My name is Will, i'm a dick.

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Battle Royal IV

Battle Royal IV

For playing and winning Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball 50 times.



Level 4 - The digger one - has information you cannot find. Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.


Badges (23)

Online time VI - Jet Stream
Looks that Kill I
5 words of wisdom I
True You I
Battle Royal IV
Happy Hour I
Preferred Guest II
Master of Words I
Stickie scribbler Level III
I'll soon have a kennel II
Pet lover VII
Someone likes my pet I
35 % True Habbo VII
40% Respected Habbo IV
Nice as pie! I
Ultimate Room Raider III
Trading pass I
Friendship Bracelet
Habbo UK

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21 February 2018
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