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30 % True Habbo VI

30 % True Habbo VI

Be a member of the community for a 56 days.

40% Respected Habbo IV

40% Respected Habbo IV

For earning respect 66 times.

Habbo UK

Habbo UK

Remembering My Habbo Roots


Badges (36)

Online time VII - Cyclone
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
Habbo Club member I
True You I
FREEZE Fighter I
Firestarter II
Nice One I
Greet me I
Happy Hour I
Frequent Resident III
Master of Words I
Friendship Bracelet I
Stickie scribbler Level I
They're eating all my credits! II
My pet knows a trick or two! II
Can I Keep Him? I
Pet lover VI
My pets get all the love III
Roller stroller IV
30 % True Habbo VI
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie! I
Room Builder VI
Furni Collector I
Room Host V
Room Raider II
Speed Skater I
Ice Ice Baby IV
Trading pass I
HC member I
Snowflake collector X
Sunscreen Level 1
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo UK

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christieebabee christieebabee
7 October 2020
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shaunhysen15$ shaunhysen15$
1 June 2020
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MemeyBieber MemeyBieber
11 April 2020
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Radjesh Radjesh
31 March 2020
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,Midge ,Midge
10 February 2020
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27 January 2020
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sweetchick4life sweetchick4life
11 June 2019
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katgirl44kk katgirl44kk
15 May 2019
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peterchamp peterchamp
15 March 2019
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Stellalisa1 Stellalisa1
25 September 2018
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FergusLeighton FergusLeighton
1 August 2018
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kirsty826 kirsty826
15 June 2018
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willamcho willamcho
18 April 2018
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Langston.Ranger Langston.Ranger
20 March 2018
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Tallulah1 Tallulah1
1 March 2018
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