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65 % True Habbo XIII
Instagram Community Challenge
HiPad Early Adopter
Freeze Player  III
Freeze Winner  II
Player I
Online time VII-  Cyclone
Mrs.Claus brought you amazing presents!
Habbo Club member I
Builders' Club Member I
Socializer III
Nice one I
Happy Hour I
Preferred Guest II
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours II
Nice as pie! V
Builders' Club Designer III
Room Host III
Ultimate Room Raider III
Level I Safety tips
HC Member I
Looks that Kill I
True You I

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MazzaRider MazzaRider
22 December 2019
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12 November 2019
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15 August 2019
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14 November 2018
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catttdawg catttdawg
10 March 2018
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