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I believe that Peace is possible!


Badges (36)

Online time V - Haze
Looks that Kill I
True You I
Battle Royal II
Happy Hour I
Frequent Resident III
Master of Words I
They're eating all my credits! III
I play with pets III
Can I Keep Him? I
Pet lover V
My pets get all the love III
40 % True Habbo VIII
40% Respected Habbo IV
Room Raider III
Trading pass I
Scimitar Snake
Old Habbo Memorial Badge
Diner Race Winner
Diner Race - Greasers
Global Warming Awareness
The Dark Knight - Joker
Eucalyptus Leaf
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo USA
HabbOlympics Bronze
Poptarts Chocolate/Vanilla
Xmas Larry Badge
WWE Badge
No Way Out
Big Dogs
Prom of the Dead Zombies
Prom of the Dead Cured
Quest Tree of 2008

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HC.rox HC.rox
21 March 2021
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:Blushes :Blushes
31 March 2020
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saintnickjr saintnickjr
1 March 2020
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deltaplex deltaplex
4 November 2019
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djstocksy djstocksy
25 September 2018
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Excogitate Excogitate
30 August 2018
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-ª- 0WN3D by <JwH> 2010 -ª-

-ª- 0WN3D by <JwH> 2010 -ª-


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