disc
Honey Crystals
Rotten Honey Crystals
Shup Gummy
Rotten Shup Gummy
Rotten Liquo Rolly
Rainbow Cones
Rotten Rainbow Cones
White Cubes
Rotten White Cubes
Rotten Bombonberries
Rotten LolliBooms
Vanilly Wafers
Rotten Vani Wafers
Rotten Lathers
KitchenNinjette´s Welcome Back party!
Gnome Invasion: Brazil
HiPad Early Adopter
HiPad One Month-iversary
Account Safety 101 badge
BaW LGBT Pride Month: Event 2
Habbox Friendship Day Event badge
Jendro's BAW Crown
Tug of War
BAW Elvis badge
Colour blind game badge
Back 2 School with Habbox
HabboQuests.com 1st Birthday
Community Service Beach Clean Up
Happy 6th Bday, HabboTiles!
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge
Burns Night 2015
BAW Gala 2015
Ditchthelabel.org Launch quest
Habbox Murder Mystery Mayhem
Puhekupla and ThisHabbo World Health Day
HabboQuests & HabboCentral ANZAC Day 2015
10 Years of HabbCrazy
HFFM and HabboCentral Memorial Day
Gay Pride Month 2015
Safety Lock
Philippines National Day
Volleyball Champion
Gnome Invasion: Antarctica, part 1
Kicking gnome-butt in San Francisco!
Gnome Invasion Ireland
HabboTiles and FlyHabbo International Day of Peace
Gnome Invasion: Annhililating gnomes in Africa part 2!
International Cats Day
DTL Exclusive Video Screening
SG50 Commemoration
Back to School with HabboQuests: Geography!
Back to School with ThisHabbo: Music Class
Thieves Guild of Paris
I Visited Santa
Back to School with HabboTiles
The Great Escape
And so it continues forever onwards...
All the world's a stage
I’m team Ditch the Label
I’m team Ditch the Label III
I’m team Ditch the Label II
A Christmas Carol courtesy of ThisHabbo
Spain Supporter
Italy Supporter
Ecuador Supporter
USA Supporter
Belgium Supporter
Japan Supporter
Honduras Supporter
Brazil Supporter
England Supporter
Uruguay Supporter
Mexico Supporter
Brazil Supporter
Germany Supporter
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
National Team Flag
Argentina Supporter
National Team Flag
Diamond Solution
Bandits in the Village II
Bandits in the Village III
Bandits in the Village IV
Bandits in the Village V
The Loot I
The Loot II
The Loot III
The Loot IV
Cowboys Gang
Wild Train I
Wild Train II
Wild Train III
Wild Train IV
Wild Train V
Rattlesnake River Town
Bavarian Christmas Bundle
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Santa Claus
Beautiful Christmas Tree - Mrs. Claus
Xmas movies - Santa Claus
Xmas movies - Mrs. Claus
Reindeer owner - Santa Claus
Reindeer owner - Mrs. Claus
Xmas Presents preparing - Santa Claus
Xmas Presents preparing - Mrs. Claus
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!
Alexthedoc's Christmas Roof Runner 2015
Christmas Beach Baller
Santa's Sleigh
Xmas market - Santa Claus
Xmas market - Mrs. Claus
#HabboPlayNice Anti-bullying badge
International Women's Day 2015
#HabboPlayNice I heart U
Hit and Run!
Kitchen Master

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